I play the Kingsman mobile game, and I wanted to write a meta about what their dogs say about them, because I love all of them.

Dog owners:

1) Are more likely to be senior management

2) Live with family members

3) Not have a college degree

4) Be a professor, nurse, information technology specialist, military professional, or entertainer (which kind of negates #3)

5) Consider your pet part of the family

6) Be extroverted, agreeable, and conscientious

7) Have gotten the dog from a shelter or rescue group

8) Live in Arkansas, New Mexico, Kentucky, Missouri, and West Virginia more than other states


1) The Kingsmen/Statesmen are really ducking smart (no duh!)

2) They are more likely to be family oriented

3) Probably doesn’t apply to them, but since most come from money or nobility in Kingsman, they probably don’t need a degree, and the Statesmen probably don’t need a degree if they get recruited early enough. Eggsy doesn’t have a degree.

4) They are all military-esque professionals (again, no duh!)

5) They all seem to love their dogs at Kingsman, not just Harry and Eggsy, but Roxy and, Charlie was never seen or heard being cruel to his dog

6) I’ve looked at their MBTIs and most Kingsmen are introverted, except Eggsy and Charlie, but that may be British social training, and most of the Statesmen are extroverts

7) While they probably got their dogs from breeders to ensure proper health and standards, there is a chance the dogs came from breed-specific rescue

8) Applies to the Statesmen, but only because they are headquartered there

Now for the fun stuff:

Harry/Yorkshire Terrier- Flexible and able to focus; feisty, brave, and competitive; extremely talkative and has a good sense of humor

Merlin/Hamish/ Labrador Retriever- Puts family first, easy-going, and carefree; social butterfly, honest, and lovable

Roxy/Standard Poodle- Takes pride in appearance, very neat and orderly; very versatile, and can enjoy a night at home with a bottle of wine or out on the town partying

Ginger/Whiskey/Elizabeth/Cocker Spaniel- Charming, trustworthy, and affectionate; leads a busy life, but prefers to spend time with family; maintain a group of close, lifelong friends they prefer spending time with over strangers

Charlie/German Shepard- Wouod do anything for friends and makes an extremely loyal companion who is protective of loved ones

Eggsy/Pug- Cheerful, has a zest for living life to the fullest; enjoys frequent massages and days of pampering at the spa

Source: Scientific American and Ceaser’s Way (the dog expert guy)

Author’s Note: I will update as I get Tequila and Whiskey/Jack