jack e. miller

anonymous asked:

i'm pretty new to the whole youtube community. Can you link me to some of your favorite videos and youtubers? i'm not even sure where to start

Troye Sivan

  • Funny boy who sings, acts, and occasionally models for major fashion companies. Album coming “soon”

Connor Franta

  • Cute little cupcake who makes lifestyle vlogs, comedy skits, and inspirational films.

Tyler Oakley

  • Professional storyteller & fangirl. Perpetually thirsty. Heart of gold. 

Ben J. Pierce

  • If it’s not punny, it’s not funny. Can make a joke about an egg funny. 

Joey Graceffa

  • Daily vlogger with a smile that lights up the room. One of the most genuine people on Youtube. 

Louis Cole

  • An adventure vlogger that takes you with him all around the world. Has an incredibly positive outlook on life and radiates happiness every day. 

Hannah Hart

  • Specializes in drunken cooking, puns, and hugs. Practices reckless optimism. 


  • Thought provoking and inspiring videos about life and love and everything in between. 

Tanya Burr

  • Beauty guru who specializes in makeup, fashion and baking. Cute as a bunny.

Mark E. Miller

  • Vlogs with his boyfriend in attempt to spread happiness and love. “Every day is a great day.”

Vlog Brothers

  • Educational videos that are a mix of everything you could possibly want. A must for any Youtube lover. DFTBA!