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That First Night

Characters: OC/Reader x Dean Ambrose

Summary: OC and Dean are into each other and finally get talking on Seth’s Birthday. Flirting and Cuteness as they return back to her room.

This is based on a dream I had about Dean Ambrose last night. While not as smutty as the last few things I’ve written (still not over my AJ fic, I even started a part 2) I thought I’d write it down as I’ve been on a Ambrose hype for the past few days and I’d like to remember it.

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Privileged (6/?)

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“When everyone realises that Octavia has gone missing *yn* puts aside her differences with Bellamy to help him find his sister. *yn* has to deal with the drama between Clarke, Finn and Raven as well as worrying about the safety of the rest of the delinquents. The search party runs into grounders along the way and things take a turn for the worse.” 

Warnings: Swearing, violence, death

Notes: Based on 1x06 “His Sister’s Keeper” of the 100. 

The last section of this part is ESSENTIAL to part 7 & lets just say things get very interesting from there…. ;)

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Loud shouts and boisterous laughter filled the camp as the delinquents enjoyed their limited time off around the small flickering flames of the bonfire.

 The noise was a dull roar compared to what it had been when they had first arrived on the ground, the excitement of being free from the Ark had quickly worn off once they realised they weren’t alone down here. 

*yn* sat propped up against the trunk of a tree as she silently observed the rest of the delinquents and made sure that no one started causing too much of a ruckus. 

Her eyes darted across the camp to Bellamy and she quickly realised that he wasn’t acting like himself. She watched him as he hurriedly walked from tent to tent and frantically ripped open the flaps before shoving them closed again in frustration. 

Something was definitely wrong.

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Imagine: Skyping with Jack & Finn while in class because you’re bored and them trying to make you laugh…

You’d finished the assignment your teacher had given you about twenty minutes ago and now you sat at the back of the class bored out of your mind. You sneak out your phone and text Jack explaining the situation, and instead of getting back to you the Skype icon comes up.

You click accept to Jack’s call and are surprised to see both Jack and Finn smiling at you in their creepy twin way. You try not to laugh or draw attention to yourself but then the twins start pulling funny faces at the camera to try and make you laugh.

You spend the rest of the class on the verge of tears from the stupid things they’d done to try and make you laugh. How did you get so lucky to have two best friends like Jack and Finn?

Dean |mad love| Ambrose


Okay, y’all remember that snippet from last night, right? Welp, it turned into a mini series also. And let’s face it, Team Ambrose… Our boy needed a story like this. Hang on to your asses because this is gonna be kind of angsty to start with? Oh and for anyone patiently waiting on smut, I warn you now, this will be another slow burn.

Dean x Original Character, possible hints of Finn x Original Character with a Dean x OC endgame, (maybe?? who knows??). mini series based on the song Mad Love anyone? With a dash of movies No STrings attached and Friends with benefits thrown in?


two stubborn people in love, angst, steamy eventual smut, use of an original character!!!! and I’ll add to the warnings as needed.

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…………….You took a knife to my heart
And cut out the rational parts……..
I knew that you were just misunderstood;;

He sat up and started to re dress and I bit my tongue. No strings attached means exactly that.. No strings. No commitment. No laying around in each others arms for hours after a night like tonight, watching the candles flicker on the walls while you whisper things to each other. The fact that I felt something for him meant nothing. There was nothing I could do about it because we both agreed to all this months ago after that first wild and passionate night.

But it didn’t mean I had to like it.

It didn’t mean I couldn’t wish and hope that maybe one day, he’d change his mind, maybe he’d want more. Even though I knew going in that he wouldn’t.

“See you around.”
“Yeah.” I answered, biting my lip, hesitating. I almost leaned in for a kiss, I almost asked him to stay but instead, I kept quiet.

I heard the door closing downstairs as he left and I just broke down.. I think I laid there for at least two hours and I just sobbed. My phone rang and I rolled over, answered it. “Becky, hey.”

“What’s wrong wid ya?”

“Nothing, I just..”

“Did ye two ‘ave a fight?”


“Ah thought ‘e was comin over. Did ye talk to ‘im about how ya felt?”

“I.. I couldn’t.” I rolled over onto my back, pulling the sheet up over me as I sighed and twisted a strand of hair around my fingertip.

“And why da ‘ell not? Do I needa talk to ‘im?”

I wiped away tears and laughed quietly. “This isn’t like when we were kids, Becks.”

“Da ‘ell et isn’t.”

“I’m just gonna end things I think.” and even as I said the words, it hurt. I felt like I was stabbing myself in the heart. I loved him.

But I didn’t honestly think that he could ever just settle and love me.

“Maybe endin things is for da best.” Becky sighed, I could tell she didn’t want to say it because she didn’t want to hurt me.. But Becky has been my best friend since I was 14 and my mom moved me all the way to Ireland because she remarried a military guy and we got the house next door to Becky’s family.

Becky and I have been through a lot together, she’s like the sister I never got to have.

“Maybe you’re right.” the words were spoken softly and tentatively and I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to do it. “Maybe I do need to just end it. Maybe it will be for the best.” I felt the tears coming again and Becky sighed.

“Ah’m on m’way. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, right? And Sons of Anarchy?”

I managed a smile and wiped at my eyes. “You don’t have to do that, Becks, it’s almost 3.”


Dean lingered at the door for at least three minutes, staring back up the stairs. Deep down he knew where he wanted to be, but that wasn’t what she wanted.. If she wanted things to be different, he had to believe she’d say something, she’d do something to make them different.

… ‘Sides.. even if she did, you know ya wouldn’t ever be good enough for her… and sooner or later, she’d run like hell… they all run like hell when ya get too intense. The taunting of his mind was another big reason he found himself walking out the door and driving away.

When he got home, he poured himself a good measure of Jack and he slammed it back, feeling the bitterness and the burn as it made it’s way down his throat. “Maybe I oughta avoid her a while.. Stop doin this every single time one of us is a little too lonely. Because the more it happens, the more I don’t wanna leave at the end and I can’t fuck up another thing.”

He flopped down onto his bed and took a long and deep breath and he made up his mind.. Rather than try, rather than completely fuck something up, he was going to stop their little arrangement, he was going to avoid her and he was going to do his best to move past it, save her from the misery that he was a lot of the time.

It was just better this way.


[ two weeks later Kristina]

“And now we know.. All I was to him was a convenient piece of ass whenever he wanted. I mean look at him over there, laughing and smiling and not caring.. Meanwhile, I’m over here and I feel like I’m dying.” I shook my head and sighed bitterly, signaling for another mixed drink. Becky eyed me with a raised brow and I raised my glass. “To getting over him.. Finally.”

She eyed me and we clinked glasses and I slammed the drink back and stretched, eyes darting around the crowded club.

I wasn’t expecting my eyes to find his and I wasn’t expecting him to already be staring at me. I quickly dropped my gaze and feigned interest in the countertop in front of me as I fought back tears again.

“Maybe ye needed ta. Ah mean et’s been two weeks and he hasn’t called, hasn’t tried talkin to ya.” Becky eyed me and I nodded. “It’s just.. Harder than I thought it would be, okay? I’m fine, I swear. I just have to work through this, I have to stop wanting what we were never going to be in the first place.”

“Want me ta go over and beat his arse?” Finn asked as he glared at Dean and all I could do was shake my head no. “Guys, I love you both but it’s over.. Just let it go. He didn’t do anything to me, okay? I fucked up.. I got attached and I knew that’s not what he wanted. It’s better this way.”

Even as I said the words out loud, I knew I didn’t mean them. For him, yeah it’s better.. For me, not so much. I still feel like this is going to kill me..But friends with benefits only means that.. And he pretty much said a time or two he wasn’t cut out for an actual relationship.. And I know I’m not.


[two weeks later – Dean]

“She was fuckin usin me. Can we stop discussin it now, huh?” Dean slammed his fist down on the tabletop, earning him a raised brow from Jimmy and Jey. Naomi shook her head, sipping her drink as she mused aloud, “You are both messy. This stuff does not work. I mean they made an entire movie about why this very thing never works, Dean. One of you always wants more in the end.” as she toyed with the straw in her drink and stared down her husband’s friend. Jimmy nodded with her in agreement and told Dean, “My woman’s got a point. Have you even tried talkin to her though?”

“What the hell would I wanna do that for, huh? If she wanted more she woulda tried.. Somethin.”

“Typical.” Naomi snorted and Dean glared. Naomi went on to explain, “She wouldn’t if she was afraid that asking for what she really wanted meant she’d lose you, you stupid assface. We’re not like y’all, okay? There’s emotions attached in sex for us. All I know is when we were all in NXT, man… She looked at you like you were the best thing alive.”

