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There’s a local chain restaurant, Jack Astor’s, that me and my family like to go to. They have bizarre décoré, and I recently discovered that they have all these Elvis busts painted and dressed as famous people and characters, and one of them is Frank N Furter!

love songs for the signs + lyrics

aries: hourglass // catfish and the bottlemen “and i’m so impatient when you’re not mine / i just wanna catch up on all the lost times / and i’ll say i’m sorry if i sound sordid / ‘cause all i really ever want is you”

taurus: video games // lana del rey “they say that the world was built for two / only worth living if somebody is loving you / baby, now you do”

gemini: toothpaste kisses // the maccabees “lay with me, i’ll lay with you / we’ll do the things that lovers do / put the stars in our eyes / and with heart shaped bruises / and late night kisses divine”

cancer: can’t help falling in love // elvis presley “take my hand / take my whole life too / for i can’t help falling in love with you”

leo: if // red hot chilli peppers “and if i saw the sun fall down / i’d pick it up and make a crown / one that was a perfect fit for you”

virgo: better together // jack johnson “but there is not enough time / and there is no song i could sing / and there is no combination of words i could say / but i will still tell you one thing / we’re better together”

libra: thinking out loud // ed sheeran “so baby now / take me into your loving arms / kiss me under the light of a thousand stars / place your head on my beating heart”

scorpio: only love // ben howard “darling, i feel you under my body / darling, you’re with me forever and always / give me shelter or show me heart / and watch me fall apart” 

sagittarius: first day of my life // bright eyes “yours is the first face that i saw / i think i was blind before i met you / now i don’t know where i am / i don’t know where i’ve been / but i know where i want to go”

capricorn: re:stacks // bon iver “this is not the sound of a new man or crispy realisation / it’s the sound of the unlocking and lift away / your love will be / safe with me”

aquarius: could it be another change // the samples “the only time i feel good sinking / is when i’m sinking fast and deep for you”

pisces: your song // elton john “i hope you don’t mind / i hope you don’t mind that i put down in words / how wonderful life is while you’re in the world”

Picture This

So the whole point of the Pirates movies is Captain Jack Sparrow is trying to find a way to become immortal. What if the last movie in the franchise ends with him achieving that somehow. Then the movie goes to a montage of Captain Jack dancing through history doing all sorts of shenanigans. He keeps creating new identities and showing up in different settings. We see Jack with bootleggers, with Elvis, pitching the Pirates ride to Walt Disney, maybe he has a beer with Wil Turner and the Beatles, anti war protests, all over the place and then the movie ends. Then the end credit scene opens at a film studio. Young hopefuls are standing in line for some sort of audition. We see captain Jack in the line. When it’s his turn he walks in and sits in front of the casting people and introduces himself as Johnny Depp. The casting director tells him he’ll be reading for the part of Jack Sparrow when he interrupts her with a, “I think there’s supposed to be a ‘captain’ in there love” and then the movie cuts to black.

Kevin Cage of @spotlightsaga reviews…
Claws (S01E02) Funerary
Airdate: June 18, 2017
Ratings: 1.200 Million :: 0.42 18-49 Demo Share
Score: 6.5/10

**********SPOILERS BELOW**********

Murder 101… Never kill somebody then run off to your happy place, especially if that happy place is out of town. This might/WILL arise suspicion… And when the police are the least of you worries and you have Everglades Gangster White Swamp Trash, with full on parades of ‘Hoes on Wheels’ to account for, then it’s 'slow and steady’ wins the race. Just think, 'Woosah, Woosah,’ and be one with the turtle. Virginia (Karrueche Tran) got it bad man. One second she’s gunning a man down and asking to be a 'part of the group’. The next she’s flipping out, nowhere to be found. Tell me, Virginia, what about that group you so desperately wanted to be a part of? What’s unique about the whole situation is that we’re only on S01E02 and I already feel like this is typical Virginia… Proving it’s not about what you know about a character, facts, or anything of that nature… It’s how that character presents themselves on screen and connects with the audience.

