jack frost brown hair

Jack the Snow Fox

The mischievous troublemaker of the winter forest, bringing havoc to you but winning your forgiveness and your heart with just one smile. 

Something started from a random doodle while procrastinating to a coloured gif. I miss drawing this little shit so much and I’ve almost forget how to draw his hair (the pain when struggling is too fresh.) 

Thanks starmageasuka for motivating me with Fox Elsa and wickedgreenphantom’s motivating YESSS!! Let this baby show you my love~

anonymous asked:

You know the thing with Tom as Jack Frost is that they both have big brown puppy eyes and messy brown hair, (Jack looked like this before he became Frost), they are not really tall & they have the right amount of sass. Like, yes please. Also Tom with Platinum blonde hair... I just can't. I had to share this with someone. Suffer with me. Sorry not sorry.

this sounds like the perfect role for him!! except….i dont know if could be into that look