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I Won’t Say it // Finn Wolfhard Imagine

So I was listening to some Disney songs today and one of the songs that played was “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” from the Hercules soundtrack. While listening to the song my mind kind of just clicked like “I should write an imagine for this.” So here I am. Happy 600+ followers to me, here’s a gift from me to you. 

Summary: Y/N refuses to admit that she has feelings for her friend, Finn.

Warnings: Cursing, as usual lmao

Characters: You, Sophia, Jack, Wyatt, and of course Finn.

Jaeden, Finn, Jeremy, and Chosen were sleeping in their rooms while you, Sophia, Jack, and Wyatt sat on the living of the hotel penthouse that the eight of you were currently staying. The seven of you just came back from a two hour press conference and you were all completely exhausted. Thankfully, they gave you all the rest of the day to relax. 

You four were watching Hercules on the T.V. It took all of you almost an hour to pick a movie. You were all arguing which Disney movie watch, the boys wanted to watch Big Hero 6 while you and Sophia wanted to watch Hercules. The boys gave in half way and decided to let you two have your way.

“I’ll be right back, I’m going to get more popcorn.” Wyatt said as he stood up and stretched his legs, “Fill me in afterwards.”

“Mhm, okay go.” You replied without taking your eyes off the screen. 

A few minutes later, Wyatt returns to the living room with a big bowl of popcorn and a bottle of water for himself.

“Okay fill me in, what happened?” Wyatt said as he shoved a handful of popcorn into his mouth.

“Megara’s about to sing I Won’t Say I’m In Love.” Jack replied while also grabbing a handful and shoving it inside his mouth.

“Ah alright thanks.” Wyatt said as he sat beside you. 

“Speaking of saying that they’re not in love, Y/N, have you told him yet?” Sophia looked at you while teasingly wiggling her eyebrows.

“What? Tell who what?” You give Sophia a look of confusion, you had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.

“Yea Sophia, tell who what?” Jack said curiously, now paying attention to Sophia and not the movie on the T.V screen.

Wyatt raises one of his eyebrows and looked at Sophia, “What are we talking about?” 

“Oh you know! Y/N has a little crush on Finn.” Sophia winked teasingly which caused you to roll your eyes.

“I never said that! When did I say that?” You said as you tried to recall the day you mentioned liking Finn. You couldn’t recall anything though because you never in your life said that particular line.

“OH SHIT REALLY? YOU LIKE FI-” You quickly put your hand on Jack’s mouth to cut him off. Jack tried to say something, but his sentences were all muffled and incoherent. Jack didn’t like this one bit so he licked your hand which caused you to quickly take your hand away from his mouth.

“What the hell, Jack! That was gross.” You looked at him in utter disgust as you wiped your hand on his shirt earning a laugh from Wyatt and Sophia.

“That’s what you get.” Jack laughed as you continued to wipe your hand on his shirt. 

“Anyway,” Sophia let out her last giggle before continuing, “You didn’t have to say it, actions speak louder than words you know?” 

“It all makes sense now, you were like staring at Finn the other day. Not in a creepy way though, it was like you admire him or something. You were the living embodiment of the heart eyes emoji.” Jack said with a wink causing Wyatt to laugh a bit. 

“You are so annoying.” You grabbed a pillow and threw it at Jack, hitting him in the face. “Look, I don’t like Finn okay? He’s… He’s annoying like you and… um…”

“You’re struggling.” Wyatt said as he opened his water bottle. He stared at you as you struggled to come up with reasons why you didn’t like Finn. He found it amusing how you tried so hard to hide the fact that you had feelings for his friend. 

“I am not! I don’t work well under pressure okay?” You huffed and crossed your arms, earning yet another laugh from Sophia and Wyatt. “As I was saying, Finn is annoying and… and loud! He is so loud! And he’s playful! And annoying!”

“You already said that though.” Sophia pointed out while chuckling.

“I hate you guys.” 

“You love us.” Jack said earning a nod of agreement from Sophia and Wyatt. 

No chance! No way! I won’t say I’m in love! 

It’s too cliche I won’t say I’m in love.

“Look at you, you’re like Megara.” Sophia joked as she watched Megara sing. 

“You know Y/N, you should just admit it. Why are you hiding it anyway?” Jack said while turning towards you. Whenever Jack does this, he means that he’s being serious. 

You friends have shipped you and Finn ever since you all started filming IT. They all thought you and Finn have some sort of connection, like you two have known each other for a while, like you were meant to be with each other sort of. They think you and Finn really blend well together. You didn’t know this of course and neither did Finn.

“Exactly, I’m pretty sure he likes you too.” Wyatt said matter of factly. As soon as Wyatt said that, you immediately turned red. 

“Aw she’s blushing.” 

“Shut up, Soph.” You say as you threw a piece of popcorn at her, causing her to giggle. 

“You didn’t answer my question. Why are you hiding the fact that you don’t romantically like Finn?” Jack placed his hand on his palm and waited for your answer. 

“The fans are probably going to come after me a-and besides… Finn doesn’t like me like that you know? He probably likes Millie or something, I don’t know.” You replied as you nervously scratched the back of your head.

“Welp thank you for confirming that you like Finn.” Jack said slyly, he just manipulated you to admit that you like Finn. 

“You little shit!” You exclaimed while throwing another pillow at Jack, so maybe you do have feelings for Finn, so what? It wasn’t a big deal. You didn’t know why your three friends are making a big deal out of it.

“Just tell Finn that you like him.” 

“Tell Finn what?” Finn said suddenly as he entered the living room. He stretched his arms and plopped himself between you and Wyatt. Your eyes grew wide as you freaked out on the inside. Your facial expression was priceless, you looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“HOLY SHIT LOOK AT YOUR FACE, THAT’S PRICELESS.” Jack yelled out while laughing his ass off. Wyatt and Sophia were also dying of laughter. 

“What the hell is going on?” Finn said in confusion as he turned to you in hopes of understanding what was currently happening. 

“I’m going to sleep, goodnight.” 

“It’s like four p.m. though?” Finn scrunched up his face in confusion as he watched you stand up from your seat.

“I said goodnight.” 

You then ran to your room, shut the door, and belly flopped onto your bed. ‘That’s it. It’s all going down hill from here. Jack’s most likely blabbering his heart out about how much I like Finn. I’m so done for. I’m never going to hear the end of this.’ You thought you yourself as you buried your face onto your pillow trying to drown out the loud conversation coming from the living room. 

Later that day:

You woke up from your rather long nap. You lazily got out of bed and checked the time in your phone. 11:35 p.m.

“Holy shit I was asleep for that long?” You said with a yawn. You then got out of your room, totally forgetting what happened hours ago.

Your stomach was growling so you decided to go head to the kitchen to grab a snack. You entered the kitchen and see Finn eating cereal. You stood at the entrance of the kitchen, suddenly remembering what happened earlier. You mentally slapped yourself and tried to keep yourself together. 

“How was your sleep?” Finn said while eating a spoonful of cereal. He gives you a small smile as he chewed his food. 

“Um…g-good. Sleep is um… good.” You awkwardly say as you tried to reach for the cereal that was inconveniently placed on the top shelf.

“Let me help you with that.” Finn put his bowl of cereal down on the counter and grabbed the cereal from the top shelf effortlessly.

“I hate that I’m short, It’s so annoying. Who placed the cereal so high up anyway?” You grumbled as you poured yourself a bowl of cereal.

“I did, sorry.” Finn lightly chuckled as he ate another spoonful of cereal.

“I bet you did that to mock me.” You joked as you poured milk in your cereal. 

Finn laughed at your response which causes you to laugh too, “Yea, I totally did that to mock you.”

“You’re such an ass, you know that right?” You giggled as you ate your cereal.

“Yeah I know, whoops.” Finn replied causing you to jokingly roll your eyes. “Hey Y/N, can I ask you a question?” 

“You’re already asking me a question, genius.” 

“Don’t sass me.” Finn says with a chuckle. “Anyway… so I heard from Jack that you… you uh… li-like me? Is that true?” 

Your face turned red as soon as Finn finished his question. You looked down at your bunny slippers to avoid Finn’s eye contact. ‘Jack is so dead.’ You thought to yourself.

“I… I um… have a headache, I should rest. Night, Finn.” You lied as you placed your bowl of unfinished cereal on the kitchen counter. You then speed walked back to your room leaving Finn confused. 

You closed the door of your room, you then leaned on it, and slid down to the floor. ‘What the fuck am I supposed to do now? Do I just hide in my room for the rest of the week? Fuck I hate myself. Finn probably thinks I’m weird. I’m going to strangle Jack.’ You thought to yourself as you ran your hands through your hair. Your face felt hot and you felt your stomach twisting. You’ve never been this nervous since you auditioned for IT. 

