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So, when I met All Time Low in NYC, they could only sign one item. Originally, I wanted them to sign my tattoo (which has the lyrics from their song ‘Outlines’) but last second I decided to put my phone on “record” and have them sign the back of it so our whole conversation is recorded! After showing them my tattoo, Jack held my hand and sang, “I’m just a moment so don’t let me pass you by..” best.day.ever. (excuse my awkward laughing, I was pretty much shaking)

So I was watching the APMAS the other night, right? And my mom sees Ash Costello of New Year’s Day on the red carpet. She’s quiet for a minute, and then she tells me how stupid her hair is.

Then when Jack and Alex come out to host, she sees their hair. She then tells me that Alex’s hair doesn’t look good, or it’s ridiculous. She also tells me Jack’s hair looks dumb too… that it looks like a skunk (but little does she know the fandom literally calls his hair skunk hair).

Then when Haley Williams went up to accept her award, she saw her hair and told me it was stupid.

Like, seriously mom? Can you just shut the fuck up about other people’s hair for one fucking minute?

My mom grew up in the era where it was okay to hate and discriminate against gays because they’re gay. And she’s one of those people that despises unnaturally colored hair and tattoos. She thinks it’s ridiculous and she literally can’t keep her fucking mouth shut. If she sees anything on her Facebook about tattoos and colored hair, she will make a fucking scene. She did it with my cousin, who is a mother with colored hair, tattoos, and just recently came out as lesbian. My mom kept telling her how she was unfit to be a parent because of her sexuality and the color of her hair and the fact that she has tattoos.

I’m extremely embarrassed by my mother, because I avidly support homosexuality, colored hair, and tattoos. I think tattoos look fuckin rockin. And to add colored hair I to the mix, like holy shit. You look fuckin cool, yo.

But no, my mom has to take matters into her own hands and tells me I’m not allowed to get tattoos. Ever. I’m not allowed to dye my hair a different color, even if it’s a natural color. And I’m pretty sure she’d be disappointed in me if I was anything but straight.

And to add to the mix, she also doesn’t like piercings. The only piercing she likes is the piercing I have, which is one hole in the ears.

Sorry for complaining about my mom. I literally have been dying to tell someone about her.

Okay so I’ve made a completely new blog w/o all my stupid bs, and I’ll post art and tattoos I’ve done and stuff from adventures etc as well as reblogging to my hearts content I have literally no one to follow so yeah, I’m going to be following back for a while :)

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