jack frost and mavis dracula


Has anyone realized this before besides me? Cause I can tell you this now that Jack and Mavis are like “CGI” versions of Danny and Sam.
Not saying that I ship JackxMavis or DxS. I’m just saying that they all look a bit similar to each other, ya know?

Mavis and Sam:
- black hair, similar haircuts
- both wear black mostly
- skin are pale (Mavis a little peachy than Sam is)
- and both have makeup

Jack and Danny:
Im pretty sure you guys know already xD

Last minute quick doodle before going to bed of my brotp. I actually cried a little when thinking of these two. When it all comes down to everyone, they really will be the last two alive. Jack looks like he’s already had his share of lost with that sad smile he has on for being an immortal, while Mavis looks happy to find a friend she knows she can’t lose due to her own. I honestly wish there was more love for these two, romantic or not. I know I like Jelsa as a brotp, but never at the level I have for these two. I want to doodle them together more often doing random stuff of their broship life. I guess this is a motivation boost for me to do that. I don’t know why, but I imagine their friendship like Dory and Marlin. With Mavis telling Jack “Just keep swimming” when he’s down, and him not liking the analogy for the fact of him dying in a lake xD.