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It - Official Teaser Trailer #2

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Richie and Eddie reading comics together after school for @milevenmirkwood

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Imagine: Skyping with Jack & Finn while in class because you’re bored and them trying to make you laugh…

You’d finished the assignment your teacher had given you about twenty minutes ago and now you sat at the back of the class bored out of your mind. You sneak out your phone and text Jack explaining the situation, and instead of getting back to you the Skype icon comes up.

You click accept to Jack’s call and are surprised to see both Jack and Finn smiling at you in their creepy twin way. You try not to laugh or draw attention to yourself but then the twins start pulling funny faces at the camera to try and make you laugh.

You spend the rest of the class on the verge of tears from the stupid things they’d done to try and make you laugh. How did you get so lucky to have two best friends like Jack and Finn?

Okay, This sounds super cute, and I’ve been feeling kind of poorly lately, so I hope I can do this justice. Hope this is kind of what you had in mind, let me know what you think! :)

“Chop! This isn’t funny!” Izzy almost yelled as she smacked Chop on the arm, “Rae is really worried! I mean it HAS been three days and she’s gotten absolutely nothing from Finn!”
“Izzy, love, there’s nothin to worry about, alrigh’? I mean I’ve talked to ole Finny Boy and he’s absolutely giddy over Raemundo!” He said back to her, rubbing the spot on his arm where Iz had whalloped him. She might be small, but she can pack a punch when she wants to!
“Chop! You don’t understand!” Izzy turned to face Chop on his bed, sitting up straight, which made him sit up as well, “Sure YOU know he had a good time, and that he proper fancy’s Rae, but RAE doesn’t know that! And she wouldn’t cos he hasn’t said anything to her!” She looked at Chop with her big green eyes, begging him to understand the female perspective.
Chop would do anything for Izzy, so with out hesitation he offered his services, “Alrigh’ then, what do I need to do? Cos I know Rae Rae won’t listen to anyone but Finn about his feelin’s. And Finn ain’t the best with talkin.”
“Oh don’t you worry Arnold, I’ve got it all planned out. You just need to make sure Finn gets down to the pub tonight about 8.”
“Can do, m’love. Can do.” Chop smiled back at her with this toothy grin.
“Oh and Arnold? Can you see if Finn… um… if he…”
“If he wha?”
“If he has a facination with Emu’s?”
“Wha? Emu’s? The fuck? Wha the fuck would Finn wanna ‘ave to do with an emu?”
Izzy giggled sweetly and said “Oh nothing, just stuff from girl talk.”
Izzy was beaming as always as she bent over and gave her Arnold a sweet kiss on his lips before hopping up and heading out. She had to finish her plan.
When she got home she called Rae, and told her to come down to the pub a little before 8 to meet her and Chloe for drinks and girl talk.
“But Iz, I don’t know if I should really go. You and Chloe are just gonna be jabberin on about your boyfriends and how amazin they are and I’ll just be sittin here like a div.”
Rae really didn’t want to go, but Izzy had to make absolutely sure Rae would show up.
“Raeeee!” Izzy pleaded, “Please come! We can make a deal, I won’t talk a word about Arnold and I’ll make sure Chloe doesn’t say anything about Davis.”
“Who the fuck is Davis? I thought she was with that bloke, Dallas?”
Izzy laughed, which made Rae laugh as well, “No,” Izzy said, “She dumped Dallas last week cos she said he didn’t have his own car or scooter. But that’s a yes then?”
“You’ve twisted my arm Iz, I’ll be there.”
“Oh yay! Alright Rae, I’ll see you soon then!”
They said their goodbyes and Izzy then called up Chloe to tell her the rest of her master plan.

It was ten minutes until 8 when Rae showed at the pub. Izzy was sitting in the back corner at a rather small table.

