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So I finally got time to watch The Nightmare before Christmas ( it was great btw ) and because Dan and Phil cosplayed as Jack and Sally before I had to draw them :D
This painting took less time than I expected tbh ( i’m still getting used to watercolors and such )

Your Soulmate AU:

jonah : 

everyone in the world was born with heterochromia. one of their eyes is their own colour while the other is your soulmate’s eye colour. when you look into their eyes for the first time your eyes turn back to their natural colour. 

so imagine going to a show and making eye contact with while he’s on stage performing. watching his eye tun back to their original colour as he watches yours turn back to your original eye colour.

zach : 

the first thing you hear your soulmate say is tattoed onto your skin at that moment. 

imagine walking down the street and bumping shoulders with someone. as you say ‘watch it’, you hear the person say ‘holy cheesepuffs’. both of you double over in pain as a searing pain rips through your forearms. turning around and noticing the tattoo. both of you recalling the words that had been spoken just moments earlier. both of you imagining your futures.

corbyn : 

whenever you draw something on your skin, it shows up on your soulmate’s skin. every paint stain and pen mark.

before getting ready for school you drew a complicated pattern of flowers, lines and circles on your skin. for no reason, you simply had time. you walked into school that day assuming it was going to be normal but fate had other plans. you were called into the office to show around the new student in your grade. as you walked in, you couldn’t see the boy’s face but you noticed the pattern on his arm, the exact same thing you drew that morning. as the receptionist saw you she spoke “(y/n) (l/n) meet corbyn besson, the student you are going to be showing around”. as she finished you thought ‘and the kid i’m going to spend the rest of my life with’

jack : 

your heart starts to glow when you first touch your soulmate. 

imagine being arch enemies with jack. if you have a class together, you sit at the opposite ends of the classroom. if you were partnered up in a class, both of you were willing to fail the class then work together. yup. that is how much you hated each other but the problem was your parents were great friends, so you were around each other a lot of the time. everything was fine until it came to a get together your families’ had. You both were standing in front of each other arguing about which band was better. metallica or linkin park. but you didn’t see ava barreling towards as she ran away from a bee. ava ran right into you, pushing you into jack. suddenly you realized a glow in jack’s chest right where his heart would be and jack noticed your glow. one thought ran through both your heads’ “why him/her?”

daniel : 

everyone is born with a step counter on their wrist. counting down to the number of steps they have to take to reach their soulmate. the number changes based on where in the world you were at.

it was another normal weekend for your family. your family was going to dinner with another one of your parents’ friends. your parents kept reassuring you “mr. and mrs. seavey have a kid your age” but that didn’t help. you walked into the restaurant that day, ready to fake smiles and act like you care. what you didn’t know when you walked to the reserved table was that your counter had been nearing zero with each step. hearing your footsteps a boy who seemed about your age turned around and locked eyes with you. as your eyes locked you felt a tingle up your arm. looking down you saw that your counter had reached zero. that was it. you had met the love of your life.

that feels good ~ short jack avery imagine

you waltzed into the small bedroom that you shared with jack in the hotel that you were staying at with the why don’t we boys in london. you opened your mouth to begin a sentence but cut yourself off when you saw the beautiful, curly haired boy sleeping peacefully on top of the sheets of the bed. 

he always did this thing, and you never knew why, where he refused to get under the sheets on the bed until you were there with him. this meant that even on tour he would never once sleep under the sheets, he would only layer on mountains of clothes to keep him warm. 

you smiled slightly at the sight in front of you, taking it in for a moment before joining him on the bed. he was lying on his stomach which his arms folded underneath his head, his hair flopping every which way. his glasses were also on the bed right next to him, telling you that he was wearing them just before he had fallen asleep. he was only in white clavins and no shirt, and lemme tell you it was definitely a sight to see.

you slowly kneeled on the bed, easing into a lying down position in an attempt to make the littlest movement possible as to not wake the sleepy head right next to you. when he had no reaction to you climbing onto the bed, you took that as he was still sound asleep. 

his head was turned towards the wall so you couldn’t admire his beautiful features, but you did take in the perfection that is his hair. it is always flopped so perfectly, and you would never understand how. 

after a few minutes of nothing, you reached your arm outwards and lightly began to draw mindless shapes on his bare back. you drew circles, rectangles, triangles, all with your fingernails, and after a few minutes you trailed your hand up to the base of his neck, still allowing your fingertips to graze his skin. you brought your fingers up through his hair and he shrunk his head down into his shoulders and you took note of the goosebumps rising on his skin. he was awake. 

“sorry, love. i didn’t mean to wake you,” you mumbled, still swirling your fingertips on his back. he just hummed in response and you took that as an ‘it’s okay.’ 

you continued to draw random things, but soon enough found yourself drawing out what you saw for your future with jack. your kids, your house, your pets, everything you had ever wanted you were tracing into his skin. 

“that feels good, baby,” he mumbled as he flipped his head over to face you, his eyes just barely open. you flashed him a slight smile before sneaking under the covers, and he did so as well now that you were there. he engulfed you in his warmth and you practically melted into his chest. 

“can you keep doing that, please?” he whispered, causing you to chuckle but you obliged. 

“of course,” you replied, beginning to run your nails up and down the back of his neck and through his hair. 

before you knew it, the only sound that could be heard was the soft snores coming from your boyfriend, the ones that he refused to making, but you loved them. 

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