jack chen


“Diddy Bop” by [NoName] | Choreography by Ian Eastwood

ft. The Young Lions

Footwork Choreography : Pause Eddie & Lil Bit

Dancers : Monyett Crump, Jack Chen, Jason Kim, Jason Turner, Pause Eddie, Irfan Qurashi, Hugh Aparente, Domino Johnson, Shannon Kelly, Donetta “Lil Bit” Jackson, Dakota Montavnon, Cole Nordbrock, AJ Juarez

I’m latching on to you♡ ; a shawn mendes fanmix

i. wake me up - ed sheeran // ii. sweater weather - the neighbourhood // iii. best friend - jason chen // iv. latch - kodaline // v. kiss me - jason wallker // vi. hold on ‘till may - pierce the veil // vii. little things - one direction // viii. one life - justin bieber // ix. let her go - passenger // x. i want u bad - r5


Reassurance of being together- OT12 Scenario

My friend sparkling-estrella wrote this. She’s so amazing at writing and I hope you all like it :)

As you board your plane to Seoul from Prague, a sense of worry washed over you. Despite seeing Kris well and fine there was still a little bit of worry for the boys that’s in Korea. A few weeks ago, Kris’ mom called you over to Prague so you could accompany her in visiting Kris at his filming site. You hesitated yourself, if you are seen in Prague by the fans then it would create a whole new drama. Not only that, the boys would also be informed about it seeing you didn’t tell them about the phone call you received from his mom.

When you first saw Kris after the lawsuit happened, there was a boiling anger in you. Not because of his departure but because you didn’t know if he’s doing okay or if he’s eating well or if his health was fine. You, after-all were one of the few people who knows about his sickness. But when you saw him all healthy and laughing, you just suddenly started crying and you hated him for that. You promised yourself that you will not shed a single tear in front of him. His mom, comforted you like the second mother that she is.

You received a call from Jongin that night expecting an ear-blowing scolding but instead, a series of questions were asked. The very same questions that you wanted answers to.

Seoul, became your 3rd home without you even knowing it. After several trips to Seoul from Canada, your parents pointed out how much time you’ve been spending in Korea and to be completely honest, that’s where you realized how special Korea has become to you. When you met the boys, your knowledge about the K-pop community only consists of Wonder Girls singing nobody. You remembered how often that song played in your radio that it eventually became annoying. So when they asked you if you know who EXO is, you bluntly said no. You haven’t thought that, that certain group would someday be the reason why you’ve been going to Korea all this time.

‘Last door to the right ‘One of their managers whispered as she ushered me down the hall. Before going inside, she told you that the atmosphere wouldn’t be the same and you didn’t know what she meant up until you saw it yourself.

The usually noisy and energized room’s atmosphere turned in to a library like aura. The members are scattered around the studio, doing their own thing. It wasn’t like this then, Baekhyun and Chanyeol would be whining if it’s this quiet. Chen would be looking for something to do while Sehun would be talking to Kai. They we’re to absorb in their own worlds.

‘ ______-ah ‘As you turn my head to the right, Luhan was standing there holding his phone as he walks towards you. They slowly noticed you then, when Luhan was hugging you tightly. Tao and Sehun quickly got up from laying down and rushed over. Kai came shortly after while the others just stared at you like I’m a stranger.
After all those hugging, they told you they were just having a rest after rehearsing for the upcoming SMtown concert. Although, they started talking you can feel the tension and the fakeness of it. They couldn’t even look at each other properly.

You sat by Baekhyun, who was usually loud. By now, he should be asking you why you didn’t bring anything from home or why you didn’t tell them about your trip to Prague. But there’s nothing, not even a hug or a simple smile. It’s like, it was all drained out by that one scandal. His headphones were on but you know the music wasn’t playing. He only plays it when they’re around crowds of fans or when they’re waiting to perform. You know him better.

‘ Oppa , aren’t you going to ask me how my trip was? Or how long I’m going to stay here? Or how I got in or something? ‘You asked him directly though you know everyone’s listening.

No response.

‘Baekhyun-ah, is he doing okay? Are they eating well? Do you think they’d forgive me? Is Chanyeol taking care of himself? Are they overworking? Are they eating breakfast every day? Do you think they could forgive me? ‘You recited every question Kris asked when you were with him. Though there are still more, these are the most important ones. Baekhyun flinched while someone stopped the music that was playing on the background.

