jack frost wig

anonymous asked:

Hi!! Could you recommend a jack frost wig? (I'd rather it wouldn't be too expensive but if there isn't anything else i don't mind)

hi there anon!

there are tons of options in different prices!

this wig in silver is stunning! its white with the slightest silver tinge and a dream to style! i like this wig a lot!

this silver wig is pretty much already styled!

this white wig is excellent too!

this white wig is pretty popular as a jack frost wig! see the pictures under the details tab!

if you have a tight budget, this is a good choice!

have fun and happy cosplaying!

Samuel:  "You look like you are about to fly out of that tree.“

Me:  "You should have seen me trying to get INTO that tree.”

This is the bf’s favorite photo from the shoot this past Sunday and I have to tip my hat to Sonja for capturing perfect moments of personality in these photos.  Jack’s playful nature just shines through beautifully.

Come on Bunny, how can I ruin Easter the day after Easter? 

Ohohoh, don’t you give me that look. I didn’t do anything this year. I was a perfect Saint.

Well… maybe not a perfect Saint…

Chill out Kangaroo! Same time next year?