“She did not. Didn’t even know who I  was until we got off our face drunk and kinda slept together that first time.” Dean insisted, finding himself staring across the bar as he sipped his Jack Daniels and tried to fight the urge he had, he wanted to walk over to her so badly he could taste it.

“You really are blind as fuck.” the twins snorted in laughter and Dean eyed them, then looked back at Kristina, shaking his head. If she really wanted him, she’d have cracked by now, called or something. She wouldn’t be out at a bar with Balor and Lynch having drinks.

Just the fact that she was even friends with Finn Balor was enough to make the most primal jealousy surge through him and lately, it had only gotten worse. Lately, Kristina never seemed to be anywhere without Becky or Finn and Sami.

“What’s she gonna want my ass for anyway. She’s got that guy.” Dean gestured to Finn and Jimmy and Jey shared a laugh.

“You do know he’s dating some other girl, right?”


“Dean, just hush now before I tape your mouth shut.” Naomi shook her head and finished off her drink as Jey mused aloud, “One of you should at least try to say something about what happened.. If you want more.”

“I don’t.” Dean practically growled the words, even knowing that as he said them they were a complete lie. He wanted more.

He just didn’t feel like he deserved more.

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‘So we will speak soon yeah’ you and Jack had been skyping for the past hour and you had said that you best be off as you really have to study for your exams, you could hear Finn chuckling in the background, ‘yeah course Jack and bye Finn’. As you said bye to Finn his head popped onto your monitor ‘bye Y/N’ Jack lean’t back looking a little annoyed ‘you know Y/N Jack’s only mad because he really wants to say “bye Y/N love you” but he’s worried you won’t feel the same. How would you feel?’ Jack split his fingers to look at your reaction, you blushed ‘umm’ you were nervous and it was understandable because… well he was Jack Harries causes of many girls wet dreams. ‘I suppose I wouldn’t mind’ and with that Finn gave you a wink and ran and Jack ran after him not before saying ‘bye Y/N, i’m gonna go kill Finn now’  ‘bye boys!’ you shout before signing off. 

005. YouTuber Preference: Uncontrolled Urges
  • I am a never say never kind of person, but I feel very confident in saying there is a very slim chance that I will ever post any image that can be consider pornography. That being said, I am human and of legal age and, you know what, sometimes I enjoy a little smut. I promise to always be respectful when I post smut. Something or someone can be sexy without being pornographic. So yes. There is your warning. This is a smutty preference. And if you have a problem with it, blame this GIF below, it was the inspiration. The nerve of that boy causing my hot pocket to get all steamy.


“Someone forgot about lunch.” Without saying ‘hello’, you announced yourself in Jack’s office. You hadn’t even bothered to knock, simply walked into his designated room and shut the door behind you, leaning your back against it to keep it shut. While you weren’t seething with anger at Jack, you were a bit disappointed. His first love seemed to be his website and vlogging and, sometimes, it felt like you were the other woman taking what she could get from him when she could get it. You had been looking forward to your lunch date since making the plans a few days ago and not just because you were really craving pasta, but because you wanted some real face time with your boyfriend while the sun was still out. 

“Shit.” Jack looked up from the laptop screen in front of him and hissed, his eyes apologizing before his mouth moved again. “That was today.” It only occurred to him now, an hour after he was supposed to meet you in Paddington at the little bistro near your own place of work.

“I knew you forgot when there was no 'on my way’ text.” Thankfully, you didn’t wait around in the restuarant, you simply stood outside for ten minutes before knowing exactly what was going on. You actually felt entitled to a cash prize for finding your boyfriend in the exact spot you thought he would be in, behind his desk, typing away, the sound of slow indie music leaving the speakers. Jack was quick to put the music on pause though as he stood up and headed over to you.

He was dressed up which wasn’t really very common for him, even at work. The office was casual and he was truly a comfort over style guy through and through.

“Don’t hate me.” Jetting out his bottom lip, he pouted at you and moved in to give you a small kiss. He intended it to be small, just a peck, but he found himself opening up your mouth with his and poking his tongue in for just a moment. “I will make it up to you.” He promised, stepping away and stuffing his hands in his pocket. “I had a weird meeting today that was why it slipped my mind.” It was just an excuse, but you accepted it. Sometimes, these things just happened. “Let’s go get lunch now!” He clapped his hands together, thinking the date could still be salvaged.

“No. I need to be back at work. I only get an hour.” You shrugged. Since you had taken the tube to see Jack, you wouldn’t even have time to even grab coffee and a bagel on your way back and you really were hungry.

“But I’m hungry.” Jack pouted, whining like a boy who had been refused cookies and milk before bed.

“That is your problem.” Smirking, you told him and reached forward to squeeze his nose playfully.

“Good thing I’m a problem solver…” He leaned up against you again, kissing your jawline lower and lower. “I am the boss, you know…” He loved saying that, reminding himself. He smiled proudly and sucked on your clavicle, the feeling of your knees knocking below him enough to harden him under his trousers.

“Jack,” Somehow, you manged to let his name exhale from your mouth. “I got to go.” He wasn’t the only one with responsibilities.

“Just tell them you ran into a very important client…” His head was buried in your chest, fingers reaching up to fiddle with the buttons of your black blouse. “One you needed to please badly.” His mouth was too distracted to talk after that as he licked the round curve of your breast, helping it out of your bra cup slightly so he could have access to your nipple. His mouth was warm as fresh syrup over it, holding it between his teeth until it grew as hard as he was. With one hand, Jack held both of yours over your head and ground his hips against your waist. “You going to fuck the boss?” He asked, rhetorically, before fishing your other breast out for kissing. 

Whimpering, you nodded, the idea of returning to your own work gone from your  mind.

Alfie: It had been a little while since you and Alfie were around one another. You two didn’t live in the same area like you had as playground children and keeping in touch grew more difficult as life presented new responsibilities. Still, when you did see Alfie, no matter how you both tried to act normal and cordial with one another, the inevitable always seemed to happen. Your few mutual friends, such as Marcus Butler, didn’t even know why you both tried to prevent it anymore. Everyone knew you two were sexual fly paper for one another.

Playing footsie under the table throughout dinner at Slug & Lettuce, dragging the toe of your shoe up his leg as he polished off his plate of appetizers, somehow you two managed to act like you weren’t raised in the depths of the jungle during dinner. You made it through your meals without any need to be excused. Sure, there was an erection under his jeans that was being concealed by his napkin and the Niaga Falls had relocated to between your legs, under your own jeans, but that was to be expected.

“I’m just going to go to the washroom. Hold on.” The bills had been settled and everyone was ready to go to the next destination, a movie that Marcus had picked. You really did have to go to the washroom. You wanted to check for food in your teeth and just freshen up. As you stood in front of the sink and mirror, you rummaged through your purse over your shoulder and found your hairbrush. You didn’t even take the tool out though. The door swung open and once you turned to look, you saw Alfie locking it behind him. He was chuckling already, mischievously, as he rushed up to you and drove his hands up your sides and around your chest. 

“That wasn’t code. I really wanted to freshen up.” Laughing, you told him, watching as he massaged your chest in the mirror, his head resting on your shoulder. 

“You look fine. You can’t freshen up if you’re not a mess.” He grumbled. To him, you always looked good. He had had a crush on you in grade school, harmless and sweet, but Alfie didn’t know you were going to grow up into a bombshell. Not just a swan, but a mega bombshell. 

Counterclockwise, you turned around in order to be sandwiched between the sink and his chest. You lifted your eyes all the way up from his waist to his eyes, fluttering them, before saying, “Then mess me up…” in a perfectly normal tone of voice.

Alfie didn’t need to be told twice. He lifted you up onto the sink, no even wondering if it would be sturdy enough for you both, and went for your neck with his mouth and the buttons of your jeans with his fingers quickly. Your friends were waiting outside the restaurant, you knew you two would have to be quick, but he didn’t have it in him to wait any longer.


Jack wasn’t the only one in the duo that could be cheeky. Finn had had it in his mind for the last two days, ever since his brother started to annoy him over petty things that he wanted done, that he was going to take you up to Jack’s bedroom when he was out, and do you dirty right on his brother’s bed. He didn’t know if he would even organize the sheets neatly after or just leave it as crinkled as you two made it. Finn was just feeling a little vindictive. 

You hadn’t ever been to Finn’s house when it was just the two of you. Usually one of the other four members of his family, if not all, were wandering around or residing over one room in their Chiswick home. 

“Netflix and popcorn, right?” You asked, holding up a sleeve of caramel corn that you carried over in your purse like some kind of candy fiend. That had been the plan at least. 

