jack daniel shirt

Okay but imagine a punk Aphrodite, all tight, black leather jeans, white jack Daniels shirt and leather jacket with pastel pink hair flowing down her back. 

Activist Artemis running a shelter for abused women, contacting her sister Athena for support with legal battles. 

 Hera running a boarding school for young girls, teaching them everything from economics to ancient literature. 

Demeter running a success agriculture company with a daughter who ran away to be with a tattooed, young Hades

A New Vision


Here are the final designs that I will print up! I am working on the webstore & I should have the new theme tonight or tomorrow. I am 100% for sure with the black/gray shirt colors the blue I’m a little undecided on. Opinions? 

I am planning to have preorders start tonight or tomorrow. It will last for 2 weeks. Then shirts would be shipped out within the first week of Feb. In order for me to keep printing new designs/these too I have to sell a minimum of 25. So I am hoping you all will help me reach that goal so we can keep having cool Stargate merch.

All shirts will be available in sizes Small to XXXL. They will be printed on 100% cotton 5.6oz t-shirts & will cost $18.00 ($21 for XXL+) + shipping.



Confessions - Michael Fluff/Smut (Part ½)

He watched her carefully, his eyes following her around the small space of his bedroom. She was so graceful without even trying, known for being clumsy yet he found her completely elegant. Her hair swishing behind her as she paced around, it looked so soft, he wanted to run his fingers through it like he had all those times she fell asleep in his arms. He wanted to hold her, to feel her warm soft breaths against his neck as she slept, her small hands to intertwine with his larger ones. Her small body to curl up next to him, to hold onto him. He thought back to the nights they had shared, together in this room; watching movies, eating mountains of food at 3am. Study days that turned into a pillow fight which he always won, his body pinning her down playfully, remembering her laughing up at him, eyes closed, hair sprawled out, the way he had to battle the urge to kiss her. He smiled to himself, feeling warm and content, only she make him feel that way. And he swore inside only she would ever make him feel that way. There was no doubt about it, he was hopelessly in love with his best friend.

“Michael…” Her hands waved in front of his face, she had stopped her panic. No longer flustering around her room, she stood in front of him. He admired the fact she was wearing his Jack Daniels shirt, he laughed a little since he knew she had never had a drink in her life. Her wavy hair falling down restoring that innocence, yet the flicked eyeliner gave her an edge he found quite attractive. She cocked her head to the side, sighing.

“If your bored…i can go…” Bitting her lip she began to look uncomfortable.

“No, sorry babe. Don’t go.” Shaking his head she smiled a little. Of course the boy had no idea that she felt the same way. Just as he wanted to wrap her up in his arms, she wanted to be held in his. She couldn’t remember the amount of times she had watched him sleep, played with his ever changing hair. The times her heart had sank when he had hooked up with random girls, yet she felt a little grateful he had always come back to her. Thinking of the mornings after when he turned up at her door, she made him food and faked a laugh when he bragged about bagging the fit girl. But she always held on to some sort of hope, something made her feel like Michael was already hers but it just wasn’t there time yet. Maybe she was living a lie but it worked for her, it was the only thing that stopped her heart from breaking.

“So is this okay? You know for to tonight? I’ve never been to a gig before let alone your gig, so i don’t know what I’m supposed to wear…” She fumbled with her words slightly nervous, she was waiting on a sarcastic answer from him, something along the lines of ‘yeah well fit’ or ‘yep id tap that’. It always flustered her stomach when he came out with his sexual comments but it was short lived when he added how he was joking and didn’t really care.

“You look…beautiful” he confessed subconsciously, his brain only just registering what he had said when she looked up in shock and a light blush appeared on her cheeks.

“I..uh… I mean..you look fine, yeah fine”

“Forgot who you were talking to there..huh Clifford” she joked, easing the awkward tension which was now thick in the room.

He wanted to laugh and agree, slapping her butt whist telling her ‘you wish’ but something stopped him. He just sat in silence. Playing with his thumbs, a swarm of butterflies filling his stomach. He couldn’t lie any longer, it was too much. He knew if he didn’t tell her eventually the boys would let it slip, he also knew that tonight he deliberately didn’t ask some girl to go with him. For the first time he asked her, his best friend, his girl. He wasn’t sure why but maybe it was a decision he had made long before that night, maybe deep down he had every intention of letting his feelings come out. He had no intention of hooking up but of opening up, to her, letting her know exactly how much he loved her. All of her. And only her.

“No, i knew exactly who i was talking to.” He eyes snapped up to his again, she looked for doubt, for humour but found a sadness. He looked sad and worried and frustrated but somewhere in there she saw love. She saw something within him which made her feel relaxed, like she didn’t have to hold back her feelings anymore. But she had to be sure.


“I think you look beautiful, i think you always look beautiful.” He found the confidence not to stumble, he knew what he was saying now and knew that he had to say it.

“I, I, Michael this isn’t funny.” Doubt filled her mind as however much she had hoped for this she never could see it happening. The look on her face filled him with worry, she looked sad. He wondered if he had ruined their friendship, if he had gone a step to far. But he had to let her know, he had to be honest or he never would.

“Y/N? Okay, im not good at this but…i have to tell you, tell you that i think your beautiful, i think your the most beautiful, and i mean it…i also mean it when i say I Love You. I mean really love you, more than friendship, and i think i have for a while.” She stood there, mind numb as he confessed to her. She couldn’t quite believe what was happening, scared if she moved she would wake up and it would all be some twisted dream.

“I think you amazing, your smart and witty, brainier than all of the band pit together. You laugh at my jokes and giggle when I’m inappropriate in public. You listen to what i say and cheer me up, reassuring me when in down. Your always there, day or night ready to pick me up when I’m down. You have this little button nose which somehow is the cutest thing, along with the dimples bellow your spine and the freckles that spread on your cheeks when its sunny. You have me weak, i’ve never let anybody in like i let you in, you have my full trust and i know that anything i say is safe with you. I love the way you steel my cloths like its completely natural to wear them, and boss me around a little. The way your shy and get nervous yet can be wild and…” He was cut off by a single tear running down her cheek. His heart clenched as he saw it, his eyes following her finger as it pushed against his chest firmly.

“Your real” she whispered, letting another tear fall.

“This isn’t a dream? This isn’t a joke? Some twisted dare?” She needed one last confirmation that it was all real, she wasn’t going mad. That somehow the hope she had bee holding onto was actually paying off.

“Its not a joke or a dare or a dream or a fantasy or a hallucination. This is real…im confessing that im in love with you…” He breathed feeling drained and terrified that it was all one big mistake.

They starred at one another, their eye connected. Her head spinning, his heart pouching. The world on mute. Her hand reaching up to touch his face, his body moving closer to push against hers, he watched her carefully as she bit her lip blinking back a tear. His head moving down cautiously, closer to hers. Feeling the small breaths of air coming from her lips as they stood inches apart. Looking into her eyes once more.

“I love you Michael Clifford”