A few minutes later, you were still sitting down on the floor. You didn’t feel like moving to your bed. You kept replaying what happened a couple of minutes ago. Your hands were clammy and you felt a bead of cold sweat run down your back. ‘I wonder how Finn thinks of me now… What if he thinks I’m weird? Oh shit what if he hates me… Holy shit…’

You heard soft footsteps outside your door. It paused when it reached your door. ‘Please don’t be Finn.’ You thought to yourself as you crossed your fingers. 

Finn sat outside your door with a sticky note on one hand and a pen on the other. He thought you were fast asleep so he figured it was now or never. He took the pen and quickly wrote a note. He then folded it and slipped it in the crack of your door. 

What he didn’t know was that you were still awake and was sitting by your door. You hear a piece of paper slide inside your room. You stared at it for a few seconds, then picked it up, and unfolded it. 

You couldn’t stop smiling. You read the note one more time and then held it close to your heart. As soon as you hear Finn’s bedroom close, you decided to do the same thing: Leave him a note. 

You quickly scribbled down a reply and tiptoed to Finn’s bedroom door where you cautiously slipped it in the crack of his door. 

“Goodnight Finn.” You whispered softly and you then tiptoed back to your room. You placed Finn’s note on your nightstand and then went off to sleep. Finn’s message replayed in your head endlessly. 

Lmfao I was supposed to post this last night. but I fell asleep. Hope you guys like this one xx

Also, I’ll write and post the requested imagines soon so sit tight! <3

Richie @ Bill : You punched me, made me walk through shitty water, dragged me through a crackhouse… and now I’m gonna have to kill this fucking clown.

Pennywise  @  Bill: *eyes widened head tilted back in surprise * You made him do, all that? that’s rough.

Happy Birthday || Finn Wolfhard

Request: Finn Birthday Imagine 

+ Could you please do an imagine with Finn Wolfhard and a female character where they’re good friends and their friends (IT + stranger things) constantly tell them that they should go out or that they’re in love. And one time they’re just talking and eventually Finn accidentally says “I dare you to kiss me” and she actually does kiss him but then walks of awkwardly because the others walk in but don’t see the kiss. Later Finn finds her and kisses her

Characters: Reader x Finn Wolfhard 

Word count: 1092

Warning: none

a/n: let me know if you want to be added to any tag lists! I finally finished it <3  I also kinda went off of the request just a bit to better fit to the birthday theme. 

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“If you don’t open my present next Finn, I swear to god-“ Jack started before Finn took the gift, laughing. “Alright alright, chill.” Finn had invited the kids of It and Stranger Things plus josh and his band mates to his ‘birthday party’. His parents had given him the house for the night but still made Nick stay and watch over all of you.

It was getting close to 11 by now, Jeremy, Chosen, and all of the stranger kids had all headed home for the night. You, Wyatt, Josh and Jack were planing on sleeping over and Sophia would probably crash here too.

You were all sat around in the living room, you sat between Finn and Josh on the couch, Finns arm was thrown care free over the back behind your shoulders and you were somewhat snuggling gently into his side after he finished opening the last gifts. Sophia was smirking at the two of you from her spot on the chair next to Finn. Wyatt made a wise ass joke about Jack and you burst out laughing and placed a hand on Finns chest.

“That’s disgusting. You kids and your snuggling.” Josh said making a face. You laughed it off as you adjusted just in the slightest away from Finn and he took his arm away from around you.

You saw Sophia roll her eyes from the corner of your vision. Being in It was the best experience of your life. You met and worked with some of the best people in your life. They were like your second family. Finn especially.

The fandom loved the two of you. Your feed was constantly filled with ship edits and comments about your friendship.

Josh, Nick, Wyatt and Finn started talking about a new game Finn had just got from his parents. You pulled out your phone to check what you had missed over the course of the night and saw Sophia had tagged you in something.

@/Sophialillis posted 33 minutes

[picture of Finn smiling at you with his arm around your shoulders and Josh rolling his eyes]

sophialillis Happy Birthday Finn! Hope 15 treats you well @/finnwolfhardoffical

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User1 oh my god guYs our BEANS 15
User2 (y/s/n) confirmed

“When did you even take this?” You asked holding the phone up for her to see. She smiled, “a few minutes ago.” Finn took the phone from your hand and he looked at the picture smiling. “That’s really good!” “Thanks, I just needed something to post.” Sophia shrugged. “It’s gonna get (y/s/n) tending again.” Jack smirked. You shot him a glare and took your phone back from Finn.

“Hey Finn do you mind if I go check out that new setup you got?” Wyatt asked already heading for the door. Finn shrugged, “sure, just don’t mess it up.” You chuckled as Sophia got up from her place, following Wyatt. “I want to see too.” “And me!” Josh yelled from next to you pushing himself up. “I’m gonna go call Ellie. I said I would and you know how she gets if I don’t.” Jack left right after then and then it was just heavy silence between Nick, Finn and you. “Well, I’m gonna go get the left over cake.” Nick said before also leaving.

You took your phone out again and went back to Sophia’s post, “oh god, look what Josh commented.” You groaned. The ship had sailed. Finn read it and laughed, “I dare you to respond to it.” You started laughing too. “I dare you to post this.” “I dare you to Kiss me.” He said it so quickly that his eyes grew wide when he realized he had in fact, exactly said it. You also in the spur of the moment leaning in and gave him a chaste kiss on the lips. 

Heat rose to your cheeks as the two of you fell into silence again. “I-I’m gonna go check on Wyatt and Sophia- yeah I’m just gonna, yeah.” you rambled, leaving the room with your head down. When they were all done looking around Finns room and messing with his stuff to see if he’ll notice, you all went back to the living room where Finn was talking to Nick with pink cheeks and doe eyes. Everyone sat back down in their spots as you stood in the doorway and watched as the only spot left open was the seat in between Finn and Josh. You hesitantly sat down.

“Hey (y/n/n), your literally on top of me. Go back to your boyfriend.” Josh joked pushing you into Finns lap. Your face turned scarlet and you scrambled to sit back between the two. “Did we miss something?” Wyatt asked and you and Finn both went into a frenzy of shaking heads and denial.The tension between you and Finn was unbearable until your friends went back into there lame jokes and you completely forgot about anything that had happened earlier.

Everyone started to eat the remainder of the cake and you suddenly remembered the plan you had pushed aside earlier. You waiting till Finn was looking away, talking to jack, to take some of the cake into your hand. “hey , Finn.” you hummed, He turned to you with a gentle smile. “Yeah, what’s up?” you smirked before shoving the cake right onto his face. “Happy  birthday.” 

His mouth fell open in shock and everyone else erupted into laughter. He grabbed a handful of cake without breaking eye contact and you started to scoot back. Josh leapt up behind you to get out of the line of fire as Finn pushed you back against the couch arm and hovered above smashing cake against your cheeks and lips. You weren’t aware of everyone watching you, not rooting for a winning but just that something would happen and they’d be the first to witness it. You didn’t see Sophia hold onto Wyatt’s hand to tight it turned red or Josh and Nick smirked at the two of you. All you were aware of was Finn, and how close he was, and how sweet his lips would taste under all the frosting.

 He most definity saw this as an opportunity to kiss you back, and he wasn’t going to let his friends presence ruin it for him. He leaned down, the smile dripping off his lips as he connected them with yours. Soft and slow and short. But  enough to let you know how he feels. 


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Hard To Fall In Love ~ Finn Wolfhard x Sarcastic!Reader

Warning: Swearing

Finn Wolfhard was stood outside of his Vancouver townhouse waiting for his best friend of fifteen years to arrive. She was supposed to be here five minutes ago, and he wanted to spend some time with her before the rest of The Losers arrived for the bank holiday weekend. He took his iPhone out of the back pocket of his black, skinny jeans and unlocked it. Biting his bottom lip, he dialled Y/N’s number and listened to it ring. When she picked up, he grinned. 

“Wolfhard!” Finn could hear the grin in her voice, “If you’re wondering where I am, I’m getting us food because I am starved and I’d feel bad about bringing lunch and not getting you anything.”
“Thanks, Y/N. Always lookin’ after me, aren’t you?“ 
"Of course I am. Who else is gonna do it? You don’t exactly have a girlfriend to buy you pizza and fries now do you? Not with that face, anyway.” Finn laughed at his best friend’s remark.
“Is that right, Y/N? I don’t see you’re boyfriend anywhere either! Probably because you can’t have a conversation with anyone without coating your words with sarcasm.”
“When you’re right, Frogface, you’re right.”
“Obviously. So when are you getting here? Jack texted me a few minutes ago saying that he and Jae are ten minutes down the road.”
“I’ll be there in five, pumpkin.” The nickname was sass-coated and sprinkled with irony, but Finn smiled at it nevertheless.

Just as Y/N had said, her Mother’s Jeep rolled onto the driveway five minutes later, tires crunching on the gravel. As soon as the car stopped moving, Y/N jumped out with her Hype backpack and two large pizzas. She was wearing jeans, a stripey yellow jumper, and a pair of her iconic Dr Martens. Today’s pair were black with yellow laces. 