“Yeah, but the TV is better in Jack’s room.” Casually, Finn mentioned as he headed up the stairs, you only trailing behind by a single step.

“He won’t mind?" 

"He won’t mind.” Finn confirmed and opened up the door to his brother’s room, holding it open for you. “Just make yourself comfortable on the bed.” Finn wandered in and found the remote for the television, fiddling around with it for a second until the screen for Netflix was up. He laid down beside you, his back against the wall and handed you the remote to pick what you wanted to watch. The popcorn sleeve was between your legs and as soon as you started to scroll through the selections, you felt Finn’s teeth. He was sucking on your ear, your sweetest spot, and had a hand between your thighs, but not because he wanted some caramel corn. He just wanted you, he wanted to put you all over his brother’s bed: your hair, your flavor, your perfume, everything. It only enriched the task that he knew Jack had had a crush on you when you first met the boys last year. Jack had backed out since it was obvious you were more interested in Finn, but the fact still remained.

“Finn, come on….” You tried to crook your neck away from him, laughing as you looked at the screen, but Finn was not easy to stop once he started. His hand glided higher up, running just his knuckles against the fabric of your floral underwear. 

“They feel lacy…” He chuckled in a low tone in your ear, moving to kiss your cheek and then taking your mouth, distracting you.

“This is so bad…” Once you were on your back, popcorn rolled off the bed, you giggled. Your hand was between his flesh and the elastic band of his boxer briefs as you squeezed his butt, catching some oxygen as he had just released your mouth. His focus was on taking off your blouse now, his fingers wet as you had just began to drip under your skirt from his teasing. “This is Jack’s bed…” You giggled again, the guilt not enough to stop you. 


The evening was cool which made the water feel even sharper and colder against your skin. Unfortunately, Casper could generally talk you into doing anything - even night swimming in the dead of night at the pool of the hotel you were staying in on your first holiday together. Tomorrow, you would be joined by his group of vlogging friends, so it was your only night to be completely on your own and you both wanted to take full advantage of it.

At first, you two had been cannon-balling and swimming around like free fish, the Dory to his Marlin, but within just fifteen minutes, you two had each other wrapped up and were kissing in the middle of the Bondi blue pool. He was holding you up as you were weightless in the water, your legs loosely locked around his waist. 

“You know I love you, right?” He checked, breaking your lips off of his and combing his soaking locks back out of his face.

“Yes.” Smiling, you nodded and went back to kiss him again. “And you know that I love you…” You pushed yourself up against his body, trying to point you both in the direction of a wall. “I’ve never done it in a pool before…” You whispered with your forehead against his. 

Casper blinked at your face twice, making sure that he was awake and not dreaming, before his eyes took a journey of your wet body, paying close attention to your hips under the water and under his arms. 

“Well, I think we need to change that.” He hadn’t ever had pool sex either and, to be honest, he hadn’t thought about it until the most gorgeous girl he knew was wrapped up around him like a sailor knot. He started to swim back a little faster, not breaking his lips off of yours as he went for a wall. One of your hands sliding down his wet chest, into the chlorine water, and pulling aside the bottom of your suit so he could have some access. 

Let me know if there is another youtuber you like preferences for and I’ll add them. Thank you!

Finn Harries Imagine

(requested) he gets jealous

“Hello everyone, it is the first day of Vidcon and I’m here with Louise, Joe, Zoe, Alfie,” Jack said, while pointing the camera at everyone,“and this loser,” he finished, pointing the camera at you.
“Hey, what the hell!” You said, jokingly.
“You know I love you,” Jack said, wrapping his arm around you and pulling you extremely close to him as a joke so you would feel uncomfortable.
“Just let go of me,” you said, laughing.
“Not until you say you love me too.”
“I love you too Jack.”
He let you go and you slightly pushed him before walking over to Zoe and Alfie.
“You and Jack are so cute together y/n.” Zoe said to you once you reached her. You looked at her kind of strangely. You had been dating Finn for the past 7 months, which she knew. Sure you and Jack were close, but you loved him like a brother, not anything more. She obviously didn’t mean anything serious by her comments, but it still felt strange when she said them. You just shrugged it off and started to talk about something else with her and Alfie.

Later that day, everyone from before, only now including Finn, was in Zoe and Alfie’s hotel room. Jack was editing his footage from the first day, while everyone sat around and chatted with each other. While he was editing the beginning, Joe mentioned how cute your fake argument was with Jack. Everyone then gathered around him and watched the little play fight you had, agreeing with Joe’s comment. When everyone had stopped watching, you saw Finn leave the room, although no one else seemed to notice. You told everyone you were tired and that you were going to bed, said your goodbye’s for the night, and went to go find Finn. You figured he had just gone back to the room, so that was the first place you checked. Sure enough, there he was lying with his back to you on the bed.
“Finn?” you asked,“What’s wrong?”
“What do you mean what’s wrong?” he asked, but not turning around to face you. You sat on the other side of the bed and rolled him over so you could look at him.
“Why did you leave the room?”
“Because I was tired.”
You looked at him questioningly before saying, “I know that’s not why. Please tell me.”
“You know why I left?” he asked, sitting up now,“I left because I’m sick and tired of you spending so much time with Jack and everyone saying how cute you guys are when you’re supposed to be with me!”
You looked at him and said,“Are you jealous, Finn?”
“No, I just don’t like the fact that everyone thinks you would be so cute with Jack when they should be saying that about us.”
“That’s being jealous, sweetie.”
You kissed him lightly on the lips before saying,“Finn, you don’t need to be jealous whenever I spend time with Jack. I understand that we do spend quite a lot of time together and we joke around, but you have to remember that I love him the same way you do: as a brother. You’re the only guy I want and the only guy I’ll ever want, ok?”
He looked at you and smiled. “Ok,” he said, and pulled you in for a deeper kiss.

a/n to the anon who requested this, i hope you liked it! i tried to follow what you said exactly, so i hope this was what you were looking for. feedback means a lot to me, so please message me or something if you have any.


anonymous asked:

Is Jack still dating Ella?

Hi Anon, sorry this took too long and sorry if I have / not have answered this before (I really don’t remember if I did)…

You know I’m not personally friends with Jack or Finn or Ella (I wish I was) so I won’t say for sure that they are / are not still dating.

However, I have a strong theory that Ella and Jack have broken up sometime last year. Here are the reasons:

For the longest time, Jack has claimed to be single and this has been proven by his very strong reaction to Valentines Day:

My guess is that they stopped dating by September or end of August. The last time they were publicly spotted together on a video was around May or April 2013 (we’ll never know because vloggers tend to upload their adventures on a later date. Zoe uploaded the video in May and Ella Instagrammed about it on April) on Zoella’s vlog at Madame Tussauds where they weren’t necessarily with each other but were in the same event with the same group of people.


A few months after that, Jack went on a secret-not-so-secret vacation in Spain without Finn and we know this because of a Spanish-speaking Finn video they uploaded on the JacksGap channel on July 15th:


Jack posted this photo on Instagram taken in a spa during his weekend getaway. This photo was dated July 22 and was captioned: “Having a spa day with my girlfriend.” 

While we have all reasons to think that Jack was referring to the statue as his girlfriend, I (and a few other Instagrammers) believe that he actually WAS with his girlfriend in that spa because on July 21st, Ella posted this photo on her IG account:

That sure does look like a spa. Now after these no other traces of Jack and Ella can be found. This video however, should sum up my theory of why, how and when Jack and Ella broke up:


Not long after that a YouNow broadcast from Jack and Finn confirmed a hush hush rumor that they are going to India for the Rickshaw Run. WIth Ella going for her gap year in Australia and Jack becoming super busy with India (and Dubai after that and many other places after wards), we could probably say that they have decided to leave things for now and concentrate on traveling and living the life.

One possible trace of evidence: Ella uploaded a video of her singing (very rare in her channel despite her awesome talent) Arctic Monkeys where she seemed rather sad and introspective.


Ella stayed in Australia for 6 months and well decided to travel again to… where, you ask? INDIA.

My theory? She was inspired by Jack.

Also, Ihave a theory that they will be back together in the future… someday, maybe. This recent photo looks a lot like Ella was Skyping with someone who really wants to be with her. The stark white walls, that headboard, that violet light? This all seems SOOOO familiar, isn’t it?

Also, the “Liked Videos” section on Ella’s channel shows that she still watches him and gets updated with his life. Jack’s been mum about his love life as usual. But we’ll all be at a look out for new JackElla stuff, yes? Because Lord knows this OTP has got to happen again!

