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Spanish agency, Bungalow 25, created a cause marketing campaign that turned the city of Madrid into a huge advertising medium. In Spain more than 700 people lose their lives to melanoma, therefore the purpose of this campaign was educate people on the danger of skin cancer and this fast growing statistic. The idea: Bungalow 25 created over 700 ice sculptures and placed them around the Madrid. Slowly the ice sculptures began to melt and fade away - symbolizing how the sun can take a human life away! Powerful stuff. 

What were we...

When ROSE was just a flower,
TEN was just a number
and RUN just a verb?

When MAGIC was just a card trick,
BLACK was just a colour
POTTER just a profession?

When DREADLOCKS were just a hairstyle,
the BLACKPEARL just an old story
and CURSES just superstition?

When RINGS were just jewelery,
a JOURNEY was just a trip
and a FELLOWSHIP was just for social intercourse?

When DELOREAN was just a car brand,
the FUTURE was just a tense
and JOHNNY B. GOODE just a song?

When ALIENS were just illusions,
WARP SPEED was just a theory
and ENTERPRISE just a business?

When CAPTAIN was just a title,
GREEN was just a colour
and ASSEMBLE just meant to come together?