“Bye Mum,” Finn heard her say, “I’ll text you when to pick me up on Monday.”
“Hey, Mum!” Finn called out with a wave. 

He had always called his best friends Mother, Mum since she practically was, and vice versa. They were all one big family. Y/N’s Mother waved and smiled before backing the Jeep out and setting off back towards home. Y/N came over and kissed Finn on the forehead, something she always did. It meant nothing but ‘Hello’. Or so they both thought.
“Afternoon, Frogface,” She said with a smirk, “How’re you?”
“Good. How’s my favourite girl?”
“Absolutely spiffing.” Finn laughed at her fake English accent and led her back into the house. 

They went straight to the kitchen where Y/N set the food and her backpack down. Just as she did so, they both heard another car pull onto the drive. Wordlessly, the two friends went out to greet Jaeden Lieberher and Jack Dylan Grazer. Everybody else arrived shortly after.

You felt as though you were finally at home. Not just because Finn’s house was basically yours too, but because of the people around you. Sophia, Wyatt, Chosen, Jaeden, Jack, Jeremy and of course, Finn. Currently, everyone was sat in Finn’s living room eating the pizza you had bought, catching up on everything that had gone on while you were all apart. It was nice to be with everyone again, especially Sophia. 

“So,” You nudged her and smiled, “Have you spoken to Jae yet?”
“Lower your voice,” Sophia whispered, “And no, I have not.”
“And why is that?” You couldn’t stop smiling, especially when Sophia started to blush.
“Because I need more time to figure out what I’m going to say.”
“How about, ‘Hey Jaeden, I’ve been in love with you since we were filming IT and ever since our kissing scene, that’s all I’ve wanted to do. Also, I think you are really fucking hot’? How’s that?”
Sophia playfully elbowed you, the both of you starting to giggle. Of course, Jack had to be the one to catch on. He picked up another slice of pizza and raised his eyebrows at the both of you.
“What are you two bitches gossiping about?” He said, “And why is Sophia blushing?”
You noticed that Jaeden was eyeing Sophia and smirked. “Oh, nothing. Just talking about Sophia’s eye candy.”
“Y/N?!” Sophia shouted, grinning despite her anger, “Fucking shut up?”
Jaeden cleared his throat and looked down at his feet. Soph and I both caught on and gave each other 'the look’.
“Oooooh!” Jack leant forward in his seat earnestly, “Tell us all about him. Leave out nothing!”
Sophia’s back straightened and she started to talk. “He’s quite tall, blonde-ish hair, the cutest fucking nose ever I can’t even get over it, green eyes and-”
“Sophia,” I warned, “You might want to shut up now. Chosen is starting to catch on.”
“I think I know who it is.” Chosen stood up and whispered a name into Sophia’s ear
“Chosen Jacobs,” She said, “Keep your mouth shut.”
“HEY?!” Wyatt protested, “How come Chosen gets to know and we don’t?”
“Because Chosen guessed, Olaf,” You said
“IS IT JAEDEN?!” Finn shouted, “IT’S JAE ISN’T IT!?”

You stood up and smacked Finn’s arm. “Hey, Mr Loud Mouth, how about you bring it down a fucking peg or two? How about that?”
Finn just smirked that shit-eating grin. “It is him, isn’t it?”

Jaeden Lieberher got up and stormed out of the room. Sophia flinched and followed him. Everyone else in the room didn’t move a muscle.

“Nice one, dipshit,” You said to Finn
“Well, at least they can talk about it now. I was sick of watching Jaeden pine. It was fucking painful.”
“Beep beep, Wolfhard.” Jack and Jeremy said in unison

Sophia and Jaeden were gone for twenty minutes. During that time you finished the pizza and tried to talk about anything but what was going on outside. Finn was showing Chosen and Jeremy pictures from your childhood. You were doing a Q & A on a live stream with Jack and Wyatt. Suddenly, Jaeden and Sophia walked back into the room. Jack cut the stream off immediately. Everyone looked up nervously.

They both just smiled and took each other’s hands. That was all the confirmation you needed. The room just erupted in cheers and claps. You were all so happy for them. 

“Oh, and by the way,” Sophia smirked, “I decided to take control of the karma myself. Since you gave it away, Finn…”
Jaeden finished the sentence. “We thought it would be enlightening for everybody to know that you’re in love with a certain Trashmouth.” It didn’t take a genius to know that the Trashmouth was you. Your nickname was quite literally, 'Trashmouth Y/L/N’.

You could hear the drumming of your heartbeat in your ears as Finn stood up, expressionless.

“As if you actually just fucking said that, Jaeden.” Finn honestly sounded hurt, and that broke your heart. Apparently, it did Jaeden as well.
“Finn,” He started, “Are you honestly upset-”

Finn stormed out of the room just as Jaeden had done. His stomping footsteps up the stairs vibrated through the whole house. You jumped when you heard the slam of Finn’s bedroom door. It was safe to say that everybody in the room was quite utterly dumbfounded.

“What the fuck?” Wyatt whispered
Chosen pulled you into a hug as you let a single tear sail down your cheek. You didn’t even know why you were crying.
“I’ve never seen him get mad like that,” You muttered to Chosen
“I know, Y/N, I know. He’s just upset because he wanted to wait for the right moment to tell you. Maybe you should be the one to go up and talk to him.”
“Okay,” You squeaked

Jaeden and Sophia were sat on the sofa talking in hushed voices. You put your hand on Jaeden’s shoulder as you walked past.

“He’ll forgive you.” You reassured him

You knocked on Finn’s bedroom door and went inside. He was sat on the end of his bed with his head in his hands. He didn’t even look up when you perched yourself on the bed beside him. Without even thinking, you ran your hand through his curls. That’s when he sat up. He wasn’t crying, but you knew he was on the verge.

“Finn,” You said softly, “Are you alright?”
He traced one of his fingers along the side of your face. When he got to the end, he let his hand fall back into his lap. “You wanna know what I’m sick of, doll?” He only called you doll when he really wanted to, but you loved it.
“I’m sick of keeping a secret. Secrets are like poison. I am in love with you, Y/N Y/L/N. Every sarcastic, gorgeous inch of you.”
“You are?”
“I am.”
“You know what else you are? Fucking blind, Frogface. I’ve been feeling this way since IT.”
“Well, why didn’t you fucking say?”
“Because I didn’t want to ruin everything.”

Finn leant in and kissed you as if he was sick of the words. You couldn’t quite believe your luck. It was hard to fall in love these days. Most people were scared to let themselves fall the way you and Finn had. 

“Well shit,” You heard a voice say, “Guess they made up then.”

You and Finn both looked up to see Jeremy and Wyatt at the door. You gave them the death stare and they walked away, both saying 'finally’. You just leant back into Finn and kissed him again, forgetting about everything but him for a while.


Requested by: @fidget0leary  Hope you enjoy it! 



Don't tell me this didn't happen
  • *In line at a store*
  • Richie: *grabs Stan’s hand* Wow, this line is crazy!
  • Richie: … Wait, you’re not my boyfriend.
  • Eddie: *sigh* You’re holding the wrong hand, RICHIE.
  • Richie: *to Stan* Well now I feel compelled to finish this experience with you.
  • Stan: I’m not buying you anything.
  • Richie: Never mind, I’ll go back to my boyfriend.
  • Eddie: I’m not buying you anything either!
  • Bill: *in the back of the line* C-come hold my hand. I’ll pay for anything you want!
  • Richie: *goes to hold Bill’s hand while glaring at Stan and Eddie* Well, at least SOMEBODY cares.
  • Ben and Beverly in the background: What
New Years Reunion - Part Two Finn Wolfhard x Reader

Word Count: 1,560 (ish)

Triggers: Some swearing

Gender of Reader: Fem.

Part One can be found on my page :)

Summary: Y/N get’s a visit from her best friend and fellow IT co-star, Finn. Y/N thinks that her and Finn’s friendships purely platonic, but could all that change when they both stay at Wyatt’s house for New Years along with the fellow IT cast?

Writers Note: Hopefully this is an improvement from Part One as I didn’t feel like that was my best work. Also this is kind of a slow burner but it will kick off soon, I’m just trying to keep it as realistic as I can for now. Have a lovely day, and enjoy :)

The taxi rounded the corner and pulled up outside, revealing one of the most beautiful houses you’d ever seen. Out the corner of your eye, you could see Finn staring at you with a wide smile, he had his suitcase on his lap in the seat next to you.

You were going to be spending New Years at one of your closest friends house, Wyatt Oleff.

You mind raced as you both began to walk up the drive, you couldn’t wait to spend the week with all your best friends. You stared hard at the front door, suddenly remembering what Finn had told you the previous night.

“You’re my best friend.”

