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so I got this idea of Rise of the Guardians-YOI AU where Victor fell thru the ice and became Jack Frost while Yuri succumbed to his darkness after losing Victor and became Pitch. 

Just imagine the freakin drama when Frost remembers who they were but Pitch doesn’t and is too far gone. 

Jack Frost: [whispers] What did you do?

Pitch: The question is Jack…What did YOU do?

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♡♡♡ the golden age that never was



‘I understand that you were rarely permitted healing,’ Pitch said calmly. ‘I know what to expect.’

Jack’s fingers hovered at the hem of his shirt. He knew that Pitch wouldn’t make him. He knew there was even stuff they could do, and he wouldn’t have to take his shirt off at all. But he also knew that Pitch wanted him to do this, and even though the rest of the time he mostly ignored what Pitch wanted, in this room, he felt obliged.

He met Pitch’s gaze, and then took a breath and unbuttoned his shirt quickly. He wished his fingers would move slower, he wished that he would fumble the buttons, and that Pitch would tell him it didn’t matter.

Instead, he slipped the shirt off his shoulders, took a breath – held it – and then turned around.

There were no words of condemnation, nor anything like a gasp of horror or disgust. But the silence stretched for long enough that Jack was certain he’d done the wrong thing.

‘Look, I’m-’ Jack said.

He lurched forwards when he felt fingertips ghosting over some of the ridges, and was surprised when Pitch let him move away.

‘Oh, Jack,’ Pitch said.

cute weather/seasonal AUs for your OTP

when it rains 

  • who wears the designer raincoat/umbrella set and who is wearing oversized polkadot rainboots and a huge yellow duck raincoat 
  • going for a walk in the rain and splashing in puddles 
  • making a “SPLASH US!!” sign and standing on the side of the road waiting for cars to drive by 
  • person A is Very Enthusiastic about thunderstorms and person B is Very Afraid so A makes up elaborate fake explanations abt where the thunder comes from to make B laugh and forget they were scared 
  • We Were Going To Go On A Picnic But It Rained So We’re Picknicking Inside Anyway 
  • which one seduces the other into standing under a tree before shaking the branch and soaking them 
  • gOING SWIMMING IN THE RAIN and making out maybe 


  • which one gets Super Excited for fall and gets pumpkin everything while the other one shakes their head and can’t wait until mint everything 
  • who rakes the leaves; who jumps into the pile 
  • one carves the pumpkin, the other one stares horrified and whispers, ‘YOU DIDN’T TELL ME YOU WERE GONNA KILL IT’
  • which one buys ugly baggy sweaters and which one actually wears them 
  • one person wears fingerless gloves the other wears fluffy mittens 
  • who buys mulled cider, who buys hard cider 
  • who wears the really intense halloween costume, who wears a sheet with holes in it 
  • which person asks to do a seance in the graveyard halloween night, which one slaps them and says ‘have you ever SEEN a horror movie??”


  • BUILDING SNOWFAMILIES including their pets, house, dog, car,,,, 
  • Who builds the snowman, who eats the carrot nose bc they weren’t paying attention (”OH THATS what the carrot was for, my bad”) 
  • “Maybe Jack Frost isn’t nipping at your nose, but I can do that instead ;)” “Oh my god shut up”
  • who-can-find-the-tackiest-decorations contest that gets super intense and oh god did we really need a second tree and the plastic santa and the rainbow menorah and all of these garlands jesus christ 
  • who makes hot chocolate from scratch, who mixes it with a candy cane and calls it a day 
  • watching cartoon holiday movies together in a blanket cocoon and singing along to the songs bc lets be real everyone does it
  • snowball fights that end up forming barricades complete with les mis references and backup snowballs until person A is covered in snow and person B has to dig them out 
  • oh no we stayed out too long and need to warm up better share the shower/hot chocolate to conserve resources 
  • Who dumps snow down their partner’s neck and runs away laughing 
  • person A burying person B in snow and then kissing their forehead and walking away (”YOU MOTHERFUCKER YOU CANT LEAVE ME HERE” “I love you too I’ll be back!” “EXCUSE ME”) 
  • who wears the oversized scarf and hat, who wears a t shirt and skinny jeans no matter how cold it is (”DUDE ITS FUCKING -15″ “that’s WARM where I come from”) 

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God, after that edging scene I really want Pitch to make Jack do it to *himself*. See how well he can really obey in The Room.

