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go get out there

“there was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”  -jack kerouac

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i. vienna billy joel/ ii. when did we stop new move/ iii. life is simple in the moonlight the strokes/ iv. quake, mountain, quake the do/ v. buttercup hippo campus/ vi. sun goes out daniel ellsworth & the great lakes/ vii. drive it like you stole it sing street/ viii. let’s go khalid/ ix. chaparral healy/ x. time & place last dinosaurs/ xi. someday the strokes/ xii. eyes shut years & years/ xiii. the great unknown jukebox the ghost/ xiv. outgrow lewis watson/ xv. may the road ezra bell/ xvi. all’s well that ends rainbow kitten surprise/ xvii. adulthood jukebox the ghost/  xviii. please, please, please let me get what i want the smiths//


Pauline Fordham’s Boutique, Carnaby Street.
Customer Jackie Binder, in a new ‘convict-style’ dress designed by Pauline Fordham (Pauline is dressed in pink in the other pics), looks in the mirror at Miss Fordham’s boutique in Ganton Street, off Carnaby Street, London. April 1966.

Renegade Rage

Summary: You’re already pissed off, and Dean is just making it worse. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Well, sort of implied at the end.)
Word Count: 1330
Warnings: Language, bar fight violence, drinking.
Genre: General.
Challenge: @atc74 and @mamaredd123‘s Fabulous 300 challenge! My prompts were: fight, rage, and Renegade by Styx. I’m only about two months overdue on this. Sigh. Sorry it took me so long ladies, but here it is! 

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under the covers - an unimaginatively titled playlist of imaginative covers

23 tracks, listen

1. maps - to kill a king; 2. riptide - taylor swift; 3. holocene - passenger; 4. creep - ingrid michaelson; 5. here comes the sun - tom rosenthal; 6. best song ever - gabrielle aplin; 7. dancing in the moonlight - alt-j; 8. a-team - dodie clark; 9. the boxer - mumford & sons; 10. teenage dirtbag - mary lambert; 11. love will tear us apart - fall out boy; 12. tonight you belong to me - haley blais & quinn bates; 13. this must be the place - the lumineers; 14. toxic - melanie martinez; 15. latch - kodaline; 16. we are gonna be friends - snckpck; 17. yellow - jem; 18. chandelier - the script; 19. let her go - birdy; 20. can’t help falling in love - twenty one pilots; 21. i’m going down - vampire weekend; 22. four five seconds - dodie clark & jack howard; 23. blank space - postmodern jukebox feat. ariana savalas.


I don’t know if Postmodern Jukebox can make a bad cover. This might be one of their best. Really good rendition.


Imagine teenage Jack going to the diner Bruce hangs out at and sees an old jukebox. He gets an idea. He goes over to the jukebox and puts in 7 Tom Jones “what’s new pussy cat.” But before he puts in the 6th one, he puts in Tom jones “it’s not unusual.”

He goes over Bruce’s table and sits. “Hi.” He says
“Hey.” Bruce says back. “Want me to order you something?”

“No thanks, I’m just here to watch.” Jack says grinning

“Watch what?” After he ask that, what’s new pussy cat starts to play. “You’ll see.”

After 2 minutes the song over, but then it starts to play again. “This song is longer then I remember.” Bruce says.

Soon it plays for the third time, Bruce knows something up.

The fifth time it plays, Bruce and everyone in the diner is starting to go crazy. One guy even slammed his hand on his table, yelling “God damn it!” His silverware flew up in the air and Jack almost died laughing.

When “Not unusual.” Plays, everyone in the diner sighs in relief. “Thank god.” Bruce mumbles.

“It’s not over yet Bruce.”


After the song is done, there’s a moment of silence. Then everyone hears “WHAT’S NEW PUSSY CAT, WHOA!”

Everyone yells in frustration. Jack is just laughing so much, while Bruce is giving him a look that says “you little shit.”

“I fell in love with a monster.” He mumbles under his breath.

This is based off the salt and pepper diner story by John Mulaney. I thought this was something teenage joker would do.


sad small son, a playlist about Jack Kelly (cover art by violentboots)

adulthood - jukebox the ghost // eyes open - taylor swift // something’s gotta give - all time low // human - darren criss // 21 guns - american idiot obc // old scars/future hearts - all time low // all alright - fun. // alibis - marianas trench // the kids aren’t alright - fall out boy // bet on it - zac efron // hey brother - avicii // weightless - all time low // i’ll stand by you - cory montieth // photograph - ed sheeran // fight song - rachel platten // proud of your boy - adam jacobs

(Davey) (Crutchie)  (Katherine)

Solved By You - A James Bond Johnlock AU Fanmix


Avicii - Addicted To You // Marina Brouwer - Solved By You // Adele - Skyfall // Lorde - Everybody Wants To Rule The World // Devics - The Man I Love // Bryan Ferry & Orchestra - Love is The Drug // Jack White & Alicia Keys - Another Way To Die // Post Modern Jukebox - Drunk In Love // Lana Del Rey - Million Dollar Man // Nico Vega - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) // Sia - Kill and Run // 007 Soundtrack - James Bond Theme

ink-n-paper-love replied to your post “Lmao I don’t watch the show anymore and the news about river upset me….”

I don’t want to cause you the pain, but it’s said she actually met most if not all of the Doctor’s regenerations. I searched and on her tardis wiki page one can actually read what her reactions towards the Doctors were. It was…what I expected.  It’s seems it’s basically what Moffat thinks of them, just said in Alex’ voice. Apperantly she set Nine off because she mentioned the Time War “and learned very quickly it was a bad idea to discuss it at all.”

fic: future visitation



They’re in a bar on Zuphrox Nine, somewhere he’s taken Rose and Jack to have a nice cool scotch or two after a hard day’s adventuring. Jack drags Rose towards a jukebox to pick out some tunes, and a woman slides onto the stool next to the Doctor’s. His eyes remain fixed on Rose Tyler - just to make sure she’s all right, of course, given that she’s a little tipsy after downing that bright pink concoction Jack had bought her. He picks up the tiny embellished umbrella Rose had playfully thrown at him after scooping it out of her drink, and twirls it around, opening and closing it absently as he watches her laugh and -

“Can I get you a drink?” says the woman from beside him, and he turns to her obligingly, giving her a quick and pleasant grin.

“I’m fine, ta.” He nods towards his untouched glass, and returns his gaze to his friends. Jack’s got her dancing, now, never mind the fact that no one else is on the dancefloor. Still, no one seems to mind, or pay them the slightest bit of attention. The Doctor feels a stab of something low under his ribcage, and realises with a pulse of alarm that he’s a little jealous. It’s only been days since Jack came aboard, since that lovely dance in the console room the Doctor had enjoyed with Rose. His eyes narrow on the way Jack pulls her in close.

“I can intercept, if you like,” someone says, and he jumps as he notices the woman with impressive curly hair is still right there next to him.

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Part 3

~Hello guys! Sorry it’s still a bit late! But his chapter is a bit longer. It’s a bit boring I think but I hope you guys still like it! Again just to remind anyone, this AU belongs to @iivakana and she was so nice to let me scribble out a little fic for it so if you have any questions, you can go ask her, she’s very sweet. Anyways, I hope you guys like chapter three and I’ll let you get onto reading!~

Jack awkwardly sat with a boy at a small diner in town. He had approached him in the hall one day and shyly asked him out and he thought he had nothing else to do. But he turned out to be a bit more boring than he had expected. He thought a sports player would be more interesting but he was quickly corrected. He looked around the diner, uninterested, and caught Mark staring at him. Jack smirked a little to himself as he flashed a look again.

“Hey do you want a different song?” Jack asked for a reason to get away from the boy. He had planned he would walk right past Mark to get his attention. Jack was pretty sure Mark was jealous and he wanted to take advantage of it to get back at him. He was still very upset.

Jack raised up after the bot had politely offered a few coins for the jukebox and Jack made his way down the few steps and over to Mark’s table. Jack sashayed past Mark’s table of friends and him and  walked over to the jukebox. Jack watched out of the corner of his eye as Mark got up and rounded the little platform and walked over to the bar.

Jack looked through the songs and listened as Mark walked over to him.

“Hey Jack.” Mark said with a smile.

“Oh hey Mark.” Jack said as flatly as he could.

“How are you doing?” Mark asked.

“I’m pretty good.” Jack responded. There was a moment of silence and Jack wondered if he was being a little too cold.

“Hey I’ve really wanted to talk to you for a while. You know, about that night at the bonfire. I was around my friends. I have, you know, this image. That wasn’t me that night. I mean, yeah it was me, but it wasn’t me. I’m really sorry I treated you like that it was just, terrible you know?” Mark said trying to laugh a little.

“Well that why I like Ron. He such a simple person.” Jack waved to him across the diner and the boy waved back shyly. Mark scoffed and laughed.

“Yeah simple. His brains are in his biceps.” Mark said and snickered.

“What? Was that jealousy I heard?” Jack asked smirking.

“Jealous? I could run circles around him.” Mark said confidently.

“Yeah. I’ll believe that when i see it.” Jack stated, proud of himself as he strutted away.


Mark walked into the gymnasium, more like strutted, and puffed out a cloud of smoke as he watched the other boys do flips and twists in the air. Behind his sunglasses he had a worried look but he neutralised his face once the coach came up behind him.

“Ah, Mark Fischbach. I hear you want to start a sport. What did you have in mind?” the coach asked as he walked up to the teen. Mark puffed a cloud of smoke in his face and pulled the cigarette from his lips.

“Oh, I dunno. What kinda sports are there?” Mark asked boredly. The coach listed off a few things and saw Mark’s lost look.

“I’ll just show you. So why don’t you take off your sunglasses and you jacket and go get changed.”

After that Mark was dragged around to try and fail at a variety of sports. They all seemed to end violently, but it was the other players, not Mark of course. Finally the coach decided that track would be a good sport with no balls, and no other players. So at the moment Mark was running around the track and thinking to himself about Jack. One time he ran past the bleachers, he caught sight of Jack and that weirdo talking and he immediately picked up speed. What did Jack see in that guy. He’s just a stupid jock and he’s not even that attractive. Mark saw Jack look over to him and he decided to show off as the other guy looked too.

Mark jumped over one hurdle and looked behind him.

He jumped over another hurdle. Jack was still watching.

Another hurdle. Mark looked back again.

Jump. Smack. Chrash!

All of a sudden, Mark fell face first into the ground. He raised up and shook himself off. Jack came running over to him with a worried expression on his face.

“Mark are you okay?” he asked quickly. mark ignored him and kept walking.

“Mark please talk to me.” Jack begged as he followed Mark. Mark just looked the other way.

“The least you could do is talk to me after how you treated me at the bonfire.” Jack said.

“Hey I said I was sorry about that!” Mark said, frustrated.

“Hehe, got you to talk to me.” Jack said with a smile. Mark smiled and let out a breathy laugh.

“Are you really okay?” Jack asked once again.

“Yeah, I’m fine Jack….. You still going out with that jockstrap?” Mark asked with a jealous hint. Jack looked down at the ground.

“Well…” Jack trailed off.

“Is he taking you to the dance?” Mark asked Jack.

“Depends.” He said quietly.

“Depends on what?” Mark prodded.

“You.” Jack said with a small smile. Mark smiled too and laughed.

“Me?” Mark said while he poked his chest.

“He can stag it.” Mark said with a snicker and Jack smiled at him. Mark playfully waved at the poor guy and Jack laughed and pulled him away from the track.


Mark and Jack pulled into the diner they both were at just a few days ago and Mark had promised to take Jack out that night. Mark put his arm around Jack as the walked up to the door. Jack smiled and leaned into Mark’s chest. Mark saw that there were a lot of kids from school in the diner and immediately stopped at the door.

“Hey Jack lets just go somewhere else, this place is crowded.” Mark said before he started walking back to his car. jack pulled him back and looked at him with big puppy eyes. Mark tried to look away but gave in and quickly pulled Jack in behind him and ran to the back table of the diner hoping no one would see them.

“Goodness you nearly pulled my arm right off.” Jack said jokingly. Once again he was being dragged around.

“I just wanted a table where we wouldn’t be interrupted.” Mark said nervously as he put up a few menus and ducked behind them. They both ordered quickly but to Mark’s dismay, within three minutes, the whole gang was crowded around two tables pushed together. Jack had invited Mark to some tea with his parents. He would’ve liked to go but he had to decline because of the stares of his friends. He felt terrible at the dissapointment in Jack’s eyes.

“Hey what are you even doing here with him?” Danny asked Mark in a rather rude tone.

“Oh you know, just came to grab a bite and hang out. Nothing else, heheh.” Mark said nervously. Jack didn’t look at him. Mark finally stood up and pulled jack behind him. He just had to get out of there.

Mark drove jack home while he apologised the whole way home. Eventually Jack forgave him and they talked the rest of the way there. Mark pulled into the driveway of Jack’s house and looked over to him. Mark looked deep into those icy blue eyes that hypnotised him and compelled him forward. Soon enough Mark’s lips met Jack’s. They lingered there for a moment before Jack pulled away slowly, eyes lidded.

“Bye Mark.” Jack whispered.

“Bye Jack.” Mark said just as quiet. Jack smiled and climbed out of the car and skipped up to the front door. Jack turned and waved as Mark pulled out and drove away. Jack smiled and leaned against the door behind him.

Mark was going to drive him crazy.

Jack Johnson Imagine for Alyssa

“(Y/N)!” You heard a familiar voice yell and you turned around, your eyes searching through the crowd. Your softball team had just won the game against one of the toughest teams to beat in the district and you were incredily proud. You knew your team could do it and you all had, your teammate Emma hitting a homerun during the last inning.
“Jack?”You asked, responding to the voice that was still shouting your name. Your team was celebrating loudly and you ducked between them, colliding with someone accidentally. You looked up and found Jack Johnson, your boyfriend of a few months now. He was wearing a white shirt that made him look tanner than usual and his hair was styled upwards, glinting gold in the sunlight.
“Jack!” You exclaimed, hugging him. He laughed and hugged you back, his arms tight around you.
“That was great baby, I knew you guys could do it.” He said, a grin appearing on his face. You beamed up at him and kissed his cheek, causing his to kiss you on the lips.
“Are you busy celebrating with your team or could I steal you away for a few hours?” He asked, looking to your cheering teammates. They were hooting and hollering and grinning from ear to ear. They wouldn’t notice that you left, would they?
“Let’s go. Where’d you have in mind?” You asked, grabbing his hand and walking toward the parking lot.
“I’m not telling.” He said with a smirk, getting into the drivers seat.
You were still all sticky and sweaty and your hair was a mess so he stopped at your house so you could change and get a quick shower. Once you were nicely dressed and had done your hair and added a little makeup you came downstairs to find him laying comfortably on your couch in the living room. He perked up when you came down the stairs, his eyes glued to you.
“You look so cute.” He commented, getting up and walking over to you. He tucked a piece of hair behind your ear and escorted you outside, opening the passengers side door for you.
“Where are we going?” You asked, buckling your seatbelt.
“I found this incredibly cheesy place that I know you’ll like. So we’re going there for a date.”
“What is it?”
“You’ll see.” He hummed as he drove, tapping his fingers along the steering wheel. After a good 20 minutes he pulled into a brightly colored restaurant, the awning striped and an old-fashioned sign reading ‘OPEN’ in the window.
“This is so cute!” You gushed, getting out of the car. Jack took your hand and held the door, letting you go inside. It was done up like a cute 50’s diner, complete with cherry red bar stools and a jukebox.
“Jack! I love it!” You said as you took a seat in the black and white striped booth.
“I knew you’d like it.” He said with a grin, sitting across from you.
You both ordered dinner and sat talking. He congratulated you on your softball team win again and you asked him how things with Vine were going. He was on tour a lot now so when you did get to see him, you made the most of it. You’d always be together, talking nonstop about anything and everything.
When the diner started to close up you two got in the car to leave, one of his hands on the steering wheel and the other holding your hand. He drove you back home and kissed you goodnight, saying hello to your parents briefly. He tried to do his best to get on their good side, but you Dad still didn’t like him.
You showered and changed into your pajamas, sending a text to Jack after you unlocked the window. You laid back down in your bed and snuggled into the duvet, closing your eyes.
A few minutes later you heard the window open and light footsteps make their way into your room. The bed dipped behind you and then Jack was there, his arms tight around your waist as he pulled you flush against his chest.
“Goodnight beautiful.” He whispered in your ear causing you to shiver.
“Goodnight, Jack. I love you.”
“Love you too. Now let me get my beauty sleep.” He said and you giggled, letting your breathing slow until you were asleep.

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