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New All Time Low Setlist
  • Kicking & Screaming
  • Cinderblock Garden (acoustic)
  • Rian talking for 2 hours
  • Lost In Stereo (Cobra Starship Suave Suarez Remix)
  • merrikat
  • *cough* Painting Flowers *cough*
  • Jack singing Karma Chameleon x5
  • Alex dyeing his hair back to brown
  • I Feel Like Dancin’
  • Missing You (feat. Tyler Joseph on ukulele)
  • Put Up Or Shut Up
  • Zack bass soloing for 5 hours
  • Remembering Sunday (feat. Halsey)
  • merrikat
  • Old Scars / Future Hearts
  • Old Scars / Future Hearts
  • Old Scars / Future Hearts


As something special, I decided to make a preview of a project that I have been working on for some time. My sister and I have been making kids for some of the couples of Fairy Tail.

first picture(left to right) Ellabelle, Wisp, Gorget, Cobalt, Ur, Keeler, Hope, Belson, Forest, Jack, Tarot, Dandelion, Cattail, Foxglove (fox underneath the table, she learned transformation magic)

Some things we thought of so far:


  • Lucy wrote books about her adventures in Fairy Tail and all the kids love to read it. Sometimes Makorov will read the books to the kids if he isn’t too tired,


  • Juvia had a hard time conceiving kids so that’s why they don’t have 31 babies running around
  • Juvia tried to make their kids look like mini clones of their parents but then their son Cobalt decided that they needed haircuts and butchered their hair (They were immediately taken to Cancer to salvage it)
  • When Juvia was pregnant with her baby girl, she was forced to turn her body along with the baby into water. This gave Baby Ur the innate ability of using water magic rather than being taught.
  • Only magic users can touch people with water body so Cobalt couldn’t touch his sister until his magic awakened.


  • Since Jellal is a fugitive, their marriage isn’t official
  • A relative of someone trapped in the tower of heaven tried to hurt their daughter. Traumatized by the event, Jellal left without telling anyone. Erza immediately hunted him down (fueled by the hormones of her second pregnancy that wasn’t planned) and forced him to stop punishing himself.
  • Their second son has the last name scarlet to try hide who his father is
  • Jellal hangs out with his kids as Mystogun in public.


  • They are one big rowdy family that likes to pick fights a lot
  • All the kids was wearing down Pantherlily so Gajeel decided to find a new exceed for the kids.
  • Gajeel was devastated that his kids didn’t learn dragon magic (It’s extremely differcult learning dragon magic without a dragon)


  • The thunder legion takes a very hands on approach towards raising Laxus’s kids.
  • Laxus became the next guild master and his little girl uses that for her advantage whenever she can