Haha, you mean Pitch making Jack edge himself? No chance, man. Lol. Jack is so far from being that level of trained submissive, and being set up for failure in the room would not do so well for Jack at this stage of his character growth. Obedience can only really work within the confines of a character’s growth and experience, and at Jack’s ‘level’ he’s doing a great job.

Pitch is only asking Jack for things he knows Jack can achieve if he puts his mind to it (i.e. removing his pants in a restricted position), or taking things he is fairly sure Jack has to give with some mild limit pushing. The Dom/sub game of ‘obey me via self-control’ is a pretty ‘high level’ game tbh because of the level of trust it requires, in that it takes a lot of Dom awareness of the sub’s limits (which Pitch is frank about knowing he doesn’t have yet) and a sub’s awareness of his own physical body (Jack’s awareness of his body is terrible). And the Dom/sub game of ‘I’m going to set you up to fail because I have all the power here and I just want to punish you because I can’ would absolutely shatter Jack’s psyche.

(Though I think Alex would handle it pretty well if Elliott played that later, lol).

I mean it’s fiction and I suppose I could write it, I just…play within how I imagine their characters are progressing, which limits where I can go and what I can do, still having fun within their boundaries though. :D

Pitch will just have to imagine it and jerk off to it. (Honestly, I’m sure he has, he has a fertile imagination).

pitch: coming around the sculpture “Do you want to know how I found your toothy little memories, Jack? it was simple really.” he comes close and brushes his fingers just under Jack’s chin having him flinch

pitch: “*they* weren’t the only ones that knew who you were before you were…well, *this*.” Jack goes wide eyed and looks at pitch searching him. he’s dropped his guard completely at pitch’s mercy from the shock

pitch: “‘everyone was someone before they were chosen’, isn’t that what they told you? so three-hundred, itty-bitty years trickle on by,” pitch dances his fingers in front of Jack for punctuation “and you were the only one that was never told. even that rabbit knew, fancy that?” Jack looks angry, dejected

pitch: “so does it *really* come as any surprise to you that they would do this? throw you to the wolves the moment you did not act the least bit ‘guardianly’. I mean, for what are memories you never knew you had worth compared to the solidity of their own belief needs? they need children’s belief, Jack.” he corners Jack close against the sculpture, towering over him in a way not unlike a sexual predator may a young lady strayed from her pack “to maintain their shape, strength,…authority. but take a look.” pitch is referring to himself as he steps back grandly, allowing Jack a chance to breathe

pitch: “you and I have next to nothing, and our strength–our power–it’s enough to make them scared. so let’s *think like a guardian* that needs that belief to control the free shadows you and I lay in their grandeur. hah. I’d turn my back, too, on the whelp that learned he could have taken his memories without signing a contract to an orbiting rock.”

pitch: comes up behind Jack and caresses his shoulders friendly, almost too friendly that Jack doesn’t know whether to moan or cry. he shudders. “so hear me out. you help me take out the lights, and I’ll help you teach those pompous, silver spooned, moon knights what it’s really like to struggle at the bottom. take away their children, and we take away what gives them purpose. it would be *cold and dark*. we could shroud the world in–”

Jack: “–Pitch Black.” pitch pauses. a smile.

pitch: “… and Jack Frost, too.” both go silent. Jack breathes heavily looking between the memory box and his staff. more silence.

jack: “so what do I do?” pitch smiles and languidly runs his hands like shadows about Jack’s arms, bringing them up like caught on wind before letting them settle in front of Jack, each hand holding a half of his staff. pitch’s hands are laying on top of his securely, gently, sweetly. his head beside Jack’s and he breathes heatedly into his ear.

pitch: “break *free*.” and together

they snap Jack’s staff in half.

I’m working on revising my Jack Frost cosplay, and the anniversary for this movie is coming up, so I thought I’d color a sketch of my boy! 


