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HIT LIST: Liberals have vowed to kill 30 GOP congressmembers in just the last 7 weeks

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Liberal terrorism is growing out of control.

The Washington Free Beacon notes that Democrats in the anti-Trump “Resistance” movement have threatened to assassinate, physically assaulted — and even shot — 30 Republican members of Congress in just the last seven weeks.

That’s nearly one assassination threat or attempt every day.

According to the Beacon, it breaks down as follows.

May 8: Rep. David Kustoff (TN) is run off the road by Democrat Wendi Wright, who “began to scream and strike the windows on Kustoff’s car and even reached inside the vehicle.”  She was arrested and faces assault charges.  Democrats nationwide call her a “hero” and are raising funds for her legal defense.

May 9: Rep. Tom Garrett (VA) had to post armed security at a town hall meeting after Democrats threatened to assassinate him, his wife and even his children. “This is how we’re going to kill your wife,” Democrats said in threats Capitol police “deemed to be credible and real.”

May 12:Rep. Kevin Cramer (ND) is grabbed around the neck by a crazed Democrat at a town hall meeting.

May 12: The FBI arrests a government elementary school employee after he calls the office Rep. Martha McSally (AZ) to explain how he planned to assassinate her.

May 21: Rep. Ted Yoho (FL) has his office vandalized by crazed Democrats. Another Democrat calls the office to leave a taped threat to find and assault him.

June 14: A Democrat attempts to kill multiple Republican members of Congress practicing for a charity baseball game, but only after checking to make sure they were Republicans.  Rep. Steve Scalise (FL) is shot through the hips and nearly dies.

Along with Scalise, Sens. Rand Paul (KY) and Jeff Flake (AZ), and Reps. Kevin Brady (TX), Jack Bergman (MI), Mike Bishop (MI), Mike Conaway (TX), Roger Williams (TX), John Moolenaar (MI), Gary Palmer (AL), Chuck Fleischmann (TN), Ron DeSantis (FL), Barry Loudermilk (GA), Mark Walker (NC), Steve Pearce (NM), Brad Wenstrup (OH), Rodney Davis (IL), Jeff Duncan (SC), Trent Kelly (MS), Mo Brooks (AL), and Joe Barton (TX) were on the field when the Democrat sprayed fired 50-100 shots at them.

June 14: Rep. Claudia Tenney (NY) received an email from a Democrat celebrating the mass assassination attempt, and then threatening to kill her, declaring “One down, 216 to go.”

June 17: Rep. Ann Wagner (MO) revealed she received five death threats in the weeks leading up to the Scalise shooting, the Beacon reports. Democrats had been “vandalizing my home, showing up with masks and gravestones, and laying down on my driveway and drawing chalk outlines of dead bodies. Picketing my church at 8 and 10 o’clock Mass,” Wagner said

June 22: Rep. Steve Stivers (OH) is the target of an assassination threat, which also included his wife and children.  The FBI arrests an Ohio Democrat, whom authorities call “a significant danger to the community.”

Liberalism has a domestic terrorism problem, and with the release of the Senate GOP health care bill, Democrats have stepped up their campaign of assassination threats.

Two things separated Watanabe from other notorious war criminals.
One was the emphasis that he placed on emotional torture. Even by the standards of his honor-conscious culture, he was unusually consumed by his perceived humiliation [of being transferred to POW guard duty], and was intent upon inflicting the same pain on the men under his power.
Where men like the Quack were simply goons, Watanabe combined beatings with acts meant to batter men’s psyches. He forced men to bow at pumpkins or trees for hours. He ordered a clergyman POW to stand all night saluting a flagpole, shouting the Japanese word for “salute,” keirei; the experience left the man weeping and out of his mind. He confiscated and destroyed POWs’ family photographs, and brought men to his office to show them letters from home, then burned the unopened letters in front of them. To ensure that men felt utterly helpless, he changed the manner in which he demanded to be addressed each day, beating anyone who guessed wrong. He ordered men to violate camp policies, then attacked them for breaking the rules.
POW Jack Brady summed him up in one sentence. “He was absolutely the most sadistic man I ever met.”
The other attribute that separated Watanabe from fellow guards was his inconsistency. Most of the time, he was the wrathful god of Omori. But after beatings, he sometimes returned to apologize, often in tears. These fits of contrition usually lasted only moments before the shrieking and punching began again. He would spin from serenity to raving madness in the blink of an eye, usually for no reason. One POW recalled seeing him gently praise a POW, fly into a rage and beat the POW unconscious, then amble to his office and eat his lunch with the placidity of a grazing cow.
—  Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand