jack and rachel


Throwback Thursday - Some bits from the SXW Awards 2016, which Jack hosted along with Rachel Quirico. 

Not only was it weird to see Jack in a suit but it was so cool to see him host such an important show and act in a more professional way, even without losing his personality (exhibit A: second and third gifs haha). He overcame his fears and was a brilliant host. Looking forward to more occasions like this one :D

(from “SXSW Gaming Awards | SXSW Gaming 2016″)

Khun: I knew you would cheat.

Rachel: I knew you that you knew I would cheat, so I came prepared.

Rachel: And now you will learn what it means to be a fool!

Khun: I am afraid that you are the fool, Rachel

Rachel: Why?

Khun: Because I knew that you knew that I knew that you knew that I knew you would cheat.

Khun: So I made all my coins weighted.