jack and norma

Us: Ok, we’re still gonna theorize for a bit, but for the most part we’re ready to go back to normali-

*robin sneaks in glitches*

Us: back to norma-

*jack casually joking with us about anti*

Us: back to-

*jack playing a game with major anti vibes*

Us: BAC-

*said video has a glitchy thumbnail*


*Jack linking to the bio inc vid as “another glitchy experience*


Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library on shuffle and report the first 10 songs that pop up. Then choose 10 victims.

Thanks to @mindibindi, who tagged me to do this challenge. And like she, I am obsessed with ships too so I have related some of these to ships.

1. Devil Calling Me Back (Tim McGraw & Faith Hill) 
2. Ready For it? (Taylor Swift)
3. Look what you made me do (Taylor Swift)

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4. Unlove You (Jennifer Nettles)
5. Hurt (Lady Antebellum)
6. Good Time to Cry (Jennifer Nettles)

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7. Count on me (Sam Palladio)

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8. This is the last time (The National)

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9. Can’t get it out of my head (John Paul White)

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10. Holding onto what I can’t hold (Mark Collie)

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Little bit of Soul Bates headcanons

…since we’re not getting another episode of Bates Motel today ever *ugly sobs*. Pre-pilot stuff here.

  • One time, Norman got into a serious fight with a school senior, cause that guy saw Norma giving Norman a lift to school and wolf-whistled her all the way + had a misfortune of mentioning he’d totally bang her a bit too loudly. Norman got the shit beaten out of him, of course. (Which left Norma boiling up & storming the headmaster’s office for days, but that’s anoter story)
  • Norman as a child used to panic, when Norma would get sick. Just cause he didn’t know what to do. 
  • Also, Norma wouldn’t ever admit she’s sick until the sickness gets the best of her. Like, she’d be cruising around the house with her nose all stuffy, ‘I’b telling you I’b fiiide, Dorbad!’ That is, until Norman would put his foot down and send her up to bed with a cup of hot honeyed tea. (he doesn’t know jack about pills, so later Norma tells him which ones to fetch her)
  • Norma deadass lied to Sam saying that she was half-out when she was asked about her son’s name, so she thought somehow someone was asking for hers, that’s why she said ‘Norma’, which was interpreted as ‘Norman’ by the hospital personnel. 
  • Norman couldn’t play piano for the life of him. Norma tried to teach him, but she would always get carried away and start playing on her own, doing some songs or improvising stuff as she goes. They ended up laughing and promising each other that the next time she’d really teach that song to Norman..but it always went the same.
  • Norma had a reeeeeally hard time starting to sleep separately from Norman when he grew up. So she’d sometimes pretend being worried that he’s sick/has nightmares/<insert another cheesy excuse here> to spend a night wrapping him in her arms to feel safe and calm.
  • The only time Norma actually started a huge fight with Sam herself was when he (thinking it’s just random shit taking up place) threw away all the stuff Norman did for her at school, like hand-made cards and all that.