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Current Fave Songs Playlist

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1. for him. - troye sivan 

2. somebody else - the 1975

3. iT’s YoU - zayn malik 

4. surprise yourself - jack garratt

5. the cure - lipstick gypsy

6. work from home - fifth harmony

7. mark my words - justin bieber 

8. fools - troye sivan 

9. without you - oh wonder

10. magnets - disclosure ft lorde

11. good to love - fka twigs

12. sorry not sorry - bryson tiller

13. crooked smile - j.cole

14. scars to your beautiful - alessia cara

15. alive - sia 

16. pch - jaden smith ft willow smith 

17. i need u - bts 

18. overdose - exo

My Prince (requested)

@alisonmegrath : “Coachella and vans- Skate”


“It’s so hot,” I say finishing off a water bottle. My boyfriend, Nate and I are at Coachella because the Jacks are opening for Bryson Tiller. We have been in the desert for a few days now and have been having so much fun. The boys go on in an hour or so. 

“Let’s go on a quick adventure. Swazz will save our seats, right?” Nate nudges his best friend and roommate. He rolls his eyes. 

“Sure thing, love birds” He sighs. “This better not be like last time where you disappear to go fuck” he grumbles. That happened while we were waiting in line at a movie premier a few months ago. 

“No promises” I smirk and Nate sweeps me into his arms and then onto his back. 

“Come on little Mama” I laugh and we head out to find some shade. He runs so fast one of my vans falls off. He stops. 

“My shoe!” I laugh and he grins and grabs it in his hand. We stop under a big tree and he sets me down. 

“Here you go Cinderella” He slips the shoe back on my foot and I giggle.

“My prince!” I wrap my arms around him and he kisses me before returning me to his back. Life, since I started dating Nate, hasn’t been boring. 


here waiting (do you see me?)

There was so much going on at once that Jensen’s emotions and thoughts were all so split up. She was thinking about Bryson and how he’d run into Danielle. She wondered how Danielle was dealing with this, knowing that Bryson doesn’t remember her. She was thinking about Jack and Jennifer. She was concerned about Jack, but she figured he was getting his memories back. She was worried about Jennifer who was being such a worrywart over Jack, but because no one else knew how close they really were, Bryson and the other pirates were sort of wary about Jennifer being there. It made sense for Jensen to be there because of her relationship with Bryson, but she also had been with the crew for days now. (And she did save their lives once.) 

Jensen was sitting in one of the chairs in Jack’s hospital room, looking weary. Jennifer was sitting next to her, the two talking quietly and catching up while another member of the crew was waiting in there as well with Jack while Bryson was in the cafeteria.