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It’s Day 24 of #Hannictober, and the prompt for this was “Scarves”! So. I did Will + Scarves = Story.

  • Fandom: Hannibal
  • Relationship: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter
  • Summary: Wherein Hannibal accidentally advises Jack Crawford and Will Graham on the best ways to annoy each other. 

Day 24: Scarves

For Hannibal Lecter, it’s a fairly unremarkable day. He wakes up at 0400, ensures that dinner prep is completed, lunch is packed, and breakfast is cooked, does his daily exercises, reads his daily dose of online and newspaper articles, then gets dressed and is on his way to his office at 0730 promptly, so that he can open his office at 0800 sharp to get his practice going.

What is less unremarkable is a harried phone call from Agent Jack Crawford at 1000 hours, where the agent barely gives Hannibal the time to say his name before he’s barking out, “I’m trying to recruit a new agent and he won’t even look at me. What do I do?”

Hannibal blinks. Smoothes his tie. Sits down.

“I was not aware the FBI was adding a new member to your unit,” he says instead.

“Don’t play games with me, Dr. Lecter,” Jack growls. “I just spent twenty minutes trying to catch this man’s eye.”

Hannibal sighs. Sometimes he really does wonder if the fun he has poking at Jack is worth the annoyance of dealing with him after the poking is done. Other times he just sits back and lets the agent bellow himself hoarse. “Is a particular reason you can think of for this man to wish to avoid speaking to you?”

“Yeah, he’s supposedly on the spectrum.”


“Fine, fine. I may or may not have cornered him before and it may or may not have ended badly.”

“How badly?”

“The man wears high-collar sweaters and flannels, plus eyeglasses he doesn’t even need, just to avoid me.”

Hannibal suppresses a laugh. It doesn’t do to cause unnecessary pain. “Eye contact is valued as important,” Hannibal says. “It demonstrates trust, respect, and above all honestly. Perhaps, if you truly believe that this man does not need eyeglasses, then you should remove their obstruction from the equation.”

“What, just take them?”

“I said trust, Jack. I would suggest that you carefully and politely request him to remove them. It will allow him the choice to engage with you on his own terms, and even the illusion of a little power may make him more agreeable to listening to your pitch.”

“I’m not an elevator salesman!”

“If this man is as truly determined to avoid you as he has been,” Hannibal counters, “you may need to make a short a pitch as an elevator man.”

Jack hangs up.

Hannibal carries on with his day.

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