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Requests: Hey there I love reading your imagines. I was wondering if you could do one when your partner with Jack Maynard and you did a tag with his siblings for his channel and you get along well with his siblings and cute stuff thank you I hope you have a great day or night 💜

Can you write an imagine where you and Jack have a really cute moment while filming?

You, your boyfriend Jack, his brother, Conor and his sister, Anna were filming a ‘Siblings Vs. Couple’ challenge for Jack’s YouTube channel. You, Jack and Conor were visiting both your families down in Brighton, where you grew up.

You had known the Maynard’s since you were a small girl and had been dating Jack since you were both teens. You really did have a fairytale romance; he was your first everything. First crush, first kiss, first relationship etc. You asked yourself everyday what you did to deserve someone so wonderful.

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Here's an idea for an au

Where Jack’s family are Wiccan - gotta keep that on the down-low in Colonial New England!  A few years after Jack passes, it gets out that Jack’s family are wicked witches and while Ma and Pa get the flames, little Emma takes refuge in the forest and winds up at the lake where her brother died.

Fearing for her life, Emma prays for her brother to look after her and believes so strongly that she sees Jack Frost before her.  She promptly mistakes him for a winter demon that has taken her brother’s shape.  Jack’s response: ‘I don’t actually know so, yeah, sure, sounds about right!’  She asks to make a contract with him and he’s not so sure but hey look, a friend who can see him!

And then they go out into the world and kick up some serious shit as a Wiccan-turned-witch and her not-actually-a-demon-demon.

(For those of you anime nerds: it would be kind of like a Shaman King au.)


in which hiccup looking for hiro who was thrown somewhere. jack crashed into his crush. [jack has a crush on hiccup since the day he saw him at public library. hiccup also his sister’s tutor. but jack already moved from his house so he rarely saw both of them. meanwhile hiccup wondering why did the teen seemed familiar]

continuation [from this thing] - [tadashi ‘n hiro version]

Hayes Grier - Hiding

Request: Can you do an imagine where yn and Hayes are going out and Jack g yns brother walks in on them kissing and gets really over protective and stuff?


“You look really pretty,” I heard Hayes murmur into my ears as we were heading to the location of their photoshooting.

“Hush, Jack will hear it!” I said but I smiled at him. Hayes and I had been dating for a few months but we had known each other for a while, since I was Jack G’s sister. I always felt attracted to him, but back then when Magcon was still a thing he was more interested in other things. But then he matured and things got serious between us. But we were too afraid to tell Jack. He could be so protective when it came to me, we had to keep it a secret.

“What, Jack can’t hear me complimenting his sister? Is it a crime now?” he laughed and I felt his fingers brush the back of my hand. I just rolled my eyes at him.

We got to the studio where him, Jack, Johnson and Nash were having a photoshoot. The boys started to get ready, they got their outfits and made it sure they looked perfect.

I was the proudest little sister in the world. I was so happy that my brother was living his dreams and I would support him no matter what.

“Do you like my hair like that?” Jack asked turning to me.

“Jack, it looks just like every other day,” I said raising my eyebrows at him.

“No, can’t you see the difference?” he asked turning back to the mirror and running his fingers through his hair.

“That’s bullshit, Jack,” I groaned. I glanced over to Hayes. Damn he looked good in his light blue jeans and grey shirt. He had a beanie on, oh God, how I liked him in that!

I wanted to go over to him and kiss him, or just touch him, but Jack was there.

It was time to get down to business. I took my spot in front of them and watched as they were goofing around in front of the camera. They had a couch on the set that was the only thing that they had.

I couldn’t get my eyes off of Hayes and he noticed it. He always glanced to me, smiling at me and winking, and I just felt myself blushing. I hoped Jack didn’t see it.

They tried a lot of poses and versions, the photographer always gave them instructions about what to do.

“Okay guys, let’s take a little break, we are trying out some other things,” the photographer told us.

Nash and the Jacks went straight to the buffet, but Hayes walked to me. He nodded to me to follow him. I looked around making sure no one was watching and we walked out to the hallway. He then grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bathroom, and as soon as the door was closed behind us his lips were on my lips.

“You look so good in that outfit,” I moaned between two kisses.

“You like it?” he smirked at me.

“I like it a lot. You should wear a beanie more often,” I giggled and pulled him into another kiss.

