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happier // jack avery

request: none but i was inspired by the song “happier” by ed sheeran

i really fricking love this so so much and i’m sorry for making this sad but enjoy because i love this one!

triggers: it’s just kinda sad whoops

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walking down 29th and park, i saw you in another’s arms,

it was all supposed to be a normal day for jack. well, as normal as it could get when he was feeling the way he was.

he was out with the boys, walking down the sidewalk of 29th street when he heard the familiar melodies of her laughter. it seemed like time stopped as his eyes found y/n’s form, wrapped in the arms of a person that wasn’t him.

his breath got stuck in his throat as he saw the way she looked at the newfound companion. it was the way y/n used to look at him.

only a month we’ve been apart, you look happier,

it had only been a month since the fight. the fight that tore his heart in half, and he thought it had torn y/n’s too. but it seemed like he was wrong.

he watched with a broken stare as she smiled up at her newfound love, with a look that used to be reserved for jack, and jack only. she looked, so, happy.

how could she be so happy when jack felt like, well, like complete shit. how dare she walk away so happy when jack felt like he was falling farther down a dark hole.

jack was paralyzed, watching as y/n leaned up to kiss the lips of her lover, his heart aching. how could he be so broken but her so whole?

saw you walk inside a bar, he said something to make you laugh,

y/n took her love’s hand and began walking towards a restaurant, causing jack’s heart to break even more than it was.

the boy who was holding y/n’s hand pulled her closer, wrapping an arm around her waist as he whispered something in her ear.

she laughed loudly, pressing a kiss to his cheek and they walked into the restaurant, leaving jack’s limbs numb as he simply stood. his face was stone cold, but the tears forming in the corners of his eyes were enough to see that this was the final step in breaking him.

i saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours, yeah you look happier, you do.

an image of their wide smiles burned itself into jack’s brain. she was so happy.

she looked happier than she had ever been when she was jack. what did this new guy give her that jack couldn’t? what did this new guy have that jack didn’t?

how could this guy elicit such a beautiful smile from y/n in merely a month when jack couldn’t for a whole year?

ain’t nobody hurt you like i hurt you, but nobody love you like i do,

he had regretted every word he said the moment she had walked out the door on that fateful day. he knew he had fucked up, and he beat himself up for it every single day.

were the tears running down her face as she walked out even real? did she hurt as much as he did for what she said to him?

he knew he had hurt her, but did she know he was hurt too?

his heart was crushed in her palm as she let it fall to the floor, and yet his heart still beat only for her. he still loved her, he loved her so much it pained him.

promise that i will not take it personal, baby if you’re moving on with someone new.

“jack? dude, we have to get moving,” daniel’s gentle voice rang in jack’s ear drums as he was lightly shaked out of his trace. jack’s hands went up to hastily wipe away the tears that were nearly spilling out of his eyes.

“s-sorry, let’s go now,” the boys began walking, but jack just couldn’t seem to lift his eyes off where she had stood only a minute ago.

it was where she had stood with the biggest smile he had ever seen plastered on her face, a look of pure adoration stretched across her features.

jack, he thought. if you truly do love her, you should let her be happy.

seeing the look on y/n’s face as she looked up at her new love was enough to see that she was better off without jack. and it was time for jack to accept that.

‘cause baby you look happier, you do,


one day when we were laying in bed cuddling, i told you that your happiness was mine, and nothing would ever change that. and i’d like to think i’m a man of my word.

and seeing you today, well, it showed me that you are truly happier without me. so i’m happy for you. when you were with him, it was like nothing else in the world ever mattered. it was never like that when it was you and me.

there was a look in your eye when you looked at him. a sparkle. a sparkled that never appeared when we were together. and realizing that right now, it makes me feel a thousand times worse. were we ever really in love?

my friends told me one day i’ll feel it too,

daniel told me after we saw you, that one day i’ll be as happy with someone else as you are with him.

how could i be happy after my heart was ripped in half? how could i ever recover so quickly like you did?

will i ever recover from the heartbreak? i want to believe daniel’s words, i truly do. i also believe that one day, i will.

and until then I’ll smile to hide the truth,

but until then, i’m hurting. how could you move on so quickly while i’m here stuck in the mud? how could you be so joyful while i’m drowning in my own sorrows?

i’m hiding behind fake smiles and faux words of joy, each laugh and grin a mere display to show that “i’m okay”. but i’m not. i’m not okay without you.

and i’m not sure if i’ll ever be okay again.

but i know i was happier with you.

y/n, you were my happiness. my love, my light. you kept me going, you helped me see the true beauty of life. and without you here, i’m not sure what i see at all.

every single day i regret the words i said to you on the night we broke up. how could i be so stupid? i let go the most important piece of my life.

and i know you’re happier now. you’re a thousand times happier with him than you ever were with me. but even though you’re happier with him, i’m happier when you’re with me.