Okay, This sounds super cute, and I’ve been feeling kind of poorly lately, so I hope I can do this justice. Hope this is kind of what you had in mind, let me know what you think! :)

“Chop! This isn’t funny!” Izzy almost yelled as she smacked Chop on the arm, “Rae is really worried! I mean it HAS been three days and she’s gotten absolutely nothing from Finn!”
“Izzy, love, there’s nothin to worry about, alrigh’? I mean I’ve talked to ole Finny Boy and he’s absolutely giddy over Raemundo!” He said back to her, rubbing the spot on his arm where Iz had whalloped him. She might be small, but she can pack a punch when she wants to!
“Chop! You don’t understand!” Izzy turned to face Chop on his bed, sitting up straight, which made him sit up as well, “Sure YOU know he had a good time, and that he proper fancy’s Rae, but RAE doesn’t know that! And she wouldn’t cos he hasn’t said anything to her!” She looked at Chop with her big green eyes, begging him to understand the female perspective.
Chop would do anything for Izzy, so with out hesitation he offered his services, “Alrigh’ then, what do I need to do? Cos I know Rae Rae won’t listen to anyone but Finn about his feelin’s. And Finn ain’t the best with talkin.”
“Oh don’t you worry Arnold, I’ve got it all planned out. You just need to make sure Finn gets down to the pub tonight about 8.”
“Can do, m’love. Can do.” Chop smiled back at her with this toothy grin.
“Oh and Arnold? Can you see if Finn… um… if he…”
“If he wha?”
“If he has a facination with Emu’s?”
“Wha? Emu’s? The fuck? Wha the fuck would Finn wanna ‘ave to do with an emu?”
Izzy giggled sweetly and said “Oh nothing, just stuff from girl talk.”
Izzy was beaming as always as she bent over and gave her Arnold a sweet kiss on his lips before hopping up and heading out. She had to finish her plan.
When she got home she called Rae, and told her to come down to the pub a little before 8 to meet her and Chloe for drinks and girl talk.
“But Iz, I don’t know if I should really go. You and Chloe are just gonna be jabberin on about your boyfriends and how amazin they are and I’ll just be sittin here like a div.”
Rae really didn’t want to go, but Izzy had to make absolutely sure Rae would show up.
“Raeeee!” Izzy pleaded, “Please come! We can make a deal, I won’t talk a word about Arnold and I’ll make sure Chloe doesn’t say anything about Davis.”
“Who the fuck is Davis? I thought she was with that bloke, Dallas?”
Izzy laughed, which made Rae laugh as well, “No,” Izzy said, “She dumped Dallas last week cos she said he didn’t have his own car or scooter. But that’s a yes then?”
“You’ve twisted my arm Iz, I’ll be there.”
“Oh yay! Alright Rae, I’ll see you soon then!”
They said their goodbyes and Izzy then called up Chloe to tell her the rest of her master plan.

It was ten minutes until 8 when Rae showed at the pub. Izzy was sitting in the back corner at a rather small table.

Rae walked over and took a seat. Izzy seemed to be a tad more fidgety than normal, but then again, it was Izzy, so Rae didn’t read too much into it. “So, when’s Chloe gettin here then?” Rae asked Iz. “Not sure. I told her we were meeting up, but you know how she is. Fashionably late is her thing.” Both girls giggled. It was easy for Rae to be with Izzy. She didn’t have to worry about backhanded comments, or saying the wrong thing like she did with other girls like Chloe. The two girls sat chatted and ordered a drink. Rae had finished almost half of her snakebite when she realized that Finn and Chop had just walked in. “Shit Izzy! I thought you said this was a girls night!” Rae whispered, hoping the approaching boys wouldn’t hear her. “Well it was! But you and Finn need to talk! Chloe isn’t coming, she was on stand-by incase Finn invited Arch or some other mates to come along. You gotta talk to him Rae, he really likes ya. And I had to get you down here somehow.” Izzy smiled at her apologetically. “Oi! Raemundo! Alrigh’?” Chop bellowed as he took a spot beside Izzy, kissing her on the cheek. Rae shook her head to indicate a “fine” but she sat as stiff as could be. Her hear was racing. They weren’t goning to leave Finn here with her, were they? She held her breath hoping that Izzy and Chop would stay there with her… and Finn. Finn took a seat right next to her. “Uh, Chop. I’m not feeling too well, would you mind dropping me at mine?” Chop looked confused for a minute, because he had just gotten there, but then you could almost see the pieces click together and he got it, “Of course babe! Let’s go lightweight!” And off they went. “SHIT!” Rae thought, “SHIT SHIT SHIT” She was bricking it. Finn looked at her for a moment before he finally spoke. “You look nice.” was all he could get out. He was nervous as fuck! He thought she didn’t want to see him anymore. He thought they had had a great date, but then he had to get all weird and try to help her bowling game… and he couldn’t even hold her hand properly! He had fondled her fingers like a fuckin div. She didn’t seem like she wanted to kiss him… He was mortified sitting there with her. He liked her so much… “Thanks, you too.” She said back to him. Then she grabbed her jacked, “It was nice to see you Finn. I.. uh… I gotta get back. Don’t want Linda worried….” “Wait, “he stopped her. Her breath caught. “Yeah?” She asked him. “Have a drink with me first?” “I don’t know… I mean I real…” “Please?” She looked at him and figured she might as well get this over with. It was bound to happen sometime, so why not now? He was going to break up with her before they even got together. Finn went and got Rae another drink and he his own and sat back down. “Rae, can I ask you somthin’?” He said to her. “Sure.” She said looking down at the liquid in her glass, avoiding eye contact. “Well… I was just wonderin’…” Finn was so nervous. But he had to know. He was falling hard and fast for Rae, and he had to know if she even remotely felt anything for him. “I… was wonderin if you had fun the other night? Cos I did. I really liked spending time with ya… I liked takin ya out…” Rae’s eye’s bugged out of her head, “Ya what?” He looked at her confused for a moment then said “I like takin ya out. Showin ya off. Takin you on… uh… dates and stuff.” Rae’s heart almost stopped. “Finn, I had a lovely time with you. I thought you hated it… I mean you didn’t call… and we haven’t talked…” She said to him as she watched his face change, it looked like he was happy. He was smiling. “Rae, I’m shit for not calling. I thought you hated bowling with me. I guess I was just nervous it didn’t go as well as it did in my head. I started thinkin of all the stuff I did wrong and… yeah. I got too nervous to call ya.” Now Rae was smiling, “Finn It was the best date I’ve ever been on. I thought you had your fill of me.” “Rae, I don’t think I’ll ever have my fill of you, ” he said and grabbed her hand on the table. Rae blushed a bright red. “Although, there is one thing I wish I could have changed about our date” he said, still holding her hand. She looked up at him quizzically, “What?” “I wish I would have kissed you so you’d know how I felt. So we didn’t have to get set up to just talk to each other.” He smiled at her. Even He was amazed at himself for that comment. “Well, ” she started, “How about we have a do over? I can kick your arse in bowling again, and then you can kiss me.” She teased. “So, you have to beat me in bowling before I get to kiss you? Shit, let’s head down to the bowling alley then! But I’d rather just do it now and save myself the embarrassment.” Rae’s eyes got wide. She almost didn’t know what to say, but her courage found it’s way back to her, “Well then, get to it. We don’t need you to put another bruise on that ego of yours.” He put his hand up and cupped her cheek, pushing a bit of her hair back from her face, and lightly pushed his lips to hers. They both saw fireworks, and heard them? No, they weren’t hearing fireworks, they were hearing Izzy screeching noises of excited joy, and Chop, Archie, and Chloe clapping with resounding choruses of “about time!” and “Get it Rae Rae!” Rae and Finn both blushed slightly and smiled at the rest of the gang. They truly had the best bunch of friends in all of Lincolnshire, and probably all of England, hell, probably even the world. “So, what’s this about me and emu’s now?” He asked her. “Oh nothing.” Rae laughed and took a swig of her drink, thinking of a way to get Izzy back for the emu comment as the rest of the gang came over to join them.
Joe Sugg imagine || Teased Part: 3 ||

Part I: Joe Sugg : Teased. 

Part II: Joe Sugg : Teased Part: II.

- - -

“How exactly did you manage to organise so many people, so quickly in a fucking city you aren’t even from?” You were looking at Tyler who had spent the majority of the night texting and planning.

“Shit, I’m just fucking amazing.” He said as he looked up from his phone, making a horn tooting motion. “And I still have time to toot my own horn.” He smiled adoringly whilst you rolled your eyes. “I can see that.” You pointed out.

