jack and tooth week


“We were strangers starting on a journey, never dreaming what we would have to go through//No one told me I was going to find you, unexpected what you did to my heart" 

Did something based off my Cupid!au ;w;. This is post after Merida accepts her center and “feelings” for a certain guardian of fun. Her design was given to her by arcanabreak​ who inspired this idea. Give full credit to her drawing here (x). See? Happy stuff! :’D

Day 1: Favorite Scene

“Thanks for being here, Jack. I wish I had known about your memory, I could’ve helped you.”

asdfghjhgfdsfghj, kids, don’t ship them and be part of ToothJack week if you don’t wind your mind to explode. I love drawing them… but it’s a pain coloring them and asdfghjkjhgfdfghjk. I’m tired

I like this scene because they both had a connection moment where Tooth is sorry and grateful for Jack being with her.

I also love the scene where Tooth sees Jack’s teeth <3

not my best drawing, but whatever. I still have 6 days to make an epic drawing.