- jack

jack folded the letter, staring as tear drops made wet circles on the paper covered in his shaky scrawl.

he walked over to his desk, opening an empty drawer and carefully placed the folded paper in the drawer. he closed drawer, watching as the piece of paper disappeared into the mahogany.

just know i’ll be waiting here for you.

“Just say yes!” || Daniel Seavey

Daniel Seavey :: “Just Say Yes!”

Random Imagine.



Most girls would kill to be in my position, I know that which is the reason why I refuse to give in to him.

For the past 4 months, Daniel Seavey had asked me out, every single day. Yes, I do have feelings for him, but the thing is, I’m scared. Scared of how his fans would react to finding out that his heart had been taken. Sometimes I think about Corbyn and Christina and how she’s accepted by the majority of the fandom and it gives me up.

Then I think about Aspen. She’s not even dating any of the guys and gets so much hate! The fans know that I have a close friendship with the guys and do actually like me. I’m scared of jeopardizing their liking for me by getting into a relationship with someone who they adore.

Not only that, but so much could go wrong! Daniel is my best friend and getting with him could ruin our friendship, make things awkward or we could have a horrible breakup. So many possibilities that could end in disaster. I’m simply too scared to take any chances.

Daniel on the other hand, he seems completely fine with all the possible endings. He doesn’t seem the slightest bit worried of what could go wrong. He’s determined to make me his girlfriend knowing full well that I reciprocate his feelings. He doesn’t understand my fears!

“No Daniel,” I finalised my answer, my voice stern and guard up.

He ran his hand through his perfectly styled hair, frustrated. I refused to budge and give into him. Convincing myself that this is the right thing to do, I still couldn’t help but feel guilty. Almost like I had lead him on — in some cases, I had.

Daniel sighed and left the room, hurt written all over his features. My heart dropped to my stomach as I heard him run upstairs. Jonah entered the room as Daniel left. He raised an eyebrow.

“Still not giving in?”

Our current situation was no secret around the house, by this point, I’m sure Kong even knew what was happening between us. I nodded my head and sat down, burying my face in my hands.

“It’s hurting me just as much as it’s hurting him, but this is the right thing to do. I just can’t help but feel like I lead him on,” I sighed.

Jonah nodded, “You kinda did.”

I removed my face from my hands and shot him a glare that said, ‘not helping.’ He muttered an apology and I laid my head against the counter top.

“You could always just give it a shot. It’s clear that you both want it to happen, if it doesn’t work out then it doesn’t work out but you might be surprised. You’ll never know unless you try, Y/n. You just gonna get past that fear of losing him because if you don’t do something soon, your fear might just come true.”

Jonah planted a kiss on my forehead before leaving to find Corbyn. Jack then entered the room, stopping as he took in my defeated expression.


I nodded.

“For the love of god, Y/n!” He whined, throwing his hands up in the air dramatically, “Just say yes!”

“It’s not that easy Jack.”

He rolled his eyes, a scoff escaping his lips as he sat down in front of me. He removed my hands from my face and forced me to look him in the eyes.

“You’re the only one making it hard. It’s easy, you’re just overthinking everything and making it harder than it needs to be. You like him, he likes you. You both want to be together. The fans want you to be together. We want you to be together. Just be together and stop being difficult!”

“I’m scared, Jack!”

Jack’s arms fell to his side and he cocked his head to the left. Confusion spread across his features.

“I’m scared of what the fans will say, I’m scared of ruining our friendship! I’m scared of hurting him!” I erupted.

Finally, I had gotten that off my chest. Jack took my hands in his own, I looked up at him as he sighed.

“The fans love you together. They want this to happen. As for ruining your friendship, that can happen at any time whether you’re in a relationship or not and hurting him? Can’t you see you’re already doing that? You’ve told him you like him and got his hopes up, Y/n. But, you’re hurting him by turning him down. You’ve built hope for him just to crash that wall of hope every time to say no.”

God, I hate Jack’s right.

I huffed, “I really don’t wanna say ‘you’re right’ because I know I’ll never hear the end of it.”

Jack smirked making me laugh.