“We have everybody – that isn’t away, we have; Caspar, We have; Jim and Tanya – though Jim doesn’t drink he’s still hilarious as shit! Zoe, Alfie, Marcus, Niomi, so many people girl. Oli – who I’ve never met but that boy is fucking cute.” Tyler swooned. “Louise my Queen, Dan and Phil are away, sadly and Jack and Finn haven’t replied to me – but there’s still hope.” Tyler listed.

“…Tyler.” You stared at him, as he put his phone down on the desk, it was well into the late afternoon now. “What?” He spun leaning back in the desk chair to look at you on the edge of the bed. “What about Joe?” You continued to hold a stare with him.

“Oh… Honey.” He sat up in the chair, with a sympathetic expression as your heart dropped a little, he kept looking at you in silence before he cracked a grin. “Just kidding! He’s one of the first people I asked, of course he’s coming!” He started to laugh. “The look on your face oh it was pure heart break.” He shook his head.

“Bastard, why would you do that to me?” You asked seriously going to stand up, Tyler grabbed you and pulled you onto his lap in the desk chair, his arms wrapped around yours and he spun around a little. “Because I love to torment my bestest friend in the whole wide world!” He sung as he spun the two of you and you struggled to be free.

“Ugh – stop.” You muttered, a motion sickness feeling set in as he slowed his spinning and let you go, you stood up and held onto the desk nearly falling over. “I don’t understand you, you can handle the most alcohol I’ve ever seen someone be able to consume but a little spinning puts you out.” He laughed at you.

“Shut up.” You sighed. “I’m just teasing you, come on just think about tonight and how awesome it’s going to be.” He smiled Devilishly.

“Tyler,” you started, “I love you, like really love you – obviously, but, please, please, please don’t try to force things to happen between Joe and I tonight.” You had your hands pressed together begging him. “I know you and I know you’ll try your hardest to make something happen. But if it does, I want it to be just because it does… Not because you were working your magic.”

“(Y/N).” Tyler said, which was weird because usually he called you, some kind of pet-name, girl, pumpkin, sweetie, dear… You name it Tyler had called you it. “I promise,” he put his hand on his heart, “that I wont do a thing, promise, promise, promise.” He added a few more times and he smiled.

“Thanks, babe.” You lent over, putting your hands on the desk chair, you kissed his cheek…

“What do you think?” You came out of the washroom and did a small twirl feeling Tylers eyes falling onto you. (Feel free to change the outfit.) You’d gotten dressed in black tights with a violet plaid skirt that stopped above your knee and a short sleeve white button down shirt in which you complimented with a loosely tied tie.

“Very school girl… It’s hot.” Tyler nodded approvingly. “Not too slutty?” You looked in the full length mirror on the wall, your hands on your hips. “I didn’t undo the buttons because I want to appear to have some class.” You admitted.

“Appear to.” Tyler snickered and you shot him a look. “I mean, no – honestly it’s great. The point of tonight is to get smashed internationally.” He reminded you.

… Inside of the club you had been introduced to everyone you hadn’t met and everyone was dressed for a night of clubbing, Caspar and Joe were no where to be seen… “how long are you here for? I think we need a girls shopping day.” Zoe asked you as Louise, Tanya and Niomi agreed with her. “Next Friday.” You thought about only having less than a week left in England and it saddened you a bit.

“Oh yeah, we definitely need to go before that – maybe Tuesday?” Niomi suggested.

“Works for me.” Tanya nodded as did Zoe and Louise and they all looked in your direction. “Works for me, too.” You added taking a sip of your drink. “Yay! Girls day!” Zoe said putting up her glass as the rest of you laughed, putting yours up to meets hers.

“So, we saw Joes vlog yesterday.” Louise was looking at you before taking a sip of her drink from her straw and you reddened in the face a bit. “Yeah, we did.” Niomi laughed. “Super fucking adorable.” Louise admitted. “Thank you?” You said a bit awkwardly as Zoe was standing beside you, “really, it was.” Zoe smiled at you.

You sipped your drink quickly and Tanya laughed, “we’re making her uncomfortable.” She giggled a little. “Oh, sorry.” Louise admitted and you shrugged a little, “it’s fine.” You assured. “You know what fixes everything?” Niomi looked up from her phone and you all looked at her, “SHOTS!” She called making a gesture to the bar…

… You’d knocked back your third shot with the girls before it was just Louise and you, “again?” She asked you and you nodded. “Bring ‘er.” Louise turned to look at the other three who were still standing with you, “I like her.” Her voice was getting louder the more she drank. You finished your fourth shot of your hard alcohol of choice and you heard a familiar beat of music before Tyler half squealed, jumping up. “GIRL! OUR JAM!” He called and you bolted to the middle of the floor with him as 'Low’ by Flo Rida started and you started dancing close with Tyler and you two could move, you prided yourself on it once in a while.

As the 'low-low-low’ chorus hit, you moved lower and lower until you were at the floor with the music and moved back to stand up, “work it,” Tyler was laughing drunk already as you both danced. When the second low-low-low hit you were halfway down when you looked up and you froze almost falling on your ass seeing Joe and Caspar standing with your friends watching you.

You stood up quickly and looked down feeling embarrassed.

“Don’t stop on our account.” You heard Joe call a bright smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes like he’d been pre-drinking before arriving. “I lost my grove.” You muttered trying to find it again but you became self-conscience but thankfully the song was coming to an end and Tyler looked ready to pass out.

“Nice moves.” Joe complimented you as you moved from the floor back to the sidelines. “I… Uh, thanks.” You muttered nervously. “Why are you nervous?” Joe asked looking over you, he had definitely pre-gamed before coming to the club.

“You caught me off guard.” You admitted honestly and he laughed. “So? You can move, I’m impressed.” He said, still grinning. He was wearing black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and a blue denim jacket. “It’s a gift, I guess.” You laughed wishing the alcohol was more kicked in. “I like it – I’d like to see more.” He admitted with a wink and your heart fluttered. “I don’t think…” You trailed off, rubbing your arm a little bit. “Oh, I’ll get you back on the dance floor eventually.” He promised and you laughed. “Oh, okay.” You rolled your eyes a little.

“I’m glad I got to see you again so soon.” He added and you smiled, “Me too.” You felt bubbly happiness.

“Can I buy us a drink?” He asked and you nodded…

… The night wore into the morning and Joe had gotten you back on the dance floor several times during the night, everyone had gotten very drunk and it was a really amazing night until last call came and Jim started organising people into Ubers and sending them off to where they needed to go.

Leaving the floor with Joe as the last song finished, his arm was around your waist as yours was around his, the tie you had been wearing was now around his forehead keeping his hair puffed up from his eyes.

It was at this point everything was a little blurred and you knew you were drunk, you’d lost Tyler but you climbed into an Uber with Joe and ended up back at your hotel.

In the elevator, Joe had kissed you and it turned into a heavy make-out session that continued against the wall of the floor your room was on, his hand was sliding up under your top before you both broke apart, laughing a little as you walked to your room, opening the door you both almost fell into it and he pressed you against the door while it closed resuming the intense kiss his hand finding itself back up your top as you pushed his jacket off his shoulders to the floor… … …

You’d been sat in the guys office all day; spinning round on the office chairs, distracting everyone and of course teasing your boyfriend Finn. Finn had been super busy on the India Trip video series and hadn’t been paying much attention to you as of late and so you stared at the back of his head, you got up and got him a beer to which all you got was a muffled ‘thanks’. You resumed your seating position, ‘Oi Finnegan!’ nothing! Which was strange because you know he hated his full name. ‘Would you notice me more if I started making out with Jack?” to this Finn perked up and turned to give you his classic smirk. Jack yelled out from across the office ‘I have no objections to this plan!’. You were laughing pretty hard by now. However the text from Finn had you quiet instantly, it was a link to Jace Everett - Bad Things followed by a winky face. ;)

011. YouTuber Preferences: Superstar

It’s not the idea I originally was going to write, but I’ve been struggling with YouTuber inspiration lately and I feel bad neglecting them. Hopefully these are okay. I’m not so sure about Mazz’s. Thanks. 


Since it had been announced that you would be Emma Bloom in the film adaptation of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children alongside Will Poulter, Juno Temple, and Douglas Booth, your world had been completely rocked. When you were simply a part of the cast of EastEnders, you would be recognized here and there, but generally left alone when riding on the tube, collecting food at the market, or just out with your friends. Suddenly, you were internationally known and one the most commonly Googled people. Young children waited outside your building for a glimpse and the chance to snap a quick photo before school, people took your picture while you were eating lunch at your favorite pub, and your Twitter follower count had quadrupled.