Rae walked over and took a seat. Izzy seemed to be a tad more fidgety than normal, but then again, it was Izzy, so Rae didn’t read too much into it. “So, when’s Chloe gettin here then?” Rae asked Iz. “Not sure. I told her we were meeting up, but you know how she is. Fashionably late is her thing.” Both girls giggled. It was easy for Rae to be with Izzy. She didn’t have to worry about backhanded comments, or saying the wrong thing like she did with other girls like Chloe. The two girls sat chatted and ordered a drink. Rae had finished almost half of her snakebite when she realized that Finn and Chop had just walked in. “Shit Izzy! I thought you said this was a girls night!” Rae whispered, hoping the approaching boys wouldn’t hear her. “Well it was! But you and Finn need to talk! Chloe isn’t coming, she was on stand-by incase Finn invited Arch or some other mates to come along. You gotta talk to him Rae, he really likes ya. And I had to get you down here somehow.” Izzy smiled at her apologetically. “Oi! Raemundo! Alrigh’?” Chop bellowed as he took a spot beside Izzy, kissing her on the cheek. Rae shook her head to indicate a “fine” but she sat as stiff as could be. Her hear was racing. They weren’t goning to leave Finn here with her, were they? She held her breath hoping that Izzy and Chop would stay there with her… and Finn. Finn took a seat right next to her. “Uh, Chop. I’m not feeling too well, would you mind dropping me at mine?” Chop looked confused for a minute, because he had just gotten there, but then you could almost see the pieces click together and he got it, “Of course babe! Let’s go lightweight!” And off they went. “SHIT!” Rae thought, “SHIT SHIT SHIT” She was bricking it. Finn looked at her for a moment before he finally spoke. “You look nice.” was all he could get out. He was nervous as fuck! He thought she didn’t want to see him anymore. He thought they had had a great date, but then he had to get all weird and try to help her bowling game… and he couldn’t even hold her hand properly! He had fondled her fingers like a fuckin div. She didn’t seem like she wanted to kiss him… He was mortified sitting there with her. He liked her so much… “Thanks, you too.” She said back to him. Then she grabbed her jacked, “It was nice to see you Finn. I.. uh… I gotta get back. Don’t want Linda worried….” “Wait, “he stopped her. Her breath caught. “Yeah?” She asked him. “Have a drink with me first?” “I don’t know… I mean I real…” “Please?” She looked at him and figured she might as well get this over with. It was bound to happen sometime, so why not now? He was going to break up with her before they even got together. Finn went and got Rae another drink and he his own and sat back down. “Rae, can I ask you somthin’?” He said to her. “Sure.” She said looking down at the liquid in her glass, avoiding eye contact. “Well… I was just wonderin’…” Finn was so nervous. But he had to know. He was falling hard and fast for Rae, and he had to know if she even remotely felt anything for him. “I… was wonderin if you had fun the other night? Cos I did. I really liked spending time with ya… I liked takin ya out…” Rae’s eye’s bugged out of her head, “Ya what?” He looked at her confused for a moment then said “I like takin ya out. Showin ya off. Takin you on… uh… dates and stuff.” Rae’s heart almost stopped. “Finn, I had a lovely time with you. I thought you hated it… I mean you didn’t call… and we haven’t talked…” She said to him as she watched his face change, it looked like he was happy. He was smiling. “Rae, I’m shit for not calling. I thought you hated bowling with me. I guess I was just nervous it didn’t go as well as it did in my head. I started thinkin of all the stuff I did wrong and… yeah. I got too nervous to call ya.” Now Rae was smiling, “Finn It was the best date I’ve ever been on. I thought you had your fill of me.” “Rae, I don’t think I’ll ever have my fill of you, ” he said and grabbed her hand on the table. Rae blushed a bright red. “Although, there is one thing I wish I could have changed about our date” he said, still holding her hand. She looked up at him quizzically, “What?” “I wish I would have kissed you so you’d know how I felt. So we didn’t have to get set up to just talk to each other.” He smiled at her. Even He was amazed at himself for that comment. “Well, ” she started, “How about we have a do over? I can kick your arse in bowling again, and then you can kiss me.” She teased. “So, you have to beat me in bowling before I get to kiss you? Shit, let’s head down to the bowling alley then! But I’d rather just do it now and save myself the embarrassment.” Rae’s eyes got wide. She almost didn’t know what to say, but her courage found it’s way back to her, “Well then, get to it. We don’t need you to put another bruise on that ego of yours.” He put his hand up and cupped her cheek, pushing a bit of her hair back from her face, and lightly pushed his lips to hers. They both saw fireworks, and heard them? No, they weren’t hearing fireworks, they were hearing Izzy screeching noises of excited joy, and Chop, Archie, and Chloe clapping with resounding choruses of “about time!” and “Get it Rae Rae!” Rae and Finn both blushed slightly and smiled at the rest of the gang. They truly had the best bunch of friends in all of Lincolnshire, and probably all of England, hell, probably even the world. “So, what’s this about me and emu’s now?” He asked her. “Oh nothing.” Rae laughed and took a swig of her drink, thinking of a way to get Izzy back for the emu comment as the rest of the gang came over to join them.