‘ You Oppa’s are horrible liars. I can see through all of you. Don’t tell me you’re okay because you’re not. Your mouths have been telling nothing but lies. Do you think they believe you? No. Your fans know you better than that. Your eyes have been telling the truth all along. So please, stop lying. Stop. ‘Then again, your eyes have betrayed you for the 2nd time around.

Baekhyun turned when you started sobbing and immediately wiped your tears away. Xiumin quickly grabbed tissues for you while the others gathered around to comfort you.

‘Why are you crying? Why are you crying for us ______-ah? ‘Joonmyun asked sincerely patting your back.
‘I’m crying for you because you’ve been so strong for so long, I’m crying for Baekhyun Oppa because of what’s happening around him, I’m crying for Tao Oppa who can’t cry enough in front of the fans. I’m crying for Chanyeol Oppa whose happiness’ beginning to fade. I’m crying for all of you because you just all won’t back down. You’ve all been strong for so long. Please take a rest. ‘As your tears started to fade, it was Sehun’s time to cry.

‘He wanted you to listen to this ‘You said between sniffles and tears. You managed to stand up and plugged your phone to the audio jack.
‘What’s this? ‘Chen asked curiously
‘just listen to it ‘ You smiled weakly as they sat together on the leather sofa. You pressed play and slowly walked out the room.

Leaning on the door while listening to it, someone started sniffling. Their managers rushed over when they heard the crying and you stopped them just before they open it.

‘Ahjusshi, ahjumma I think they all need to be alone ‘I told them in a hushed voice. They looked at you with confused faces as you promise to tell them the story in which they agreed to do.

‘Is it recording? ‘Kris asked after you played the record button.

You gave him a thumbs up as he sighs heavily.

‘You’ve all been working hard. I can see that clearly. But please don’t overwork yourself. Eat your breakfast every day, listen to the management and rise to the top. I’m always going to be EXO’s fan until the very end. I’m sorry for letting go and I’m sorry for giving you all a hard time. I don’t expect you to forgive me nor do I expect a warm welcome when we see each other again. But remember, I love you all. EXO saranghaja ! ‘He signalled you to stop the recording.

You pretended to stop it.

‘Oppa, you did well ‘you told him as you gave him a box if tissue.

‘Sehun-ah, make sure he’s okay, he’s the maknae after-all. Kai and Lay, tell them to watch out for their injuries. Tao, tell him not to be so reckless. Chanyeol and Chen, I won’t be there to watch over them anymore please tell them to watch over themselves. Hanhan, Minseok and Joonmyun…. Tell them I’m sorry. I don’t think they’ll ever forgive me from what I’ve done. But please tell them, I’m sorry. Kyungsoo-ah tell him he did a good job that I’ll be supporting his drama and Baekhyun that kid. Tell him to be strong and to hold on and that everything will be okay. This is the least I could for them ‘he whispered between sobs

‘Will do Oppa. I’m sure your message will be received ‘

‘ _____________-ahhhhhh !!!! ‘A series of name calling caught your attention. The managers just left after telling the story.
When you turned around, 11 boys were running towards you. Though Luhan, Suho, Lay and Xiumin were behind chuckling and grinning. Comfortably talking to each other unlike what you saw earlier. The aura was comfortable and welcoming.

Baekhyun reached you first, tackling you to a hug that almost made you fall down. He’s square shaped smile was showing and his eyes are smiling though you could see the trace of tears. His smile was real.

‘Thank you ____-ah’ he whispered a millisecond before everyone enveloped you into a hug.

You fell on the ground with a smile as they help you up with smiling faces.

‘Suho-hyung said he’ll be treating us to chicken later ‘Luhan beamed and almost immediately, they tackled Suho too as Luhan and Sehun helped you up.

Sehun ruffled your hair after and ran after the boys with Suho. Luhan walked with you back to the studio.

Then he leaned, close to your ears and whispered

‘ Tell him, he’s an idiot’ and you laughed

‘ YA ! Lu ge ! get away from ______ ! ‘ Lay teased as he ran towards the studio making Luhan and you laugh.

As you unplugged my phone back you were about to text Kris when you saw a message the boys seemed to have sent.

EXO 12 pabo

You smiled.

As you look around, you smiled and thought: they’re all idiots. Indeed.