On one hand, it was more than you could have ever imagined, but it was also a huge adjustment to make. You were used to being able to go wherever you wanted on a Saturday night and now you were being paid and bribed to show up certain places and, when you did, everyone wanted to touch you, talk to you, and take a snapshot.

Finn wasn’t sure what to make of the sudden shift in your life. He always knew you aspired to be a big time actress. When you met, he approached you because he knew you from your character, Alyssa Ossington, on EastEnders. However, he might have been a fan of you in that show, but he never considered finding out where you lived and trying to get inside. The flashing lights, the constant travelling, all the screaming, and having to hide and plan elaborate schemes just in order to go for dinner was out of his realm.

He had some experience dealing with screaming fans and people losing their minds over him since Jack’s channel took off thanks to him starring in the Twins video, but that was on a YouTube scale. You were one of the main characters in a wildly anticipated franchise. He teased you that you were the next Emma Watson or Jennifer Lawrence and while he wanted success for you, he feared it at the same time.

“One with just [Y/N]!” Paparazzi had been trying to shoo Finn out of the frame for a few minutes, but you had only just been able to hear what they were saying now as you posed on the red carpet of the film’s London premiere. Finn’s fingers loosened from your side as his hand started to pull away your bare back, the flimsy material of your pink Donna Karan dress just dancing over the curves he usually held on to.

“No, no. He stays.” You told them, your smile never wavering as you turned and snatched Finn’s hand back in yours.

“This is your night. Don’t worry.” Finn didn’t really like all the flashing lights and shouting. He and Jack worked so well as twins because Jack liked to be the star and in the center of all the attention, giving Finn time to sit back and observe.

“But…are you sure?” He was your date for the night after all and your boyfriend of just over a year.

“Yeah.” Nodding, he assured you that he really wanted the break. He was going to kiss you quickly, a simple peck, but the cameras were still snapping as you two were just talking, so Finn stepped out of the lens and waited along with your publicist and an assistant who was helping at the event on the red carpet.

He couldn’t remember being so uncomfortable before. He knew Jack would have eaten this whole night up, but it was too much for him. You were in your element, working the whole night like it was what you were put on the planet to do. Finn was happy for you, proud even, but he wasn’t sure if he could really get used to a life that didn’t come with even a shred of privacy. He was sure he would unwillingly morph from the nice guy he was into a Kanye West if photographers and fans screamed at him all day, everywhere he went. Finn wanted to be with you, but he wondered if he could put up with this lifestyle.

“Are you having a nice time?” Holding his hand, you asked him quietly while stepping out of conversation with a group of Paramont Pictures producer. He didn’t look happy, but Finn also wasn’t incredibly expressive. He didn’t wear his heart on his sleeve.

“Yeah.” He lied. “This is your night. How could I not be having fun?” He really wanted to believe the words coming out of his mouth. He thought maybe if he kept saying things in a similar vein, he might.  Happily, Finn put his hand back on your exposed spine again. He held onto your like a life preserver since he felt like he was drowning at sea in the room flooded with people, everyone working their agenda. “Do you think you could get used to this?” Curiously, mostly, Finn asked, looking down over your perfectly done up hair and eyes that were lit up brighter than the gleam off the diamonds on your clutch.

“Hell yeah.” You didn’t have to think twice. This was what you had been dreamed about doing for so long. There were home videos of you dressed up in bed sheets with bows in your hair, waving at yourself in closet mirror, pretending to be what you thought a movie star was back then. “I don’t want tonight to end.”

The panic set into Finn then and there. His mind thought about how you were better suited for someone else, but he knew that he wasn’t interested in being with anyone else. He couldn’t be what your life needed though. The idea of walking more red carpets or having mobs of people camped outside your lawn gave him a migraine right between his eyes. It was Hell. He wanted to be with you, he loved being your boyfriend, but he couldn’t help but think this new phase of your life was one that was not meant for him.

“You’re a star.” He told you out loud, whispering the words above you as if to get used to their sound. It was the truth. You were a star and he was just the clutch carrier, the arm candy, and the guy they wanted out of the shot. He kissed your forehead lovingly, hoping to hold onto you before you could catch on to how much he didn’t belong there. Smiling up at him, you glowed, and took his hand to move toward some of the other groups of people.


Flashing cameras calling out both your names, people screaming behind metal fences for autographs and photos, a chance to touch your baby soft skin, and swanky parties where you could rub elbows with people who had the power to change things. Jack had been dreaming about this for both of you since you two met doing a YouTube challenge on your channel.

You had always said that if you never advanced from making DIY YouTube videos in your bedroom that you would still be happy, but you always loved how focused and tenacious Jack was when it came to branching out. He was so determined to gain notoriety for more than his boy band good looks, twin brother, and natural charm. It seemed as soon as you two started dating, he was working around the clock for opportunities for you both. He was the one who made a meeting with the producers of the popular talk show, Loose Women, and convinced them to allow you a twenty minute spot.  Since it was around Valentine’s day, the show had a romantic theme and you chose to create heart shaped dream catchers during your segment. The whole time, as you were trying to teach the hosts what to do, they were asking you about your own Valentine’s day plans and the camera would pan to Jack in the audience, grinning like a little kid left alone in the candy aisle of the market.

“He’s cute!” One of the women squealed, knocking your hip with her own. “Do you share?”

“Not him, no.” Cutely, you peeped right back and waved to Jack.

The brief spot had been successful as Jack was tweeting throughout to his many followers, telling them to post pictures of their own dream catchers. It also opened the door for more appearances on talk shows and soon you were making the rounds all over daytime television. After a year of crafting all over UK television, you and Jack had a real fan base. Taylor Swift told Glamour magazine in an article that she was obsessed with your blog, Alexander Ludwig talked about how you were his celebrity crush, and you landed your first magazine cover alongside Jack with the caption ‘England’s Sweethearts’ in bold red letters over top.

While you were always grateful, you felt like the whole thing was orchestrated by Jack. You needed him or you would have still been alone in your room with a glue gun and a camera. As you threw your luggage over top of the fancy hotel bed in a suite that was being paid for for you both, your mind began to wonder to worrisome crevices. The sound of Jack talking on the phone and running into the bedroom outshone most of them.

“Are you almost set?” Eagerly, he asked as soon as he was off his call. He was both your partner, always promoting his own projects and causes, while consistently acting as your agent, pushing you to do more and bringing in new opportunities. “We’re supposed to be there in forty five minutes.” He reminded you as he had only a few minutes ago. This was a huge day for you as you were going to the Free People flagship store, signing the magazine cover for people, and then doing the first ‘[Y/N]’s top picks’ for the clothing brand’s website. It was a huge opportunity for you and one you were very excited about.

“I just want to put on a different top.” Your sweatshirt felt sticky after the long flight. “Hey, Jack?” He looked away from his emails on his phone, his bright eyes beaming up at you.

“How do you feel about pizza in the room tonight? It’s been ages since we just had a normal date.” In fact, you remembered that it had nearly two months ago and it only happened because your pitch meeting for an online television show was cancelled, so you two just went to see a movie at the closest cinema instead.

“We’re going to that denim launch party, remember?” Jack’s mind was organized like a State library. He knew your schedule, his own, and then some without ever having to check in his actual leather day planner. It was quite impressive. Your disappointment was obvious to him though, so he put his phone away and sat right down next to your suitcase, watching as you pulled your sweatshirt over your head, revealing a plain black bra. “Are you alright?” He checked, reaching up and putting his palm flat on the middle of your stomach. He needed you to be alright, this was a very important opportunity around the corner.

“Yeah. I just…why me?” Breathing out, opening a folded peach tunic up in front of you, you asked. Jack didn’t follow though. He took his hand off of your body and put it back between his knees, his eyebrows frowning at the question. “I mean, why have you given me this career? Why not somebody else?” He could have acted for Zoella or any number of his other friends. Sure, you were his girlfriend, but you had never asked him to call Loose Women for you. It was all his own dedication.

“Because I always knew you were a star.” Jack used to constantly go on and on over microwave dinners at midnight to you when he was pushing to get you onto talk shows that you were meant for more than YouTube videos and arts and crafts, but you couldn’t see the special spark that he did. You just trusted him since he had enough self-confidence for the two of you.

“Would you still want to be with me if I wasn’t?” Completely seriously, you asked him, your chest now covered in your top. You reached onto your hip and took the material, tying it up casually over your black leggings until there was a thick knot on the side.

