jack frost's art

omg okay i found a drawing from like? 2014…. i was 15 years old

i remember being really excited scrolling the art of @loish when i first found her online (id had a book when i was young with her art in it and stumbled upon her deviantart by accident) and i spent the entire next class period drawing this

i was so inspired by the way she painted skin and to look back and see where my style choices began is really cool


☀︎ At the beach ☀︎

Jack: Can’t deal with the heat, but was forced by the Guardians to come along (he doesn’t want to admit it, but he’s having a good time)

North & Sandy: Sandy was supposed to help build insane sand sculptures but fell asleep on the job

Tooth & Bunny: Taking a beach volleyball match against some punks way too seriously

Pitch & Emily Jane: “Crocs might be ugly, but they’re very comfortable”

+ Bonus Emily Jane & Jack, because I have the feeling they’d get along wonderfully