Redesigns for Elsa and Anna

first redesigned the faces and builds (Elsa is based off her father) then redid the dresses to suit the time period a little more


- raised the waistline

- gave her fuller sleeves

- replaced all the pink with red


- raised the waistline + gave fuller sleeves

- used a colour I’d associate more with ice and used a more frosty texture

- removed the weird cape from the armpits and gave a more fuller skirt that flows more

I’m working on requests ATM but it will be some time due to GCSEs :)

Dreamworks' Most Underrated Movie

There are plenty of Dreamworks movies out there that never got the recognition they deserved. Prince of Egypt. Megamind. But there’s one that (at least in my opinion) is absolutely criminally neglected. Rise Of The Guardians. No one I know thought much of this movie from the (very few) previews it got. An emo-kid looking Jack Frost? Bo-ring. OK maybe the Santa looks cool. But giant bipedal Easter Bunny? Ew. But this movie is SO GOOD. And I don’t mean just because it’s funny. It’s actually NOT a comedy, which for animated Dreamworks films is something of a rarity these days. There’s humor, yes, but it’s not a central theme. I can’t think of any other kids’ movie that deals with the traditional Western mythology figures (Santa, Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost, etc) the way ROTG does. They’re literal beings in the movie, yes, whose power is linked to childrens’ belief in them… but they are also concepts. The movie is very clear about that. Santa outright says he is “wonder”. The Easter Bunny is hope and new beginnings. Jack Frost, the main character… he’s laughing in the face of fear. Specifically the fear of death in winter. Turning the cold, life-threatening ice and snow into something fun so that children can live without fear. I mean come on, that’s great! On top of all that, these are just… great characters with wonderful backstories. Some are only hinted at - but oh my god, scratch the surface and it’s beautiful. Not to mention the art is GORGEOUS. The details, the designs… everything about this movie is just rich with visual interest.

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Keep Me Warm

Written for the prompt: “Maybe Jack Frost isn’t nipping at your nose, but I can do that instead” ;)

Castiel convinces Dean to go for a walk in the woods after school. (350)


Castiel Novak laughed as a pile of snow fell off a nearby tree branch and landed directly on his boyfriend’s head. Cas had convinced him to go on a walk in the woods behind their houses after school, but knew Dean was already regretting saying yes.

“Shit!” Dean swore, shaking his head like a wet puppy. He glared at Cas, who let out another loud giggle. “Shut it,” he said.

“I’m sorry, Dean,” Cas said, another laugh burbling out as another chunk of snow fell down, this time hitting Dean’s face. “You–” he giggled “–you should probably move.”

“Yeah, no, I got that, thanks,” Dean muttered, taking a step to the side of the path they were on. They both glanced up just in time to see a chickadee take off from the branch above Dean and flutter away. “Little asshole,” Dean grumbled.

“It’s just a bird, Dean,” Cas admonished, finally taking pity on his boyfriend and reaching up to brush the half-melted snow out of his hair and off of his face. “Besides,” he continued, “if you had dressed properly for the weather…”

“Ah, don’t give me that,” Dean replied, brushing off Cas’ hand but keeping it in his own. “I don’t need all that stuff. A pair of gloves and a jacket, that’s all I need.”

Cas rolled his eyes. “If you say so. But I gotta say, I’m feeling pretty warm over here with my hat and scarf. Jack Frost won’t be nipping at my nose,” he joked.

Dean smirked and grabbed Cas’ other hand. “Well, maybe Jack Frost isn’t nipping at your nose, but I can do that instead,” he said, leaning in to nudge Cas’ scarf out of the way and giving him a quick peck on the nose.

“Really, Dean?” Cas said. “And you think I’m the dorky one.”

Dean shrugged and moved lower to nip at Cas’ lower lip as well, tugging at it gently with his teeth. “You are,” he said, finally initiating a real kiss. His lips were cold and a little dry, but Castiel quickly reciprocated, every brush of lips warming him slightly more until Dean finally pulled back enough to chuckle.

“Why bring a hat and scarf when I’ve got you to keep me warm?”