jack and finn gifs

@finnharries: Exploring the streets of Manhattan during sunset. ~ New York. This is far too fun to do alone. Upload a picture of yourself jumping somewhere you love and tag it #worldjump. In 4 weeks I’ll post our favourites on the blog on jacksgap.com. Try and keep the jump as similar as possible to this one. Show me a place your passionate about! #worldjump


*Finn hysterically laughing*

Jack: “What’s the problem?”

Finn: “What is on your face?”

Jack: “What do you mean what’s on my face?”

Finn: “I go away for like 3 month and you’ve just grown hair here, you’ve got Harry Potter glaces, your hair is falling back over your head, you’ve lost it. - Little do these guys know that your trousers are pink”

*Jack shows his trousers*