hollowpotential  asked:

how come you (& Arden) dont hang out with Jack and Finn as much anymore? It would be so great for you guys to make a video together!! lots of love xx

i see jack quite a bit - finn is in nyc studying but we text a lot. i see him when we’re both around. 

Preference #112: Marks

Jack: ‘Hey, somebody got a little freaky last night,’ Finn teased, seeing the red marks on his brother’s biceps. 'Guess she left her mark on you, huh?’ Jack merely blushed and muttered, 'Shut up Finn.

Finn: He wore a tank top the following day, though he started regretting it the next day. 'Finny!’ His mother said during breakfast, 'What happened to your back? It’s all scratched up.’ Jack nearly choked on his cereal in laughter, and you’d never seen Finn blush so hard.

Dan: You felt awfully guilty for the marks you left the next morning. He constantly rubbed them as much as he could and covered them with his jacket. However, when he got to the station and removed his jacket, Phil noticed them. 'You should put something on those so they don’t get infected.’

Phil: He tried so hard to cover them from people. The red scratches down his arms that you unintentionally gave him. You kind of laughed seeing them, but he only blushed. However, Dan said, 'Somebody had a good time last night. Talk about nail digging.' 

anonymous asked:

What would some of the characters american names be? :)


Daichi: I feel like he’d he named Derrick if he had an American name I think it fits!!

Sugawara: He’d be a Edward, or maybe a Samuel I think either of those work!!

Kuroo: He’d be a Kyle. The name just looks right for him.

Bokuto: He’d be named Aaron something unique but stylish.

Akaashi: I see him being a Jack idk???


Lev: I see him being called William or Jason both seem to look good for him tbh.

Nishinoya: Mason or Johnny either of those work.

Yamaguchi: He’d be a Simon. Don’t question just let it be.


Jack and Finn as Angels?! Watch the video to see it!

erinmcmom  asked:

Let's say there's a tree (we'll call it "Tree A"). We cut a branch off that tree and plant it in the ground, that branch takes root and begins to grow. At what point does that planted branch stop being "a piece from Tree A" and become Tree B? Does it EVER become "Tree B"? That newly planted branch would be genetically identical to the tree it was cut from although its' growth would be different as it was exposed to slightly different amounts of wind, rain, sunlight, nutrients, etc.

Tree B would simply be a clone of Tree A…genetically identical but a different organism pretty much the moment you disconnected it from Tree A. Just because two things are genetically identical does not make them the same organism (see Jack and Finn Harries.)

Also, a genetically identical tree wouldn’t look the same as another tree as the shape of the tree is determined by environmental, not genetic, factors (as you say.)


If you see any Youtubers, do not


  • chase them
  • scream at them
  • scream nsfw things at them 
  • throw yourselves at them
  • pull them
  • touch them inappropriately(even though that would be so tempting)

It overwhelms them and makes them uncomfortable.

Please respect their boundaries,


  • Jack: *Buys a sticker machine*
  • Jack: *Makes a sticker*
  • Jack: This is pretty cool!
  • *A couple of hours later*
  • Finn: *Comes home from doing things*
  • Finn: *Sees everything is covered in stickers*
  • Finn: Jack? Jack?
  • Finn: *Goes into Jack's room* Jack, why the hell is everything covered in-
  • Jack: *Face and parts of body covered with stickers*
  • Jack:
  • Finn:
  • Jack:
  • Finn:
  • Jack:
  • Jack: I think I may have a problem.