“Im always right, now get up then stairs and when you come back down, you better have boyfriend named Daniel Seavey!”

I felt a rush of encouragement and positivity. I jumped from the stool and rushed upstairs, almost knocking Zach over on the way past. He screamed but I didn’t care, I pushed the door open with force, making it swing open. Daniel looked up from his phone, startled by the sudden burst in.

“I really don’t wanna talk to you—“

“Yes!” I cut him off.

He blinked.


“Yes I’ll be your girlfriend, yes I want to be with you. Yes, I’m hopelessly in love with you.”

Daniel stood up from the bed, he pulled me into his embrace and we shared our first kiss as a couple and as a whole. It lasted a few seconds before Daniel pulled away, keeping me in his arms as he spoke.

“That was so cringy.”

We both laughed and I planted one more kiss on his lips.

“Yeah, but cringy is cute… sometimes.”

I was made for loving you. D.S

Pairing: Daniel Seavey x Reader

Summary: Based off the song I was make for loving you by Tori Kelly ft Ed Sheeran. Song lyrics used are in bold.

A huge thank you to @dannyboyseavey for this wonderful idea and asking me to write it. Maia is the wonderful girl who introduced me to this amazing song, sparking the idea. You should all definitely check this girl out, she is an amazing person and friend.

P.S Maia I came so close to swerving while writing this!

Warnings: None, purely fluff.

A Dangerous plan, just this time. A stranger’s hand clutched in mine. I’ll take this chance, so call me blind. I’ve been waiting all my life. Please don’t scar this young heart. Just take my hand. ~T.K

It was a cold autumn day, the crispy orange, red and yellow leaves crunching beneath your feet as you walked down the street. Your light brown ankle boots skipping with each step taken. Everything looked so pretty as the sun settled in the distance. A warm glow cast around you. You worn a scarf looped around you neck, your y/h/c curls loosely resting upon you coats and scarf. You coat wasn’t done up, revealing you loose black skirt and cream fitted jumper. You looked cute in your outfit making you feel amazing. You smiled at everyone who passed as you headed towards the small coffee shop at the end of the beautiful street.

I was made for loving you. Even though we may be hopeless hearts just passing through. Every bone screaming I don’t know what we should do. All I know is, darling, I was made for loving you. ~T.K

You entered the warm and welcoming little shop, the lady serving you had a bright smile on her lips as she took you order making you feel smiley and happy. The shop was filled with comfy seats but you chose the corner one. The one that offered the perfect view of the warm and cosy coffee shop. The one that casted a warm glow over you, illuminating your features. You pulled a book out, fading peacefully into your own little world.

Hold me close through the night. Don’t let me go, we’ll be alright. Touch my soul and hold it tight. I’ve been waiting all my life. I won’t scar your young heart. Just take my hand. ~ E.S

The smell of coffee filled his senses as he entered the warm little shop. A smile clear on his face as he entered. The warm glow of the setting sun, casting beautiful shadows upon his strong and charming features. He smiled sweetly at the same lady, still smiling. It was peaceful in the little coffee shop. He glanced around before receiving his coffee. A girl catching his pale blue eye.

Cause I was made for loving you. Even though we may be hopeless hearts just passing through. Every bone screaming I don’t know what we should do. All I know is, darling, I was made for loving you ~T.K & E.S

He stared admiringly as she read her book, a warm glow illuminating her figure. She looked perfect, she suited the little coffee shop. He couldn’t help but smile as butterflies filled his stomach. He had never seen someone so pretty, and he had seen many girls. But none compared to her. The beautiful stranger.

Please don’t go, I’ve been waiting so long. Oh, you don’t even know me at all. But I was made for loving you. ~T.K & E.S

You glanced up from your book, catching the eyes of a handsome boy. You looked deep into his pale blue eyes as they sparkled in the warms glow of the sun. You smiled sweetly as he returned the gesture. His smile wide and beautiful as his smile revealed a small tooth gap. You felt butterflies fill your stomach as he approached you.

“Hi” He smiled. His voice soft and gentle as it carried itself along the waves of the air to your ears. He was even prettier up close. You couldn’t help but admire him. “I’m Daniel”

“I’m y/n” You smiled. You hadn’t realised that a simple hello on a beautiful day would spark the most loving relationship you young heart would be in.

I was made for loving you. Even though we may be hopeless hearts just passing through. Every bone screaming I don’t know what we should do. All I know is, darling, I was made for loving you. ~ T.K & E.S