jack ballard

Olake was perfection tonight

If anybody ever asks me to sum up why I love Olivia and Jake together I’m showing them this episode. 

There are very, very, very few times that Olivia allows herself to be vulnerable and to express fears that she has about herself or the direction her life is headed but she did that tonight with Jake, and he let her. That’s a major thing because Olivia rarely is allowed to express how SHE feels about a given situation without it becoming about someone else. She NEVER gets to do that with Fitz because he has proven time and time again that what he wants and what he feels is the most important thing. Period. The only time Olivia’s feelings are important is when they directly line up with what he wants. 

I loved that Jake was just there for her. He didn’t make her feel bad for going to Fitz so soon and he didn’t try and coerce her into coming back to him. He didn’t wait until she was at her most vulnerable and try to take advantage of her. He let her make the rules and pick the boundaries and he followed accordingly. He loves and respects her and his actions match that. If the situation were reversed how long would it have taken Fitz to turn on the sad face and start demanding to know why she went back to Jake? How long would it have taken him to crowd her personal space and make sexual advances on her? We would have never gotten the chance to hear what Olivia was thinking because her pants would have been off by then. 

Olivia may be stuck in la la land when it comes to her supposed love for Fitz but I have no doubt that shit is going to get old real quick. When the dust settles and Fitz and Olivia are finally allowed to just be I have a feeling the shine of Olitz will get dull real quick. 

At the end of the day the party line may be the Olitz is the root-worthy couple but they aren’t being written that way, Jake and Olivia are.