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naughtylupine  asked:

Do you have any headcannons about how life changed on the Tardis after Jack joined?

Oh, do I!!

  • So the first thing I think about is just, noise level. :P Jack adds at least 2-3 people’s worth of energy and voice to a space. Plus, he and Rose talk and laugh all the time. 
  • The Doctor wasn’t sure about this at first, because he’d been constantly annoyed when Adam was on board, but he found their chatting to be a calming hum, most of the time anyway. Occasionally, he’d go chill by himself in some hidden spot.
  • He’d forgotten what it was like to have a crew and he never thought he’d feel this light again
  • Sexual tension galore!! Jack and Rose flirt for fun regularly, and Rose feels safer to flirt with the Doctor when Jack does. They keep dancing closer and closer to the line….
  • Teamwork! They all just click and fall into place. There was probably an early adventure (ala Educating Jack) that really gelled them.
  • Jack teaches Rose self-defense (I’m sure I first saw this one in Part Human - instant headcanon-accepted!) They work out together. 
  • They all get in a regular routine of fun nights on the TARDIS: movies, drinks, games, goofing off
  • Jack gets naked a lot. At least twice he executed a rescue of the other two after losing his clothes for Reasons.
  • Basically it was the golden age and they were all so happy and I could cry forever that we didn’t have a whole extra season of it!