jack be nimble

The Sins of the Father.

ack was nimble, Jack was quick. But Jack didn’t realize that the floor was so slick.

Jack’s right leg went one way, His left went another; As he slipped and he slid In the blood of his mother.

He screamed and he cried, as kids tend to do; But scrambled up quickly as the shadow behind grew.

Jack jumped to his feet. He ran for the door. But was snagged by his shirttail, then Jack fought no more.

Jack’s father was crying as Jack’s eyes grew wide; he squeezed and he squeezed ‘til the light in Jack died.

'I tried telling you, honey’, the man said with a grin, 'I won’t let you leave me, divorce is a sin.’

As the cops cuffed him tightly, he lamented his loss; and as they led him away he was still clutching his cross.


Colder Volume 2 The Bad (2015)  // Dark Horse

Declan Thomas is a former inmate of an insane asylum that was destroyed by fire. He has the strange ability to step inside a person’s madness. Sometimes he can cure it. One day, he hopes to cure his own. Life goes on for Declan Thomas after his deadly encounter with the psychotic Nimble Jack, but Declan’s strange powers continue to develop, offering him a profound connection with the nature of insanity. Little does he know that the malevolent Swivel wishes to pick up where Nimble Jack left off!

Story: Paul Tobin, art: Juan Ferreyra

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nursery rhyme asks
  • baa baa black sheep: are there any materials you don't wear?
  • eeny meeny miny moe: how do you make important decisions?
  • hickory dickory dock: do you have a good sense of time?
  • hot cross buns: what's your favorite food to cook?
  • humpty dumpty: do you think people are ever emotionally irreparable?
  • i'm a little teapot: what object would best represent you?
  • it's raining it's pouring: what weather is your favorite?
  • itsy bitsy spider: how do you treat bugs you find indoors?
  • jack and jill: do you try to avoid doing anything dangerous?
  • jack be nimble: are you clumsy or graceful?
  • little miss muffet: how do you react to finding spiders?
  • london bridge is falling down: are you concerned about natural disasters?
  • mary had a little lamb: do you tend to follow or lead others?
  • old mcdonald had a farm: what song annoys you most?
  • one for sorrow: what's your favorite kind of bird?
  • pat-a-cake: do you like playing with children?
  • pop goes the weasel: if you receive a present you don't like, how hard do you try to seem happy?
  • queen of hearts: do you mind sharing food?
  • rain rain go away: what's your favorite indoor activity?
  • ring around the rosie: do you like history?
  • rock-a-bye baby: how many children do you want?
  • roses are red: what am i to you?
  • row your boat: describe the last dream you had
  • star light star bright: what was the last wish you made?
  • sticks and stones: how important is others' approval to you?
  • muffin man: what's your favorite ingredient?
  • old woman who lived in a shoe: where do you want to live?
  • wheels on the bus: do you enjoy school?
  • this little piggy: do you think humans are better than other animals?
  • three blind mice: what's your eyesight like?
  • twinkle twinkle little star: make a wish
Jack be Nimble


He’s quick about it. It hardly feels like an time at all, and he’s fighting against every single instinct that’s telling him to run, get out of dodge, and ignore Spades’ pleas (he hates calling them pleas in his mind, they make Spades sound so vulnerable) for him to come back.

But Spades is boss and leader and partner and all those other things that Spades doesn’t like to talk about, so when Sades asks him to come back, Droog does. Because Droog is the best second anyone can have. The most loyal right hand man. The best revolutionary planner, the best long-shot, the best, the best, the best.. He ends up walking into the hideout feeling ashamed and defeated, the walls are judging him. He walks to Spades’ room, and knocks.

“Hey. I’m here.”


Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
Jack needs to stop jumping over 

idk just a silly idea i had in my head for a while
honestly really considering making a blog dedicated to comics for Jack
like, “Jacksepicomics” or something idfk
this was fun and i think my art style is decently good enough for it
I DUNNO im indecisive

His cuts now neatly cleaned and bandaged, Crane is own a mission. A mission to find a way to make his toxin even more potent, he does not need to make much, no… there is only one intended target for this new formula, and that man will scream and scream and scream until he can no more. he will strip him of his voice and gradually break the man down until he is NOTHING. Then maybe he will grant the man release. Maybe he will allow the man to die.

Crane can be found in his lab, amongst piles of books. Herbology, Toxicology, even basic chemistry books.