The words echoed around your head. Why did it hurt you that he’d friend zoned you? Why should it? You knew that you didn’t like him…

    “Care to ring the doorbell, Y/N.” You snapped out of your thoughts and moved your gaze up towards Finn.

The light had enhanced the mask of dancing freckles across his nose and his hair was still ruffled from an oddly cute case of bedhead. His lips were painted in a darker shade of red - due to the cold of the crisp, Winter air.

    “Y/N?” He repeated, apart from this time it was a question. You’d been staring at him for too long. Flustered, you concentrated on your feet as your hand extended for the doorbell.

    “About time lovers,” Jack jeered whilst gesturing you inside, “Did you cuties have a fun night?” He flashed you a quick wink, you were used to him doing stuff like this. As you both began to remove our outdoor ware, you saw Finn lean into Jack and whisper something into his ear.

    “No fucking way?!” Jack’s jaw dropped in awe, “So the plan is all set?”, Finn nodded in reply. They were both smiling like idiots. You began to open your mouth but were cut off from a running Sophia.

    “Y/N!” She embraced you tightly, “I’ve missed you so much, we have so much to talk about, I honestly don’t even know where to begin!” The two of you began to do that girl thing were you hug, jump up and down, and repetitively scream. This continued until Wyatt and Jaeden came over.

    “Hold up,” Wyatt began, concentrating on Finn, “Did I just year Jack confirming you want to put the plan into action?” Finn’s cheeks turned a searing shade of scarlet. He itched the back of his head and gave a quick nod.

At this moment Jaeden’s eyes grew wide, Sophia’s hand’s covered her mouth, and Wyatt’s jaw dropped.

    “So it’s true? You’ve finally admitted it?” Jaeden asked, still looking like he’d seen a ghost. Finn darted his eyes at you, turning an even darker shade of red, then gave another sheepish nod. 

The room erupted, Sophia was once again screaming, Jaeden and Wyatt were cheering in between a series of high fives, and Jack had pulled Finn into a tight hug.

You, however had no clue what anyone was on about, you began to ask but were once again interrupted as Jeremy and Chosen entered.

    “What’s going on?” Jeremy questioned, clearly confused by all the noise.

    “The plans happening!” Jaeden screamed. Chosen and Jeremy just stared for a minute. Then after it sunk in, they also proceeded to jump up and down screaming. Chosen pretended to wipe away a tear from his face.

    “Hey guys,” You began, “Can I maybe know what this plan is?” You asked excitedly.

   “NOPE!” Replied Jack, while slapping Finn on the back.

    “It’s a surprise,” Chosen clarified. Finn gave a sympathetic shrug at you, and mouthed that you’d find out in a couple days.

As much as you desperately wanted to be in on the plan, you liked surprises. Besides, you were going to be having so much fun that you’d probably just forget.

The eight of you were all sitting around the TV watching La La Land, one of your favourite movies. You were sat on the couch with Wyatt on your left and Sophia on your right. Finn was sitting on the other side of Wyatt, making up the fourth person on the couch. The others were on the couch opposite you.

The film had reached the song in which the two main characters, who were in love, were singing about how they didn’t have any feelings for each other. They were in denial but everyone knew they liked each other really.

You’re right, I’d never fall for you at all.

And maybe this appeals, to someone not in heels,

Or to any girl that feels, there’s some chance, for romance.

But I’m frankly feeling nothing

Or, it could be less than nothing…

Jack began to laugh, “Hey Y/N and Finn. That’s just what you guys have always been like.” You all laughed as Jack impersonated you both saying ‘We’re just friends’.

Finn rolled his eyes, throughout laughing, “Fuck off, Grazer.” He retorted.

Jack continued to laugh as he watched Jeremy pull out his phone. He opened up Instagram and clicked live, the fans streamed in.

    “Hey guys,” Jeremy said to the viewers, “Who thinks that Y/N and Finn are just friends.” He smirked and winked at you. Chosen, who was sitting next to him, looked at his screen and began to laugh, Jack and Jaeden joined in.

Your stomach was flipping rapidly, you were just friends, Finn didn’t like you.

Jeremy got up from his couch and walked over to where you were both sitting. He pointed at the comments streaming in;

[Yourshipname]25601: Y/N and Finn are in love, and that’s the steaming hot tea.

Strangerfans453: They’re honestly the cutest, I love them


Jaedenwesley: OMG Y/N AND FINN I LOVE THEM OMG!!!!!

You began to laugh, “Jaeden did you just comment on Jacks live?” Jaeden nodded triumphantly.

Jeremy burst out into laughter, “Now, this is my favourite comment so far.” You followed his eyes down to the comment he just pinned. Finn read it before you and was already having a fit.

uncle_jezzy: Finn and Y/N are a thing and I love them as much as the next guy, but as their rightful mom I have to set rules. Separate couches now please, sweeties xxx

    “Yo, Joe I love you, man.” Finn replied, you hadn’t seen him smile this much in ages. Jeremy ended the live.

    “See” he began, “Everyone knows it’s real.” He sat back proudly in his seat.

You all drew your attention back to the movie. Well, all of you but Finn, you could see him staring at you thoughtfully in the corner of your vision.

    “Sophia,” Wyatt began, noticing what Finn was up to, “Can you help me get snacks from the kitchen?” Sophia caught on, and followed Wyatt out the room.

Now it was just you and Finn on the couch, there was still a gap in between you from where Wyatt had been. Finn concentrated hard on the TV. You began to chew on the sleeve of your jumper.

Chosen noticed this and nudged Jack. Jack gave him a quick nod and made his way over to the couch. There was a space next to you on your other side, where Sophia had been sitting. Jack decided to fill that space so he was sitting next to you.

    “Oh god, sorry to be a pain Y/N but I just do not have enough room over here, mind moving along a bit?” He began, while stretching himself out, taking up as much space as he possibly could.

You looked from Jack to your left, where the empty space between you and Finn was. Immediately, you knew exactly what he was trying to do. Jack was trying to get you to fill the gap so you’d be sitting right next to Finn.

    “Ugh,” Jack continued, “I just have no space here, would be great if you moved along.” He said, shoving you closer, but you were frozen, you couldn’t move, why did you feel like this?

Jack began to cough in your face, “Sorry if I give you anything, Y/N. I’m so sick.” Finn was staring at you, you turned to look at him.

“Holy shit, Jack, we get it.” Finn said, rolling his eyes, pretending to be mad. He reached out for your hand and pulled you over so you were sitting right next to him. You felt like you were floating out of your own body.

You turned your head to face Jack, who quietly whispered, “You can thank me later, gorgeous.” To which you playfully elbowed him in the ribs.

The film was nearly over and you could feel yourself growing tired, sinking deeper into the couch. Your eyelids were growing heavier as you watched Wyatt and Jaeden place down sleeping bags for everyone on the floor. You couldn’t support your head any longer, it fell onto Finn’s shoulder. You felt him tense up, you were about to move your head when you felt his arm drape around your back, causing shivers to run up and down your spine. You turned slightly so you were completely leaning on him. You both relaxed.

Before you drifted off, you looked up at Finn’s face. He was smiling, the kind of smile that causes a wave of happiness to travel through your whole body.

You’d spent so long convincing fans you didn’t have feelings for him, but maybe after all this time you were just convincing yourself.

Writers Note: I hope this was okay, thank you so much for reading :)

Also feel free to send in requests, I’d love to give them a try.

I hate you? (Richie Tozier x Reader)

Author’s Note: Ooh look it’s Zoe back at it again with the cringy titles! Anyway, what’s up you guys? How are you? I’m pretty okay if I’m being completely honest with you. Life is kinda ehhh right now): so I hope you’re all better than I am (: Please send in some requests, or asks! I want to get to know you guys, and I want you all to get to know me too. I hope you enjoy this imagine, feedback is appreciated!

Ship: Richie x reader

Warnings: Nothing other than the usual, cursing and Richie’s jokes lol, oh and Henry Bowers being a jerk, but whats new?

Description: You and Richie absolutely hated each other, but what happens when one day you see Henry beating him up?


Richie Tozier was the person you hated most in the world. You absolutely loathed his entire being, his stupidly large glasses, his dumb Hawaiian button ups, and most of all his loud trashmouth. Ever since what felt like forever, you and Richie had been at a constant war with each other, always nagging on one another and pulling out all the jokes in the book. To the other losers, it was a pain in the ass, but no matter how much they bugged you guys to “just shut the fuck up.” you and Richie just kept going, the endless stream of insults poured out of the both of you like waterfalls. It was a Friday night so the other losers and you were all at the quarry, swimming the afternoon away.

“Richie what the fuck, put that down! You dont know what kind of bacteria is on that!” Eddie screamed standing up in the water trying to get as far away from Richie as possible as he held up a random turtle he found floating around.

Fed up with Eddie’s screaming you yelled, “Richie, could you for once listen to something someone is telling you and put that poor turtle down?” 