Desna Simms (Niecy Nash) is a straight G. She might not necessarily be making all the right moves or even concentrating on all the right areas, but she presents us with a clear and present natural ability to spring into action. Whether it was an attempted drowning at the end of E1 when she was *almost* the person that took Roller’s life, to immediately coming up with a plan to dispose of the body (that uncovering of the second body on the boat was so unexpected, I about made 3 dead people I was laughing so hard), to going on the run to chase Virginia down and drag her scary ass back… Desna has proved she can almost handle just about anything that’s thrown at her… ALMOST!

Unfortunately, at this point, Desna’s downfall isn’t that she can’t handle what’s thrown at her, it’s that she tries to take on too much. Just like we have a great sense of who Virginia is with just the small amount of screen time that she’s had available to get her persona across, Desna had quadruple that time and we know her even better. This cast is lit… And while they might not be reinventing any genre, they are giving us one helluva summer show. If the rest of these women that work with Desna have proved anything in the amount of screen time that they’ve had to show us exactly who they are, it’s that they are as thick as thieves… Sisters with a bond that can’t be broken. Actually sitting these women down and telling them the truth of what went down won’t be any easy task for Desna, but in the end this is going to turn into a conman, or in this case…a conwoman’s game. Think in the key of Amazon Video’s 'Sneaky Pete’, hopefully without any prison sentences or stolen identities. In the spirit of not posting any cross spoilers (because 'Sneaky Pete’ is a great show and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should jump on Amazon and watch it), Pete couldn’t do all that he had to do without a little bit of help from the people he counted on the most and Desna will soon find out that if she doesn’t let her girls in on what’s really going on, she’s going to drown in the insanity.

The women tried their best to keep the show running as it would at the salon without Desna, but it’s obviously true that Des is the glue that holds everything together. These women are all strong, but Desna is their fearless leader, no doubt. I love that Desna’s character is presented with a traditional weight, holding her down but also propelling her to push forward, with her special needs brother, Dean (Harold Perrineau). It’s a bit of a well worn tv trope, but it really does feel like it’s presented in a new way and I think that’s a good overall metaphor for the show at large as well. 'Claws’ feels familiar, but it also feels fresh. And to those that are feeling the show so far, E2 saw a nice little 10% uptick in overall viewers. Keep in mind the show’s ratings will definitely vary, as all do in an up and down fashion, but small upticks and and variances (whether up or down) are always a good sign.

I’ve heard a lot of people assuming that the show has been renewed and that’s simply not true. 'Claws’ hasn’t been renewed for S2 until TNT makes that official announcement. As I’ve said before, TNT is looking for a younger audience and while they aren’t getting the big numbers they did with previous series like 'Rizzoli & Isles’, they are getting younger numbers… And what do younger numbers lead to?! Better streaming deals! 'Claws’ is a summer show, so the ratings won’t be massive anyway, but they are right about where 'Animal Kingdom’ was last year before they got that S2 renewal. Reps from TNT have filed paperwork to film in Louisiana again if they do choose to create a 2nd season, so while it looks good… Trust me, it’s never a done deal until IT IS! Tax write offs can be had from moves like that, especially in the realm of television, so my advice is don’t get comfortable. If you like 'Claws’, make some noise, keep watching, keep posting, tweeting, and talking about the show. As far as summer shows go, I’m only at E3 and I’m already really digging this series, I want to see it succeed! And can I get a Amen that Niecy Nash is no longer on FOX’s travesty 'Scream Queens’ and actually on a show where she can show off her range and natural abilities?!

'Claws’ is presenting itself as a 'Florida Noir’ type thriller, so expect twists and turns and exciting jolts in the core narrative that seemingly come from nowhere. My eyebrow is already raised due to the fact that the police only found one body on that boat, and we all clearly saw that it was two! Desna was quick to dismiss the notion that any foul play was involved, and offered up the 'gator bait’ explanation… But I don’t know guys, Desna was in a state of shock and react… And Roller (Jack Kesy) seems like a pretty important character. I’ve got a feeling that either he or that mystery body that was on the boat is very much alive and will have one helluva story to tell if they make it out of The Everglades alive… If that ends up being true, neither will be to happy!

