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NHL players collect hockey sticks like fans collect trading cards

Alzner and Alex Ovechkin are the Capitals’ most avid collectors. For Ovechkin, swaps are simple because his own stick is sought after due to his elite status and the blade’s unique curve. Ovechkin estimated he has 60 sticks — legends such as Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux and Brett Hull represented — displayed along the walls of his home gym….

Alzner laughed that his stick has only been requested back twice, with one occasion being this season. He asked Detroit Red Wings rookie Dylan Larkin for a stick as they lined up for a faceoff, and a flattered Larkin wanted to trade, so Alzner inscribed a message to the speedy 19-year-old to “slow down.”


That the practice is considered to be what Ottawa’s Zack Smith called an “elite players’ ritual” makes some players hesitant to participate. Smith said he wouldn’t feel comfortable asking for someone’s stick because of the occasionally abrasive role he plays on the ice. Washington’s Tom Wilson agreed. “It’s kind of tough when you go out and hammer a guy and then ask for a stick after,” Wilson said with a shrug.

…Now I feel bad for Tom. Tom deserves sticks as well.

The more unique a stick is, the more desirable. Alzner pines for the stick of San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton, in part because he uses so few a year. It’s in two pieces, so Thornton typically just changes out the blade. Alzner has tried and failed to get one for three or four years, but is hopeful former Capitals winger Joel Ward, now with the Sharks, can help facilitate an acquisition.

The whole article is great, and covers a bunch of different teams and players. Also. Stick swapping as, like, a feature of trying to find your soulmate/soulbond, please discuss.

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Meeting Wrestlers Referees: Jack Doan [2005]

I love this picture. On this particular day, when Jack Doan came out of the car, my friends and I surmised an idea to just start chanting “Jack Doan! Jack Doan! Jack Doan!” when he arrived. All the other referees that traveled with him were laughing hysterically, causing Jack to smirk himself. When he looked over at us and came over to take pictures, we all celebrated as if it was Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker. Jack was pumped, taking pictures with everyone and running up and down the rail and high fiving people, all the while with a big smile on his face. When he came out at the show to ref a match, we all chanted it enough to where the rest of the arena pitched in and started chanting with us.

It was an epic night to be Jack Doan.


Here is my second video for the WWE Referees :) (par Audrey M)