“Now why in the world would I do that sweetheart?” he replied.

Oh I dont know Richie I was just thinking that for once you could be a decent person, but that’s obviously not happening.” 

“Whoa wait a second! The (y/n) (y/l/n) was thinking? Holy hell, are you okay? That must be so hard for you!”

“Oh Richie, stop trying to be a smart ass, you’re just an ass!”

Oh (y/n)” he mimicked, “Keep talking maybe you’ll finally say something intelligent!” 

“You know, some babies were dropped on their heads, you were clearly thrown at a wall.” You sneered, hoping this would end soon.

“Well-” Richie was cut off by Bill splashing him, “C- c- c- can y-you gu-guys stop argu-ing f-for one m-m-inute?”

“Bill’s right, we cant do anything all together without you guys arguing or insulting each other the whole time!” Eddie sighed, clearly annoyed.

You and Richie looked at each other before shaking your heads. “Richie and I have been like this forever, you guys know this…” You trailed off, looking at all your friends.

“Well yeah, but why? Do you guys seriously hate each other that much?” Ben replied, as the other losers nodded their heads.

“Well I speak for (y/n) when I say this, but I know she is totally in love with me! Aren’t you (y/n)? We fight because you cant handle the sexual tension you feel when we’re together?” Richie smirked nudging your shoulder with his.

You looked up from the water, and replied, “No Richie, that’s not it.” 

“Really? Because that’s not what you had to say that time back in third grade.” He smirked as he continued, intimating your voice. “Oh Richie, you’re just the best! I love you so much!” 

“Yeah well that was before you turned into a complete dick, Rich.” You said standing up from the water and began to walk up the trail where your clothes were, pulling them on yourself and getting ready to leave the quarry, done with all this drama. Before you could leave you heard multiple voices telling Richie to go after you.

“Richie seriously, you cant just keep insulting her to hide the way you really feel about her.” Mike said, putting a hand on Richie’s shoulder, but you began to walk away, not wanting to hear the slew of insults Richie would say as his reply.

The next day your mother wanted you to go to the pharmacy for her and pick up some cough medicine for your younger sister who had fallen Ill through the night. As you rounded the corner leading to the pharmacy you heard three voices you were all too familiar with: The Bowers Gang. As you walked passed the alleyway you tried your best not to look in and see who had become the new victim of Henry and his goons, you really did, but your eyes averted after hearing yet another familiar voice.

“Eat shit Bowers!” Richie yelled as he took a hit to the stomach by Henry, you gasped when Henry punched his face, knocking his glasses off his face.

“Henry, get the hell away from him.” You said gaping at the scene in front of you. Richie was layed on the ground, blood covering his entire face, dripping onto the stupid Hawaiian button up you loathed so much, but as your stared down at him you felt your heart sting. What the hell?  you thought, but you were pulled out of your thoughts when another voice spoke.

“Well looky here boys, bucky beaver’s girlfriend is here to save the day! What kind of damage are you going to do short stacks? Kick me in the shin? Oh im so scared!” Henry glared as he pretended to shake in fear.

“No, but I will make a personal call to your father and make it clear what you were just doing if you dont leave.” you retorted, grinning when you saw the color drain from his face.

“You’re lucky your little girlfriend was here to protect you bucky beaver, but one day you wont get so lucky.” Henry spat, giving him one last kick to the stomach as he, Victor, and Belch left the alleyway.

“Oh my god Rich, are you alright?” You murmured, grabbing his bloody face in your hands as you began to wipe some away with the corner of your sweater.

“Why would you care, im just a dick remember? Why’d you even stand up for me if you hate me so much anyway?” He retorted, hissing as he began to sit up mumbling something about his glasses. You stood up, walking over to where his glasses lay, one lens was cracked, but you still slid them up and onto the bridge of his nose.

“Why wouldn’t I defend you Rich? You’re a dick sometimes, but no matter what you’re still my dick. Wait that didn’t come out right.” You giggled and Richie smirked as he said, “You know if laughter really is the best medicine, your face must be curing the world.”

You frowned down at him in disbelief, “Are you being serious right now Richard Tozier, I just saved your ass from Henry Bowers and you’re seriously still insulting me?”

Richie sighed, looking down at the ground before lifting his gaze to your eyes, “(y/n), the truth is I know you dont hate me, and as for me, there hasn’t been a single time where I’ve hated you even if I said I did. I’m sorry for being a dick and insulting you 24/7, I just dont know how to act around you, you know? You’re so beautiful and fuck I dont know, I just started feeling weird around you so I started being mean to try and hide the fact I liked you. Which is stupid, god fuck I know it is, but I just knew you’d never like me back, so I tried everything to not like you, but it was so fucking hard because you’re so likable and shit. So I started insulting you, and I just, im sorry (y/n). im sorry for being a dick, and I’m sorry for liking you and ruining our friendship because of it.”

“Rich…” you began looking down at him with tears in your eyes. “You are such an idiot sometimes, you know that?” You smiled putting your hands on his face, ignoring the fact that there was probably blood all over your palms. You looked into his eyes as if asking for permission and he just nodded as you leaned down and pressed your lips against his.

“Guess I was right yesterday when I said you loved me huh?” He smirked

“Dont push it Richie…” You cautioned, but your smile was a dead give away that he was right.

“Dont worry (y/n/n) I love you too.”

Seal of approval - Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Title: Seal of approval

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Warnings: None

Imagine: YN is Stephen King youngest daughter,and also a very famous author on her own!Bill is a HUGE fan(*wink,wink) and one day she goes to set to see her dads work and Bill sees her for the first time,and he’s just so adorkable that’s painful,so dad King and the kids help him to talk to his crush .It could be him talking about it on an interview (they’re dating now)

- Flashback -

“Yeah, of course sweetheart. Just drop by on set, I’m sure it won’t bother anybody.” the man paused for a moment hearing what the person was saying on the other line before smiling and nodding his head subtly without realizing they couldn’t see him “Of course, I’m sure Andy wouldn’t mind you sticking around. If anything he’d be very glad if you gave him a hand with directed when you’re that good.”

He paused for another moment before continuing “Alright, yes. There are plenty of people here to greet you anyway and I’m sure once the kids find out you’ll be here they are going to drop everything and be all over you in a matter of seconds. You will definitely not feel alone!”

And another small pause before he chuckled “Ok-” he glanced at Bill that was flipping through the pages of the script “Yeah yeah Pennywise will be just as happy, I know that.” he said, catching Bill’s attention for a second “See you in a little while, sweetheart. Love you too.” he added in the end before hanging up.

“Everything ok?” he asked, trying to be as polite as possible because it wasn’t really his business.

“Yeah just fine, sorting out some things is all.” Stephen shrugged “We’ll be having visitors, that’s all.”

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megelizabethvh  asked:

If taking prompts, would you make a little story about Eddie and Richie always making out in the bathroom during high school? And the other Losers are always like "where are they?" "You know exactly where they are!" "Again?!" Thank you!

The bathroom stall squeaked but Richie kicked it to a complete stop and locked it. He whipped around with a smile but Eddie was rather unimpressed and gave him a thin-lipped smile. “Do you know how unsanitary this bathroom is?” He scoffed and shook at the very thought of all the germs.

Richie shrugged and took off his jacket and laid it flat on the toilet seat. “Yeah?”

Eddie chuckled and sat down comfortably on the fabric. Richie leaned down and connected their lips.

Stan was pulling faces at Beverly from across the lunch table as she held her palm under her mouth to keep her mound of M&Ms from dribbling out of her mouth. She was snorting and chewing.

“That’s m-m-mighty attractive, Bev.” Bill chuckled as she swallowed.

“I never let a dare pass me by.” She pointed her finger accusingly at Mike, who’d dared her to stuff as many M&Ms in her mouth as she could. She then reached over and slapped Stan’s arm for making her laugh. “Hey, where’d Richie and Eddie run off too?” She asked before wiping her mouth with a napkin.

The five of them exchanged looks before Stan rolled his eyes. “You know exactly where they are.” He sighed and Bev giggled.

“They think they’re so sly.” She shook her head, Mike nodded and looked towards the swinging bathroom door. Richie strolled out, mouth red and puffed. Stan gave him a raised eyebrow and implying smirk as he tapped his nails on the table.

“And where have you been?” Stan asked and Richie gave him a smile.

“You really don’t know what goes on in a bathroom Stan? Cause I could tell yo-”

Stan held up his hand and rolled his eyes. “Beep beep Richie.”

Richie smiled triumphantly and sat down next to Bill. “So how many M&Ms did she get?”

“I lost count.” Mike laughed and Beverly gave Richie a high-five. Just then the bathroom door opened again and out scampered Eddie, face a little blushed. Mike smiled at him and scooted over on the bench to give him room.

“You two have a good time?” Ben, shockingly was the one to bring up the topic. Beverly chocked on her laughter.