“Of course!” Jack took no less than a nanosecond to shout out his answer. He couldn’t believe you had asked. “I am not with you because the rest of the world thinks you’re amazing, I’m with you because I’ve always known you are.” He leaned into you and slid up so your chests were touching. Jack snaked his hands up behind your back and kissed the tip of your nose. “If you want to not go to this launch party and stay in and eat pizza, we can…” He told you and you knew he was being sincere. The fact that he offered was enough. There was a part of you that knew this joyride wouldn’t last forever so you were going to enjoy it as much as you could while you could and with Jack by your side the whole time.


“I did not fucking sign up for this!” Joe shouted as he turned on the lamp on your nightstand and jumped out of bed. You two had finally moved in together, but after the third day when your new address was released due to someone else who lived in the high rise, people were constantly outside your building, chanting your name and waiting for a glimpse of you on the balcony or coming out of the front golden doors.

There was a time where Joe found how famous you were exciting, but that was before you had a number one song playing on the radio practically on loop. Before you were just an up and coming artist, trying to make it, opening for bands that came to London here and there, putting out songs over YouTube and on your Tumblr, but now you were a bonafide star. You were about to go and take over as the opening act for Katy Perry on her Prismatic World Tour, you had just performed on Jimmy Fallon, and Bruce Springsteen hit on you after your spot on Saturday Night Live where he made a cameo appearance on Weekend Update.

However as you slowly woke up from the sudden harsh light, you instantly knew now wasn’t the time to remind Joe that he used to want this life for you. You rubbed at your tired eyes and opened them up on Joe, opening your bedroom window and sticking his head, “Fuck off! It’s three in the fucking morning!” He said three times, cameras flashing and screaming beginning as soon as he was visible in the night sky.

“Joe, stop that!” You hissed from underneath the covers. “Get back in here.”

He still looked livid as he brought his upper body back into the room, closing the window with great force.

“We should call the cops again. This is loitering and harassment and stalking and I’m sure it’s other things!” He waved his pointed finger up in the air and headed to find his cell phone. He charged in only his boxers to the adjoining bathroom, finding his phone on silent next to a bar of soap on the sink.

“They didn’t do anything last night.” Yawning, you reminded him and reached over to turn the lamp off before lying back down, closing your eyes with ease.

“How are you okay with this?!” Joe shouted. “I am not okay with this.”

“Go to sleep, Joe.” You moaned and hoped that he would listen.

“I can’t. People are chanting your name outside.” He motioned toward the window with his frantic hand, but he didn’t need to make any gestures. You could hear it just fine yourself and even though it was inconvenient, you appreciated their support. “This is absolute fucking lunacy. How can you live like this!?”

“Because it’s my life,” You rolled over and sat up with your weight on the palm of your hands. Joe wasn’t the only one in the room that was exhausted, but he was supposed to support you just like they were, if not more so as you were his girlfriend. “And I love it!”

The two of you held one another’s sleepy stares in the darkness, his loud breathing and the singing of your name outside the only noise in the entire room. It seemed somehow that you were both sharing the same thought as you kept locked on each other.  Could Joe handle your life? Was this the straw that would break the back of your love? People asked all the time if they thought that Joe would be scared away by your success, but you always felt confident that he wanted you to be successful too much to have it frighten him or let it change things.

“Joe, are you - ?” Finally, you spoke though the words weren’t completely formed in your mouth. It was a scary thing to ask since the answer could break you down into tears.

“No, no, no…” Joe began slow, but then kept repeating the little word over and over, shaking his head and then diving to climb into bed, lying on top of you and putting his arms around your waist. “I’m not saying that. This is just an adjustment. I didn’t know how big big would be.” He shared, his vulnerability apparent in his eyes as they cast down on you. You reached up to kiss him slowly, letting him know that while your world was changing, you weren’t. You two were still [Y/N] and Joe, same as before.


On one hand, he was living his dream. Being on a real world tour dancing had been something Mazz wanted to do since he was a small boy watching Janet Jackson videos in his living room with his mum. However, he didn’t realize how much bigger he could have and should have been dreaming.

Over the course of rehearsing in London for your highly anticipated world tour, you had grown quite close to Mazz. He caught your eye over the casting call, his shirtless pop lock routine enough to make you ask for a water break after. You literally had fanned yourself when he left the room. However, you two had more than just a mutual appreciation for each other’s bodies. He was full of ambition and drive and you loved that about him. Not to mention, he made you laugh even on the hardest of days on the road. Touring and travelling had caused you deep bouts of loneliness in years past, but as you and Mazz grew very close, you never felt alone.

On the internet, people were dubbing him the luckiest man in the world. After all since your high profile relationship with Miles Teller had ended publically as you broke up with him in the middle of 1OAK and a fellow clubgoer caught it on camera, the world seemed to be waiting to see who you would be with next. At first, Mazz agreed. He was lucky to have you lying beside him every night, to have you holding his hand out in public, and to know the taste of your lips was in fact lemon lime lip balm, but as the tour went on, being ‘Mr. [Y/N]’ began to wear on him.

You were always in the front and he was in the back with the rest of the dancers. The signs in the crowd only boasted your name and he was merely a minor character sometimes mistaken for ‘Max’. You were the star, but he was yearning to burn bright. His jealousy seethed one night, on stage in Dublin, and as you leaned back into him as per the choreography, he pulled back, causing you to nearly stumble over. You tried not to read into it. It could have been a simple misstep, but he never apologized. He didn’t even say anything when you brought it up.

Icing your ankles on the bus, you sat in the middle of the aisle, talking to your publicist and manager as Mazz played Xbox on the couch beside you.

“Is it too late to back out of the MTV Movie Awards?” You asked them, looking up from the stack of papers in your hand with a pained expression. “I just would rather focus on something else.” Plus, it wasn’t your favorite event of the year.

“I would kill to go to that.” Mazz muttered under his breath, but the three of you heard him clearly.

“Well, you can go.” You shrugged and assumed it would be okay if he took your space.

“He isn’t anyone!” Not meaning to be rude, your publicist sharply interjected, earning herself a look of pure hatred from the former YouTube blogger. “I just meant we will have to call. You can’t just give the ticket away.” She corrected herself and gave him a smile to beg for forgiveness.

“Alright, do that. Are there any other events we can pass on?”

Mazz couldn’t believe it. He thought that if he was in your position, he would be going to every party he could, drinking all the champagne in the room, and snapping photos with everyone. He really thought he could do fame better than you and didn’t understand why you weren’t lapping the limelight up. 

Seven Minutes - Jack Harries Imagine (for Jessica)

School reunions. Not exactly my idea of a party but my best friend had persuaded me and being a university student, free food and booze wasn’t something you’d turn away from. 

The house was a half hour drive away from my halls of residence in a nice area of west London, and although I had never been particularly popular back when all that mattered, I was welcomed by several people as I searched the crowd for my friend, Ellie. I wasn’t sure who the host was, but whoever it was, they had a pretty tasteful set up. Decent music, minimalistic décor; overall I was rather impressed.

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Jack Harries Imagine - You make a vlog together

(Inspired by “Inappropriate Megaphoning”)