We were kinda in separate places when I mentioned the idea to her. I spoke to her on the phone and she had heard the song cause Jack had played it to her, so she really liked it. So she went into studio the next day, I think she was somewhere else, can’t remember exactly where she was though.
[On whether he was a little bit nervous pitching an idea to Taylor Swift on the phone and not knowing if she’s gonna say “oh really?”] Well, the interesting thing was - she is actually friends with Gigi, so she’d already reached out, cause Jack had already played her the song anyway cause we’ve [Jack and him] done it together and she really liked it and she’d mentioned to me that she liked the song so I already kinda knew in the back of my mind that she liked it so… I was like - I’ll ask her if she wants to be on it and she was cool with it.
—  Zayn Malik taking on Elvis Duran’s Morning Show about recording “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” with Taylor Swift (X)

jack white plays elvis in Walk Hard: the dewey cox story

Some have called Jack White the Willy Wonka of rock-and-roll; if that’s the case, Billboard scored a golden ticket visit to visit his chocolate factory.
For the latest Billboard cover story, we got a guest-of-honor’s behind-the-scenes peak at Jack White’s Third Man Records headquarters. The story begins with editor-at-large Joe Levy expecting to meet White in Memphis, Tenn., only to get a mysterious man with a black suitcase and instructions to hurry to meet White three hours across the state in Nashville. In the end, Billboard watched the Third Man team turn a Shabazz Palaces performance into a live record on the spot and got an earful from Mr. White himself waxing poetic on his love of vinyl.

Here are five revelations from the Jack White cover story, which is out Friday, March 6:

1. White Was the Mystery High Bidder on Elvis Presley’s First-Ever Record
When the first vinyl record Elvis Presley ever cut (featuring covers of the 1930s ballads “My Happiness” and “That’s When Your Heartaches Begin”) hit the auction block, the 1953 wax was expected to net about a $100,000. In January 2015 it was announced that an unknown Internet bidder won the single with a staggering $300,000 bid. Turns out, that was White.

2. Third Man Will Re-issue the Presley Single on Record Store Day
That mysterious black suitcase Levy got in Memphis actually contained the sought-after Elvis 10-inch. Upon arriving at the Third Man office in Nashville, he presented it to White. “This,” White announced, “is the first recording ever made by Elvis Presley. On Record Store Day,” he told a crowd of his employees, “Third Man Records will issue this on vinyl.”

But White doesn’t listen to vinyl all the time. “Digital in the car, vinyl in the bedroom,” he tells Billboard. “Because I like to listen to music in the car really loud.” And CDs? They’re not so bad, either. “It’s portable, it still has the artwork and lyrics, and it sounds really good,” White says. “And you can turn it up really loud.” Unfortunately, his new Tesla and Apple laptop didn’t come with disc drives.

3. White Has a Very Specific Dress Code For Third Man’s Employees
Third Man’s 26 workers can’t just show up to the office wearing anything. The men wear black suits with yellow-and-black ties and women wear black dresses. White, who’s been sporting a side-buzzed pompadour lately, likely wears whatever he damn well pleases.

4. White’s Office Is Kind of Like a Dentist’s Office…With a Giraffe’s Head
A vintage door that reads “JOHN A. WHITE III, D.D.S., FAMILY DENTISTRY” leads to White’s Third Man office. His walls feature a massive portrait of 1930s Delta bluesman Charlie Patton, smaller shots of blues legend Son House, and ‘80s rapper Slick Rick. Oh, and there’s a six-foot-tall stuffed giraffe head.
Inside that office, he reveals Third Man’s goal: “to take what’s beautiful and soulful and feels like it’s etched in stone” and “see how it applies to what’s happening right now.” The musician loves using the word “scenarios”: to him, this represents whenever he can reframe his interests – from early-20th-century music to vintage '70s electric cars – in the present.

5. White Keeps His Treasures (Including Jack Johnson Music) Inside a Special Vault
Down the hall from White’s office is a fireproof and climate-controlled vault, ensuring his prized possessions stand the test of time. The vault includes theWhite Stripes’ master tapes (which the band owns) along with recordings from artists like Neil Young, Beck, and Jack Johnson made at Third Man.

For more, read the full Jack White cover story out Friday, March 6.