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(Y/F/M/Y)- Your fave male youtuber

“Goodnight (y/f/m/y)” you yawned, you lay down beside him

“Goodnight (y/n)” he starts singing softly in your ear until you fall asleep

he reaches over the bedside table and grabs the black sharpie. He gently drew a penis on your face as you slept. He puts back the sharpie chuckling silently to himself before he wraps his arms around you, pulling you closer too him as he drifts into a deep slumber

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Finn Harries Imagine

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“Cada loco con su tema.”

“Ugh, what does this mean So easy but so forgetful.” you muttered to yourself. 

So tomorrow’s your big and final Spanish exam. You decided to study because you didn’t want to fail. Your teacher lent you some problems for you to practice but some were so confusing. You kept tapping your pencil to figure out this weird problem when you feel arms around your waist. It was Finn.

“Finn, you know I have to study.” You said

“Well, can I help you at least? Is there one you’re not getting?” Finn asked

“Well, there is one…” You said softly

“Finn the Spanish man is here!” He yelled in a kid-like voice, making you giggle

Finn laid his head on your shoulder, looking over the phrase. 

“I have an idea. We’ll translate each word, and every time you get it right; I’ll kiss you. Like it?” He asked

You nodded and giggled. Finn took your notebook and sat across from you.

“First word,‘casa’." 

"Oh,that’s easy. It means 'each’." 

Finn moved closer to you and gave you a peck on the cheek.

"Next word,'loco’. This is quite easy.”

“Crazy or mad, most likely crazy.”

Finn gave you another kiss except this time, it was on the forehead.

“You’re doing well so far babe. Okay next one,'con su’.”

“Um.. isn’t it with something or um. Ugh, I don’t know. I’m so stupid.” you said

You dug your face into your arms, you never felt so stupid. And it was in front of your boyfriend. You were good at Spanish but sometimes you tend to have those black out moments where you don’t remember anything. The fact that you had to experience that in front of your boyfriend was just plain embarrassing.

“Don’t say that to yourself. That’ll make it worse. Be confident in yourself and you’ll succeed. You’re not stupid Y/N. I’ve seen you in class, you’re pretty damn smart.” Finn said

“And Y/N, we all make mistakes. I remember one time where I left my phone in a taxi! Pretty stupid once you think about it, right? You’re the smartest girl I know and love." 

Finn lifted up your head with his finger and pulled you in for one, smooth kiss. You pulled back and couldn’t help but smile. 

"Happier?” He said with a smile

“Yeah, a bit.” you replied

“We got plenty to do, come on. Let’s keep reviewing.” Finn said smiling as he sat next to you.