jack chams


Arizona Law 25/08/12 Jack Chams, Plymouth.

Arizona Law are as cool as their name, honestly. The front cover of their new EP ’Ballard of a Deadman’ is even cooler, and Jack Chams odd stage set up is also cool, creating one very cool evening in Plymouth.

This evening the band release their three track EP on Medical Records for just £3 a pop and they treat fans, friends and family to live versions.

The EP title track goes down a storm, Jack Chams has too many tables to accommodate a mosh pit, but you get the feeling that the audience kind of wants to and like the Kaiser Chiefs- I predict a riot (at future shows). Their music offers a surprise for the average Joe walking in off the street, heavy rock, with the speed and vocal attitude of Punk, this is a genre not so often experienced in Plymouth. More often than not its a case of metal, screamers and hair windmills. Its great to hear some bonafide Punk for once, and how Arizona Law are doing it is spot on.

Imogen Bird