Eddie coughed and started to flush. Mike hit his back gently until Eddie finally calmed down. “You ok Champ?” Mike asked and the six gave him odd looks and he shrugged. “It felt like a champ kind of moment.”

Bill chuckled. “S-s-seriously you guys, you’re ok with us. I-if you wanna make out in the b-b-bathroom that’s fine by us.”

Richie burst into laughter and Eddie looked like he wanted to crawl under the table. “You sure he’s good enough for you?” Mike asked the smaller boy next to him. Eddie chuckled, embarrassed.

Richie turned to Bill expectantly. “Y-you sure you’re good enough for E-Eddie?” Bill asked and Richie shove his shoulder.

“Well now that you know, Eddie and I are going to the bathroom.” Richie proclaimed proudly and gripped Eddies hand, pulling him behind. Eddie waved at their friends with an awkward smile as they left.

The five of them all looked back to each other and broke out into large laughter.

Christmas Break at Finn’s//Wyatt Oleff x Reader ~ Part Seven

Nobody would admit it, but you were lost. Lost as shit. Finn was convinced that this was the path you both took last year on your way to the ice rink, but you weren’t so sure. You should have trusted yourself.

“Finn,” You rolled your eyes, “What did I fucking tell you? I literally said-”
“Yes, Y/N, I know. You literally said ‘Finn you little shit listen to me, this is the wrong way.”
You smiled, satisfied in knowing that you were right. “Told you so, Wolfhard. Now we’re walking through the woods with no idea where the hell we’re going.”
“I don’t know about you guys,” Sophia shivered, “But I need a big ass hot chocolate and a cookie.”
“Good idea Sophia,” Jack said zipping his coat up as far as it would go, “I swear I’m so cold my d-”
“ALRIGHT, JACK!” Jaeden shouted, causing everyone to burst out laughing despite the situation

Wyatt was next to you, holding your hand as he had been all day. You couldn’t take your mind off of him. It was really starting to get on your nerves, but in a really good way, which probably only made sense to you. Jaeden’s phone started ringing.

“Hello?“ He said, “Oh my, CHOSEN!”
Everyone snapped their heads up and looked at Jae. Chosen Jacobs was on the phone.
“Yeah, I know,” Jaeden was smiling as he had his conversation, “And Jeremy, of course. Sure. Yeah. Ring Finn later. Alright, bye.”
As soon as Jaeden ended the call, everyone started asking questions.
“Woah! Give me a chance and I’ll tell you what he said. He’s going to call you later, Finn, but he’s flying over with Jeremey next week for a couple of days. This is going to sound crazy, but Jeremey’s Uncle has a cabin up in the mountains. When I say cabin I mean log mansion with massive hot tub and shit. And we can stay there for a couple of days if we want.”
“NO WAY!” Everyone broke out into excited chatter at the prospect of another little getaway. This was quickly turning into the best three weeks of your entire life.
Everyone was currently sat at a table in Starbucks. You had managed to find the way out of the woods eventually.

“I can’t believe Jeremey is taking us away again next week!” Jack said, “We’ll go back to Finn’s and then be off to the mountains.”
“I know right,” Sophia smiled, “I didn’t even know his uncle had a place in Vancouver. And that he’s trusting us enough to be there without adults.”
“It’s only going to be for a couple of days,” Jaeden said, “And it’ll be Christmas soon!”

It was no secret that everyone was excited for Christmas. Sophia was flying home the day after getting back from Jeremey’s, which kind of sucked. On the way to the swimming pool, you and Sophia made plans to meet in the new year, which you already couldn’t wait for. Jack had promised your younger sister an afternoon at the pool, so you were on your way there now. 

When you came to the entrance, your sister and your mother were waiting. As soon as little Alice saw Jack she ran and jumped into Jack’s arms. Your mum handed you your sister’s swim bag and looked at you gravely. 

“Y/N,” She said to you, “Please make sure you look after her. And don’t stay here too long. Make sure you bring her back to the tree house so she gets something to eat.”
“Yes, mum. We won’t let her out of our sight. I mean, look at her with Jack. She’s clinging to him like a freaking monkey.”
Alice was currently in Jack’s arms with her arms around his neck, laughing at one of his jokes. Your mother smiled.
“Finn’s mother and I are going off for an early dinner so we’ll see you later. Call me if you need anything.”
“Alright. See you later.”
It was almost dark out and the snow was falling again. Alice was walking along holding Jack’s hand. She hadn’t let go of him all afternoon. Wyatt felt betrayed. As you walked back to the treehouse you talked about your next trip and how excited everybody was. You were looking forward to meeting Jeremey and Chosen for the first time. Wyatt said that you would get along with them both brilliantly but especially Chosen as you could both sing.

When you arrived back ‘home’, you took your little sister to yours and Sophias bathroom since the adults were still at dinner you had to take care of everything your mother usually would since she was only young. Jack and Wyatt were choosing what to order from the room service menu and talking about you at the same time. You didn’t know this, of course. 

“So,” Jack smirked at Wyatt, “Finn invites us for Christmas and you end up falling in love, huh?”
“Who said I was in love?”
“Oh come on, Wyatt. Don’t even try that bullshit. I know you’re in love with Y/N.You have been since you laid eyes on her.”
Wyatt looked thoughtful for a moment and then smiled. “I think you’re right. I think this was meant to happen. She told me that last night.”
“You’re endgame, that’s for sure. I can’t believe that Finn’s allowing it.”
“I think he’s happy that it’s me and not some stranger. He knows me and knows that I wouldn’t hurt her.”
“He’d kill you if you did, you know that right?”
“I know. But I wouldn’t. Not now, not ever.”

You and Sophia were sat in the hot tub mugs of hot chocolate in your hands. It was a bit of a weird combination the more you thought about it. There was a full moon in the winter sky and the light was making the snow on top of all the trees glow. It was your idea of a perfect night. Sophia looked behind her into the tree house where the boys were laughing at a show they had on. She smiled fondly at Jaeden.

“I can’t believe I’m with Jae now. I’ve wanted it for so long.”
“I’m happy for you. Even though we haven’t known each other all that long, it feels like we’ve been best friends all our lives.”
“It really does. And with Wyatt.”
“Yeah. I told him last night that our destiny is to be one and that we were crafted from the same star.”
“You poetic hoe.”
The two of you burst out laughing at Sophia’s remark. Finn looked at you at smiled, wondering what you were laughing at.
“What’s so funny?” He shouted from inside
“Y/N out here is just a poetic hoe, that’s all!”
More laughter. The others didn’t get it, which made it funnier. They went back to their show and you took a sip of your hot chocolate.
“Do you think you and Jaeden will last?”
“Definitely. I think we’ve both known for a long time that we liked each other.”
“From what Finn has told me, I think so too.”
“What about you and Wyatt? When he goes back to the states, what do you think is going to happen?”
“We talked about this a little bit and we’re not going to let it ruin it. We’re going to see each other all the time until we’re old enough to fly somewhere one day and unpack for good instead of a few weeks.”
“We’re all going to stay in touch too right? You and Wyatt won’t just live in your own little bubble.”
“No, of course not. It feels like this is the billionth time we’ve spent time together already.”

You and Sophia stayed out in the hot tub for a little while before heading in once the snow began again. Wyatt welcomed you back to the sofa with open arms and a bar of chocolate to share. Well, before Jack ate the whole thing anyway…
When you opened your eyes the next morning, you were laying next to Wyatt instead of Sophia. The memories all flooded back. Sophia went and slept in Jaeden’s room, and Wyatt came to yours. He was still sleeping, curls falling into his face and his mouth open slightly. Being careful not to wake him, you gently pushed his hair out of his face and kissed him lightly on the nose.
After taking a shower and getting dressed you left Wyatt snoozing in bed and went out to make breakfast. Finn had beaten you to it.
“Morning frog face. What’s for breakfast?”
“Nothing if you keep being rude to me.”
You laughed and gave Finn a hug before opening the cupboard and pulling out a big jar of oats.
“Want some?” You asked Finn
“Sure. I’ll make juice.”

So you and Finn made yourselves breakfast and took it to the sofa where you watched Rick and Morty together until the others emerged from their slumber. They helped themselves to breakfast before joining you in front of the TV.

“Aren’t we going to the spa today, Y/N?” Sophia asked you
“Yeah. We finally get some respite away from these idiots.”
“HEY!” Jack flipped you off and you did it back
“What time are we meeting your mum and Finn’s?”
“Midday at the complex. The boys can do what they like today.”
Time skip to after the spa because I don’t know what I would write about that…

You and Sophia were walking back to the tree house feeling positively radiant after your afternoon without the boys, as much as you loved them. You had Starbucks cups in your hands and were currently doing a live stream with the snowy trees in the background.

“Where are the boys?” You read out one of the questions, “We needed some time away from them! They smell. I’m kidding, although the spa was amazing.”
“It really was,” Sophia agreed, “Are you and Jaeden an item? Heck yes, we are. So Jyatt is definitely off the table if Y/N here didn’t tell you that already. Alright, we’re going now guys as we’re back at the treehouse and the hot tub calls.”