I felt his hands under my shirt and I wished we had more time and privacy at that moment. Just when those thoughts crossed my mind the door opened and my brother walked right in.

“What the Hell?” he shouted. We immediately stepped away from each other, I tried to catch my breath and realize what was happening.

“I-I can explain it,” Hayes stuttered but I knew he didn’t know what to say.

“You can explain me what you are doing in my sister’s mouth? I’m curious, tell me!” he said angrily.

“Jack, chill, it’s not that big deal!” I told him.

“Yes it is!” He looked at me with wide eyes. “You are my little sister!”

“And because of that I have to die alone, or what?” I exclaimed offended.

“Obviously no, but… But… You are too young to date Hayes!” he said and I knew he just told me that because he didn’t have any reasons.

“Jack, do you realize that Madison is the same age as me? And that she is your girlfriend?”

I could see that he had no other reasons and it just made him angrier.

“How long have you been doing this behind my back?”

“Uh, a few months,” I quietly said.

“Oh, perfect!” He threw his hands into the air.

“Dude, I’m sorry, we were just afraid of your reaction,” Hayes said. Jack looked at him like he was going to kill him.

“Jack, please, don’t hate us!”

“I don’t hate you, I just wish you would have told me!”

“If I told you earlier, would you have been more understanding?” I asked raising my eyebrows at him.

“No,” he immediately said.

“See? All I’m asking for is just for you to understand that we are happy together!” I pleaded.

He sighed, remaining silence for a few more moments, and then nodded.

“Okay, okay. Just… please, contain yourselves around me,” he said and with that he just left us alone.

I looked up at Hayes smiling.

“I guess we got his approval.”



Jackunzel Week Day 6: Childhood Friend Romance.
AU: Hogwarts Au

So I have a whole Hogwarts au with the big four and this is just a snapshot of each of their years together at school.

Their first year, they are not friends yet. Rapunzel is terrified of the world and Jack is unhappy to be separated from his sister. By year two they are friends. Rapunzels growth spurt when they’re thirteen makes Jack a bit annoyed and Rapunzel likes to tease him because of it.
Year four is just another year (although Jack may be starting to realize his feelings for his childhood friend) but by year five they’ve both realized they like each other, but aren’t sure how to tell each other. By the time they are sixteen, Jack and Rapunzel have just started dating. And in their final year they’ve been dating for over a year and are adorable together. ❤️

okay listen, bad bob calling kent ‘son’ is like…the only important thing in my life. the parents zimmermann still texting kent all the time. when ent scores his first nhl goal, bob calls him and says, “i’m really proud of you kiddo, i wish we could’ve been there” and kent saying, “me too,” in response. bob presenting kent with the calder when he wins. kent having his first cup day in montreal with the zimmermanns and his mom and sister. jack still sending kent the super lame christmas gifts they used to always exchange when they were young, stupid american eagle gift cards and really ugly home made cards, that bob and alicia still both sign. bob inviting kent to do a charity golf event with him and gretzky and mario lemieux like it’s nothing. it gets filmed and bob calls kent ‘son’ on camera. bob being the father figure that kent never had!!! i’m seriously fucked up and it’s all softbrah‘s fault

Making new friends always. Thanks to Jack and his sisters for letting us use their house today for shooting the next Find Momo book.

anonymous asked:

did you realize that technically since jack is actually 4 years old due to his fast aging the little sisters are probably older than him

lmao ikr.

i feel like this must have come up at least once during an argument like jack tells one of his daughters to go to her room and she’s like “I’m the older one! You go to your room!”

being a parent of kids who are older than u is a difficult job

Just Kids (Hayes Grier imagine) Requested

Hayes POV

“we will be right back, you two keep your hands to yourself” Jack G pointed to me and my girlfriend, also know as his little sister.

Jack, Nash and Cameron all walked out laughing at Jacks comment.

y/n hid her face in her hands, obviously embarrassed.

“this is so stupid, were 15! We aren’t kids anymore, we should be able to enjoy each other without having them crack jokes” I pulled at my hair and stood up

Y/n’s POV

I watched Hayes pace around the living room, his face red with frustration and embarrassment.

I stood up and walked behind him and wrapped my small arms around is torso, I felt his body release tension as he sighed out. He turned around so that we were facing each other as he cupped my face with his big hands, making me look into his beautiful blue eyes.