*video starts*
‘Hello! And I’m here with my beautiful girlfriend Y/N! Or commonly known by the means of the internet, Y/Y/T/N! Say hi babe’ Jack said.
'Hi guys!’ You said.
'So babe, are you gonna tell the subscribers about what we are doing today?’ He said.
'Yes! Well we are just gonna cruise around in jacks automobile with a mega phone on the roof showering people with compliments’ you said. Jack suddenly started laughing.
'Whats so funny?’ You said.
'Who was the last person that said automobile, holy Jesus’ he laughed.
'Justin Bieber’ you said, keeping a strait face.
'Touché’ he said, his laughter stopping when he said this.
'So anyway, yeah we’re gonna start now’ he said.
*next cut*
The sound of Nirvana blared out of the car speakers as Jack screamed 'CRANK UP THE VOLUME!!’ In a high pitched voice.
'Jack, it’s already loud as shit, oh my fucking god!’ You said, laughing.
'I like your hair’ Jack spoke through the megaphone to a man who had half black half pink hair.
'Who’s your stylist, Avril fucking Lavigne?!’ You shouted through the monitor. Jack gasped.
'Your so fucking rude!’ Jack laughed.
'My speciality’ you replied. You then passed a woman with a baby. You took the monitor.
'Be nice’ Jack said. You laughed.
'Your baby might be the cutest gremlin I’ve ever seen’ you said. The woman looked offended. Jack playfully slapped your arm.
'You can’t fucking say that! Jesus Christ!’ Jack laughed. You passed a little boy on a Ben 10 scooter.
'Your scooter is amazing bro!’ Jack said through the monitor.
'Thanks!’ He shouted back, his little face lighting up.
'Aw Jack, you made him smile!’ You said, holding your chest in sensitivity. Jack laughed.
'Aw! I made his day right there. I’m just a great person unlike you!’ Jack said.
'What?! I’m a lovely person!’ You laughed.
'What, calling women’s babies gremlins is lovely?’ He said.
'Yes’ you replied. You passed a group of teenage boys on skateboards.
'Watch out, here come the cool gang’ you spoke through the monitor. Jack laughed again.
'Thats not a compliment! That’s just purely taking the mick!’ He said.
'Oh come on, I couldn’t not say that!’ You laughed. Soon after, you saw flashing lights behind you.
'Oh crap, it’s the fuzz’ you said, impersonating Eugene Levy. Jack almost crashed cause he was in hysterics. American Pie references always cracked him up. You winded down the window and did a little head nod.
'Sup’ you said, with a strait face. Jack sniggered.
'You think this is funny do you?’ The policeman said to both of you.
Jack shook his head, still smirking though.
'Will you both step out of the car please?’ He said. You opened the door and stepped out, as did Jack. The policeman took your wrist.
'Are you gonna make her bend over the car like they do in the movies?’ Jack said. 'Cause I’ll pay you’ he said. You laughed and playfully slapped him. The policeman glared at him and roughly let go of you, almost pushing you down.
'Hey! Be careful with her you dick!’ Jack bravely said.
'I would advise you to shut up’ the policeman said, drawing his lips away from his teeth in a snarl.
'I would advise you to sit on my face, fucker’ Jack shouted. People were turning around and staring. One elderly woman loudly gasped.
'Oh, how rude!’ She exclaimed. You giggled at his comment.
'I’m this close to arresting both of you’ the policeman said, fuming.
'Take me now. My body is ready’ Jack said, propping his leg up sexily on the car and biting his lip. You couldn’t stop your laughs. They just came streaming out.
'Right, that’s it. Both of you get in the car’ he said. Jack took your hand and led you back to your own car.
'Where the hell do you think your going?’ The policeman yelled. Jack scoffed.
'I’m David Cameron, bitch’ he said, casually getting into the car and zooming off. You were both in hysterics.
*next cut* *your now back in Jacks room*
'So were now wanted criminals!’ You said, looking at Jack and laughing. He grinned.
'Yep, that’s very true babe’ he said.
'So will we be doing another video together anytime soon’ you said.
'Definitely’ Jack said, smirking.
'Im thinking sex tape’ he said, wiggling his eyebrows. You laughed at his cheekiness.
'Lets do it’ you said, putting your hand over the lens, ending the video.

Hope y'all liked that! I know I enjoyed writing it! Leave requests if you want!!!

Preference #111: Make a Wish

Jack: He’d noticed the time and date on his computer. He turned over at you from across the room, smiling, ‘It’s 11:11pm on 11/11/11!’ You didn’t think much of it at first. ‘Heh, that’s cool.’ ‘Make a wish! Quick before time changes!’ He could be such a child. Did he honestly think that worked? You saw him shut his eyes, a smile on his face. To please him, you did the same. You wished that Jack would stay home more, and that he’d love you forever. The easiest one you imagined on the spot. When 11:11 became 11:12, he smiled at you. ‘What’d you wish for?’ He asked cheekily. ‘I can’t tell you or then it won’t come true.’

Finn: You both stood in the kitchen picking at the remains of his parent’s family dinner. His mother made a roasted chicken, potatoes, veggies, salad…everything you’d possibly want in a meal. Unfortunately for her, that’s never enough for you and Finn. You’d fake ‘cleaning up’ so you could continue picking at the leftovers. ‘Oh look, a wishbone!’ Finn pointed out, pulling the bone from the cooked chicken. He gave you the longer portion, ‘Make a wish.’ ‘Finn…’ ‘Come on! Humor me!’ It seemed you always humored him. You tugged on the wishbone until it snapped more for you than him, wishing for happiness. ‘Looks like I’m always going to be happy.’ ‘Not when you find out that Jack ate the last bread roll.’ ‘What?! Jack!’

Dan: The whole room sang a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ while you awkwardly stood at the table. The cake was your normal rectangle-shaped cake, vanilla and chocolate, with vanilla buttercream frosting. Carrie brought cake to eat with it since she knew you’d love that. Sparklers surrounded the outer part of the two-tier cake, and little ones sat in the middle. You couldn’t be happier at how this day turned out. ‘Now, make a wish!’ Dan said. You quietly wished…for what? What did you want most in the world? Eternal happiness? Comfort? Love? You already had those things with Dan. You wished to have him in your life forever before making an effort to blow out the abundance of candle Chris stuck on the cake.

Phil: You both left the craziness of the YouTube gathering for the calm night time air in Hyde Park. You both walked until the cheers and calls of the fans faded into the distance. You loved calm moments with Phil. He made you feel so comfortable. No awkwardness or pressure to keep up conversation. You both eventually found a patch of grass where you both saw the stars high in the sky. ‘It’s beautiful tonight,’ He said, ‘Yeah. It is.’ ‘Today’s been super crazy! All those kids wanting to talk to us; nobody ever wanted that before, remember?’ ‘It’s like we’re famous.’ ‘We kinda are in a way. We’ve both gone so far with this YouTube thing, I don’t think we could ever turn back from it.’ ‘It’s scary.’ You couldn’t help but admire his profile before he pointed upward. ‘A shooting star! Make a wish!’ You wished he never changed; that all this YouTube fame didn’t turn him into someone he wasn’t. You loved him too much for that to happen now.

Some unresolved questions after Adventure Time’s season finale:
  • Where is Betty?
  • Are Finn and Jack going to keep an eye on Gunter now? Because seriously, somebody needs to.
  • With Gunter actually being Orgalorg have any repercussions with the fact that she hatched a magical kitten thing???
  • Is Ice King aware of Gunter’s true identity now?
  • Is Betty ok?
  • How is Princess Bubblegum going to get her kingdom back? Is she just referred to as Bubblegum now? Can’t she just move in with Finn or Marceline for the time being?
  • Will we ever know anything about Finn’s mom?
  • Will Martin going off to who knows where with The Comet’s mystical insides have any lasting consequences?
  • Why have both Finn and The Lich been ‘comet boys’ and is that like a super important connection or just a coincidence?

“We’ve been away for a couple of days celebrating a late 21st birthday with friends.

We’re now back for three days and then we’re going to Kenya to film and work with a really awesome charity project. 
We’re excited by the response to the first ever Shed Sessions and we’ve enjoyed the conversations and debates that have cropped up as a result of it. You can expect a couple of ‘normal’ JacksGap videos in the next 2-3 weeks. 
We’ll be at Vidcon in LA on the 25th of this month so if you’re there come and say hi!” - Jacksgap via facebook

Summer Nights


Finn’s thumbs tapped nervously against his jeans, the foot that didn’t have the phone resting on it bouncing anxiously. He had finally decided today was the day he was going to ask Misty out. Though the thought was a little easier than the action. He sat in Jack and his tent, his palms sweating to no end and heart beating straight out of his chest,but there was no backing out now. He stared at the phone letting out a sigh. It was now or never; I can do this. Wiping his hands on his jeans, he opened his phone and typed out; Hey what are you doing today? Want to watch a movie or something?

The lost boy reread the text quietly before closing his eyes and hitting send. Finn then threw his phone on the bed, his hands hitting his legs as he sighed glad he finally did it. Not wanting to see how long it would take the girl to answer, he fell back on his bed closing his eyes and hoping the beating in his chest would calm down.

You'd Better Pay Attention Now || Finn & Rose

Rose awoke from a sleep she didn’t recall going down for. She raised a hand to her aching head, but her elbow bumped something overhead. The blonde frowned into the darkness. “Finn?” Rose whispered into the shadows. The last she’d remembered, they were in town on a tour. So where am I now?

Finn, are you here?” she asked the silence that seemed to scream. She shivered, noting the coldness surrounding her. Rose expected that, being skeletons, Jack and Finn didn’t have much use of blankets, but it didn’t dampen the fact that she was freezing now. She started to sit up, to maybe get up and find something to cover up with, her hand falling against a cold and damp floor. Her head hit against something equally chilly, and she was forced to lay back down. 

Finn??” she hissed, attempting to spread her arms out at her sides, only to hit short walls. Her heartbeat picked up. Four walls. Why are there four walls? She thought, her toes tapping the fourth. Is this…is this a…coffin??

“Finn!” Rose rose her voice, clapping her hands on the ceiling now, not caring if she’d be irritating anyone else in the house. “FINN?” She full on shouted, and began kicking wildly.