With that being said, she ended the live stream and opened the door. The warmth hit you as soon as you stepped inside. The boys must have made a fire. After hanging up your coats and taking off your shoes you went into the living room to see that it was empty. There was nobody sat in front of the roaring fire. Jack, Jaeden, Finn and Wyatt were out in the hot tub. You opened the french doors the led out onto the balcony causing their flowing conversation to stop. Sophia had the same look on her face as you did. What were they talking about and why did they stop when we came outside? 

“Y/N!” Wyatt smiled, “We wondered where you had both gotten to. It’ll be dark soon.”
“We stopped at Starbucks on the way back.” You were not going to let them change the subject and bullshit their way out of this situation, “What were you talking about?”
Wyatt went pale and looked at the others as if asking for help. Jack was the only one brave enough to speak.
“We were just talking about, you know…”
“Nope.” Sophia was gritting her teeth. Jaeden wasn’t looking at either of you, “We really don’t.”
“It’s no big deal, we were just talking about when we-”
“Pop our cherries,” Finn cut in with a smile, “No big deal, just like Jack said.”

You and Sophia looked at your boyfriends, and then to each other, trying really hard not to start giggling. Without saying a word, you closed to door and walked into your bedroom. It wasn’t until the door closed that you really started laughing. 

“As if they were talking about that!” Sophia said between fits of giggles, “I would really like to hear what Jaeden and Wyatt have to say about that!”
“You and me both! I’ll try and get it out of Finn later on and then tell you.”
“I can’t believe this.”

Trees, snow and the road ahead was all you could see from the car window. You were in the back of your mother’s car next to Wyatt. Your sister’s car seat was in the front and Jack was on the other side of Wyatt. Jaeden and Sophia were in with Finn and his parents. Much to your disappointment, you were heading back. At least it was back to Finn’s and not home. Well, it technically was home. You were texting Sophia who was still reeling from last night’s antics. You still hadn’t managed to get Wyatt or Finn to crack about the things they were saying. Wyatt and Jack were asleep with their earphones in. You took out your phone and did the same. The first song that played when you hit shuffle was Nine in the Afternoon by Panic! At The Disco. You smiled and settled in for the ride, wondering if Wyatt was thinking about you as much as you were about him. Little did you know, he was. He was dreaming about you. As you put your head on his shoulder and listened to the lyrics, he smiled in his sleep at the image of you in his dream.



Pennywise when all the kids stop being vulnerable and fight him back like “okay but how? let me just scare you a lil bit more, this isn’t how it’s suppose to go dammit!”

New Years Reunion - Part Four  Finn Wolfhard x Reader

Word Count: 2,040 (ish)

Triggers: Swearing, consumption of alcohol

Gender of Reader: Fem.

*Part One, Two and Three and be found on my page*

Summary: Y/N gets a visit from her best friend and fellow IT co-star, Finn. Y/N thinks that her and Finn’s friendship is purely platonic, but could all that change when they both stay at Wyatt’s house for New Years along with the fellow IT cast?

Writers Note: I’ve posted this on New Years day instead since technically the story continues past midnight of NYE. I hope you all enjoy Part Four, as there might possibly be a Part Five coming your way. Thank you all for the support on my writing as I only started this blog a few days ago, and already all my writing has over 200 notes.

I love you all, and wish you the best in the New Year :)

You stared down at your bowl of cereal, still unable to wipe the smile of your face from the night before. Today was New Years Eve, meaning Wyatt was throwing a house party with over 50 people attending. The others were still asleep in the living room, except from you and Wyatt, who were having breakfast together.

    “So,” Wyatt began, smiling at you from across the table, “How does it feel now knowing you’ve kissed Hollywood’s hottest, Finn Wolfhard?” He winked, causing you to blush.

    “You know,” He continued thoughtfully, “This had kind of ruined the plan we had for you both. I mean, we technically could still make it work though?” You were confused, had the plan involved you all along?

    “Come on Wy, you have to let me in on the plan, I’d do the same for you.” Even though, you knew quite well that he wouldn’t cave.

Wyatt shook his head and continued to eat his toast. Your mind led to other thoughts, which you began to think out loud.

    “But what does this mean now?” You questioned while stirring the spoon around your Cheerios, “Like are we a thing? Will we ever kiss again? Will it be awkward…” Judging by Wyatt’s confused expression, he wasn’t made for sharing relationship advice.

    “What are you girls gossiping about?” Jaeden said while entering the room. He pulled out a chair from the table and sat down, resting his hands on his cheeks and leaning in, eagerly.

    “I’m trying to help Y/N with her boy problems, but I don’t think I’m totally qualified in the area.” Wyatt answered.

    “Boy problems?” Jaden replied, acting excited, “Well luckily for you girls, this is my area of expertise. Now someone put the kettle on, you ladies have a lot to learn.” He joked.

So far, you’d spent your morning gossiping with Wyatt and Jaeden, playing cards with Jeremy and Chosen, and you were now searching for your new years outfit with Sophia. You hadn’t spoken to Finn or Jack today, as they were both still sleeping when you and Sophia left.

    “If we don’t find something cute to wear in here, then I’m ready to blow my shit.” Sophia said, through gritted teeth. You’d both been shopping for hours and were now entering Urban Outfitters. 

You began to make your way to the first stand, when a dress caught your eye. It was a pale blue toned dress, with sparkly silver sequins, it had an open back, and a v-shaped neckline

Sophia saw you staring at it and came over.

    “Finn’s going to lose it.” She said, picking up the dress for you so you couldn’t change your mind. As much as no part of you ever dressed for anyone but yourself, you were excited to look nice in front of Finn at the party.

You and Sophia arrived back to smell burning and the high pitched ringing of the smoke alarm. Panicked, you ran through to the kitchen, the room was full of smoke.

    “Put the fucking biscuits in the trash!” Wyatt shouted at Jack, through the ringing of the alarm. None of the boys had realised you and Sophia were watching them.

    “But Wyatt!” Jack exclaimed, “We can save them. They’re only a little burnt?”

    “Guys!” Finn yelled from across the room, “The girls are going to be back any minute and if they come back to this mess, we’re dead.”

    “We can save the biscuits, they’ll never know if we just shove some icing on…” Jeremy trailed off.

    “Look okay,” Chosen sighed, “We tried to do something nice for them but it’s failed, let’s just tidy this up and pretend it never happened?”

    “No!” Jaeden shouted whilst waving a dish towel at the smoke alarm, trying to get he deafening sound to stop ringing. “We can save them. We’ve been through so much together, I think it’s about time we save a batch of biscuits. Now, who’s with me?” 

At this point Finn looked up to see you standing at the doorway with Sophia. He made his way towards you, engulfing you in a hug.

    “So,” He whispered into your ear, “I may have tried to make you you’re favourite biscuits and messed up a little.” You all began to laugh.

    “The party starts in a couple hours, you and Sophia can start to get ready, and I’ll clean all this up.” He continued, “I’ll see you in a bit.” He gave you a quick kiss on the cheek before turning back to the kitchen.

As you began to head upstairs, you heard Wyatt shout from the kitchen.

    “Grazer! Put the fucking icing down right now!”

Smiling to yourself, you made your way to the bathroom with your new dress. You knew tonight was going to be perfect.

Guests had begun to arrive, and music was blasting through the speakers downstairs. You were currently in front of the bathroom mirror in your new dress, finishing off curling your hair. Jack knocked on the door.

    “Come in.” You called.

    “Wow Y/N,” He smirked scanning you up and down, “Finn is getting some tonight.” You threw a hairbrush in him in response, which made him laugh.

    “The real reason I’m here is to drag you downstairs, Finn wont shut up about you and I can’t physically listen to listen to him anymore. So, it’d be great if you just went and shoved your tongue down his throat.” He grabbed your wrist and pulled you down the stairs with him. 

Your stomach was flipping at the thought of being with Finn. As you reached the bottom of the stairs you could see him staring at you from across the hall, his face turned the same shade had the red cup he was holding.

His outfit included of black trousers, a white shirt, and a tie perfectly matching with the shade of your dress.

Jack winked at you, before walking away to join a group of kid’s dancing in the living room. Finn made his way over, bumping into everyone he walked past, as his eyes were only on you.

    “Y-you look b-beautiful.” He stuttered. You felt warmth travel through your body.

    “Thanks, Bill.” You smiled, “I like your tie.” He laughed softly, relaxing.

    “While you were both shopping, Sophia found a tie that matched your dress and made me wear it. I think you pull off the blue a little better than me though, you really do look incredible.” You felt light every time he complimented you, like your head was spinning.

    “Come on Y/N, let’s teach these people what bad dancing really looks like.” He pulled you into the crowd.