“I just wish that I can show you affection” he whispered

“but you can Hayes, we are alone now” I smiled up at him, my cheeks already turning red

Hayes smirked and pressed his lips to mine hungrily

he has never been like this and I really don’t know what to do

“are you ok?” he separated 

but instead of responding I crashed my lips back into his as we fell on the couch, hayes crawled on top of me as our tongues battled for dominance, Hayes sat up and took off his shirt throwing it somewhere and then started kissing me again, trailing down to my neck.

“hey guys I forgot my-” my brother, Jack G, walked through the door.

my face turned bright red as hayes hopped off of me


Nash came running in through the door

“what the hell is going on here?” nash asked

“I just walked in on our little siblings fucking getting it on!” jack yelled

“jack we were just kissing! nothing happened!” I cried to my brother

“tell that to Hayes’ little friend” he pointed to Hayes’ um you know…

Hayes gave me a sympathetic look as I held back tears

“lets have a little talk” Nash pointed Hayes to the other couch.

Hayes slowly got up, and mouthed a “sorry” to me as he sat down on the couch across from me

“look, we know that you guys are dating and all that but, your 15! do you guys really wanna lose your virginity at this age?” Jack began

“Jack we were not gonna-” 

“shut up y/n” jack cut me off

and now my brother hates me, great

tears started slowly dripping down my cheeks

“we just don’t want y'all to regret anything or for word to get out about you, ya know… plus, y/n what if you got pregnant, your 15! you could never raise a child because your one yourself”  Nash began

“look we are sorry for always picking on you, it was immature, and we really don’t have an excuse for our actions” Jack finished 

I couldn’t take this talk, we were definitely not gonna take things that far.

I got up and ran to the nearest bathroom and locked myself in.

footsteps came close after

“y/n let me in babe, why are you crying?” hayes spoke through the door “please”

I gave up and opened the door just enough to let him in. Hayes sat on the floor with me and pulled me onto his lap. he grabbed a tissue from the sink and wiped my tears away.

“whats wrong baby, I don’t like seeing you like this” Hayes cooed

“Jack hates me” I sniffed

“Oh my god, y/n thats crazy I love you so much” jack said outside the door

“can he come in?” Hayes asked me, and I nodded

Hayes opened the door and jack came in and lifted me up, pulling me into his chest

“don’t you ever think that I don’t love you ok, Im sorry that I was harsh I just was being a big brother and looking out for you” He kissed the top of my head

“i’m sorry jack, I just want you to trust me, I won’t do those things I promise” I stuck out my pinky and Jack did his goofy little grin as he wrapped his pinky around mine.

he tickled my sides making me laugh “now stop being sad, I hate it when my little sis is all upset, lets go watch a movie or something” I smiled and agreed as i grabbed Hayes’ hand and walked into the living room

nash ruffled hayes’ hair “you be good to her or else we will both kick your ass” nash chuckled.

Hayes sat down as I laid my head on his lap as we picked a movie. I don’t really remember what movie it was because i fell asleep in the first 5 minutes but thats ok because when I woke up, I was in my bed with Hayes’ arms wrapped around me.

“sleep well?” he asked

“very” I smiled and pecked his lips

I lean over and see a little note on the bed side table

we trust you;)

p.s. use protection 

I look over and see a little foil packed next to it and my face turned bright red, as Hayes chucked

“OH MY GOD REALLY JACK” I yelled down, laughing in between

the downstairs was filled with laughter from all the boys as i hid myself in Hayes’ chest

I guess somethings never change

Broken? Olivia and Amaranth


Being the first-born Skellington sucked, decided Amaranth at the ripe age of six. He had spent the morning with his papa, trying to learn the basics of scaring… but nothing worked. He followed the steps perfectly, but the ghosts in the pumpkins didn’t respond. Eventually, Jack brought him home, patted him on the skull and told him it would be better tomorrow. But he’d say that so many times Amaranth didn’t believe him anymore.

Once Jack had left for a meeting, he crept upstairs to his big sister’s room and gave her door a weak knock.

Oh my God I’m in tears
When I moved, I moved to this school in the middle of nowhere. Now when I moved I heard we have a member of a boy band in our senior class. He’s on tour and everything so I’ve never seen him. His name I think is Jack Avery and my sister freaks out about the band Why Don’t We. So the teachers constantly poke fun at the idea they’ll preform for prom. Seriously this is like a shitty reader insert and I want to kms.