jack copeland

Q28. Do you think Diane slept with Jack?

79 out of 83 respondents answered this question.

Number of votes:

No - 24 votes (30,38%)
Yes - 16 votes (20,25%)
I don’t know - 16 votes (20,25%)
Maybe - 13 votes (16,46%)

Other - 10 answers (12,66%)

- I hope she didn’t, but she probably did
- Of course she did. She slept with Stern, too. She’s just a woman. :P
- Probably but I don’t want to think so :P
- Hell no!
- Honestly I didn’t give it a thought and do not particularly care.
- I forgot Jack existed.
- I think it’s one of those things that the creators just want to forever be a mystery.
- Let’s just say, I hope she didn’t.
- I hope she had great sex and forgot about him
- She could sleep with me