jack boots

Dress for Success. 

Glasses: Felix Gray
Shirt: H&M
Chinos: American Eagle
Shoes: Jack Threads
Phone Case: Loopy Cases
Face: Mama and Papa Rhodes 

Gabe: …why did I ever let Jesse wear those boots

Jack: …

Jack: …are you serious right now

Gabe: why are you giving me that look

Jack: gee, Gabriel “My combat boots have weighted heels” Reyes, I don’t know

Jack: where in the WORLD did our son pick up the idea of combat heeled cowboy boots?

Gabe: …

Jack: …

Gabe: …Bayonetta?

Jack: no, that was where Genji got his ankle knives from.

Gabe: listen

Gabe: …the extra weight helps with the recoil of the shotguns

Jack: right

Jack: it’s definitely NOT because it makes your thighs and ass look better

Gabe: …

Gabe: wait, do they?

Jack: …

Gabe: …

Jack: so um, I have this meeting to go to -

Gabe: you’re gonna be about…fifteen minutes late. I would let them know.

Jack: …yes sir, Commander Reyes.

Writing Headcanons

@nonstop-laurens and I created some wonderful Newsies writing headcanons cause we literally had nothing else to do.

  • Davey’s is really straight and neat
  • Skittery’s is incredibly messy and scratchy cause he doesn’t give a shit
  • Jack’s is neat enough to where you can read it but can be so messy that it doesn’t look like english
  • Race’s is neat most of the time
  • Dutchy is dyslexic so he doesn’t write much but when he does he tries super hard so it’s shaky
  • Specs is as blind as a bat so his letters are scrawled and over all really bad
  • Blink has really nice cursive and all the boys make fun of him for it cause its “girly”
  • But everyone is secretly really jealous
  • Especially David cause he actually went to school
  • Bumlets misspells nearly everything because Spanish is his first language
  • Everyone lets it slide
  • Itey has weirdly cool slanty handwriting but it’s super neat
  • Mush connects all the letters if possible
  • Crutchie has tried to write but failed
  • Spot writes in all caps
  • Everyone has given up on him
  • Snitch hardly puts any space between his words so it looks like one giant word
  • It pisses everyone off
  • Pie can’t even finish sentences because he gets easily distracted by food
  • Boots is in the same boat with Crutchie
  • Tumbler doesn’t even try
  • Swifty writes so fast you can’t even read it
  • Snoddy writes small
  • Like really small
  • And Kloppman can’t read it and gets annoyed
  • Itey has to help him
  • Les had the stereotypical messy 10 year old writing
  • Sniper’s is super bad and half of the letters are merged together
  • He also makes up words so it makes zero sense

Feel free to add on!