After you’d both been dancing for a while, you began to grow tired and wrapped your arms around his neck. He lifted his hand up to tuck your hair behind your ear, and began to lean in. You were both soon interrupted by Jaeden stumbling over to you. He’d grown slightly tipsy.

    “Fuck, I love you guys!” He said whilst wrapping his arms around you both. Finn rolled his eyes and mouthed ‘sorry’ to you. You however just laughed.

    “We love you too Jaeden, but you know who loves you even more?” You began, Jaden was eyeing you curiously. “Chosen.” You finished, guiding him in direction to a not-overly-thrilled, Chosen.

Finn smiled at you, approvingly.

    “Come on,” He said, reaching out for your hand, “Let’s go some place where Jaeden can’t find us.” You nodded, and let him lead the way through the crowd.

He brought you through to the kitchen and pulled out a chair for you to sit on. Sitting down opposite, he placed a wrapped present down in front of you. It was flat and rectangular.

    “What’s this for?” You asked inquisitively.

    “It’s a present, well a belated present. I was going to give it to you on your birthday a few months ago but I backed out. It’s to do with the plan everyone’s been on about, a plan that was also meant to happen months ago.” He beamed, at you, resulting in his contagious smile once again infecting you.

“Open it.” He whispered, his eyes glazed with excitement. You picked up the parcel and began to tear away the wrapping paper to reveal a black A4 book. You turned to the first page, a title written in Finn’s handwriting appeared;

“Y/N and Finn’s Moments together”

He’d made you a scrap book.

You turned the page revealing a photo of you and Finn laughing at something together in the first chemistry reading for IT, he’d written below the photo;

“The day I first met you”

As you flicked though the pages, you began to notice a pattern in all the photos of you both together, you were both always smiling. Finn had put so much effort into this book, he’d even filled it with handwritten messages and inside jokes. Since the photos from the book took place in chronological order, the last photo in the book was from yesterday when you were both watching a film. After this last picture, there were still numerous blank pages at the end of the book.

You looked back into Finn’s eyes, he was grinning from ear to ear. You were speechless. He filled the silence for you.

    “The back of the book’s empty because what you saw was only the beginning,” He pulled reached under the table to pull out a polaroid camera, a sharpie, and a glue stick. With one hand holding yours and one hand on the camera button, he took a photo of you both. Neither of you needed to smile for the photo because you already were.

Once the photo had developed, he stuck it in the next blank page of the book. Then, without saying a word he began to write a message below it. As he was doing this you looked through the kitchen doorway, people were counting down from thirty to celebrate the New Year.

Finn put down his sharpie and turned the book so it was facing you. The words written made your heart skip a beat.

“The day I asked you to be my girlfriend and you said…”

Without hesitation you uncapped the sharpie and began to write. The countdown was still being chanted from the living room, with only ten seconds left of the year. 

You swivelled the book round to face Finn. His eyes lit up as he read the finished sentence;

“The day I asked you to be my girlfriend and you said… yes”

He jumped up from his seat and ran round the table to hug you. You wrapped your arms around him and buried your head in his shoulder. The countdown continued from the hall, Finn joined in by whispering in your ear.

     “Five, four, ” He began, you could practically hear him smiling as the numbers grew closer to zero, “Three, two, one.” He pulled out of the hug and looked you straight in the eyes.

    “Happy New Year, Finn.” You whispered, which he had to lip read due to all the cheers throughout the house.

    “Happy New Year, Y/N.” His hands moved up so they were placed on your hips, you wrapped your arms around his neck again and made the distance between you both smaller. He glanced down to stare at your lips, you both began to lean in. Your pulse grew faster as your lips touched and electricity radiated throughout your whole body, Without hesitation, Finn lifted you up so you were sat on the kitchen counter. He continued to kiss you until, as per usual, you were interrupted.

    “Told you I gave good boy advice.” Jaeden said smugly, holding onto Jack for balance.

    “I’m just pissed Y/N stole Finn, he was going to be my New Years kiss.” Jack joked.

You and Finn looked at each other, he laughed and handed you the polaroid camera. You positioned Jack and Jaeden in the frame.

    “Smile guys, this one’s going in the scrapbook.” You laughed at the confused boys.

After you took the photo, you turned around to see Finn writing on a new page of the book. Your eyes scanned over the words, causing warmth spread throughout you.

“The start of 2018. The start of us.”

Writers Note: Sorry for the belated post, but I hope you enjoyed it. That you so much for reading and have the most amazing day and year!

Privileged (6/?)

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“When everyone realises that Octavia has gone missing *yn* puts aside her differences with Bellamy to help him find his sister. *yn* has to deal with the drama between Clarke, Finn and Raven as well as worrying about the safety of the rest of the delinquents. The search party runs into grounders along the way and things take a turn for the worse.” 

Warnings: Swearing, violence, death

Notes: Based on 1x06 “His Sister’s Keeper” of the 100. 

The last section of this part is ESSENTIAL to part 7 & lets just say things get very interesting from there…. ;)

Series Masterlist

Loud shouts and boisterous laughter filled the camp as the delinquents enjoyed their limited time off around the small flickering flames of the bonfire.

 The noise was a dull roar compared to what it had been when they had first arrived on the ground, the excitement of being free from the Ark had quickly worn off once they realised they weren’t alone down here. 

*yn* sat propped up against the trunk of a tree as she silently observed the rest of the delinquents and made sure that no one started causing too much of a ruckus. 

Her eyes darted across the camp to Bellamy and she quickly realised that he wasn’t acting like himself. She watched him as he hurriedly walked from tent to tent and frantically ripped open the flaps before shoving them closed again in frustration. 

Something was definitely wrong.

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That First Night

Characters: OC/Reader x Dean Ambrose

Summary: OC and Dean are into each other and finally get talking on Seth’s Birthday. Flirting and Cuteness as they return back to her room.

This is based on a dream I had about Dean Ambrose last night. While not as smutty as the last few things I’ve written (still not over my AJ fic, I even started a part 2) I thought I’d write it down as I’ve been on a Ambrose hype for the past few days and I’d like to remember it.

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The Harley to my Joker ~ Wyatt x Reader

Jack Dylan Grazer’s Halloween party was kick ass to say the very least. He organised it months ago and invited everyone from IT and tonnes of other people. He also told everyone that they could bring other people, so nobody knew who was who, but it didn’t really matter. You were with Wyatt. You decided to wear a joint costume as a joke, so that’s how the two of you ended up as Harley Quinn and the Joker from Suicide Squad. Your makeup and costumes went surprisingly well, and when Sophia saw you she had a bit of a moment. I suppose you could say she was fangirling. Neither of you knew it but every single one of your friends shipped you two to infinity and knew that eventually, you would get together. There was another thing that you didn’t know but were soon to find out; Finn and Chosen had planned a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven and had rigged it so that you two would be going first. Whether you wanted to or not. Everyone was sick of watching you two pine over each other, and the fact that you were in couple costumes was the last straw. The ship was going to be sailing before the end of the night.

Wyatt handed you a red solo cup full of what looked like beer. The both of you were sixteen, so the fact that you were drinking didn’t matter as much. You took the cup gratefully and downed the contents.

“Easy there, tiger,” Wyatt chuckled, “Carry on like that and you’ll be off your face before ten.”
“I know, I know, I’m just stressed about the audition next week.”
“You’ll be fine. And you’ll get the role. Don’t forget I’ll be there with you the whole time.”
“Thanks, Wyatt.”
“Of course.”

You were about to ask Wyatt where the others had gotten to when your question was answered by the arrival of Jaeden.

“Okay lovebirds,” He looked so mischevious that you generally couldn’t help but to suspect something, “We’re playing seven minutes in heaven, and everyone has to join in. Chosen is picking the first person who has to pick who they want to go in with. Let’s go bitches.”

Jaeden was definitely drunk. You and Wyatt shared a knowing look and followed him into the open lounge. There was a fire burning in the grate, and the more you thought about it the more you wondered if that was very good idea. Everyone was sat around the rug in the middle. As soon as the two of you walked in behind Jaeden, they stopped talking. 

“Let the fun begin!” A tipsy Finn shouted, “Y/N, we cast a vote, and you’re up first. We picked names randomly and you got Jack!”
Jack smirked and winked at you.
“Or,” Finn sat up on his knees and raised his eyebrows, “You could choose somebody else. Like I don’t know… WYATT OLEFF?!”
You decided right then and there that you were going to murder Finn as soon as he was sober.
“For fuck’s sake Finn,” You groaned, “You rigged this.”
“Of course I did, Y/N! Now, get in that closet over there so you can be the Harley to Wyatt’s Joker. GO! Your seven minutes start as soon as that door closes!”

You and Wyatt made your way into the dark closet. It wasn’t exactly small, but the pitch black wasn’t make anything easy.

“So…” Wyatt was whispering but you could tell that he was smiling, “We don’t actually have to do anything you know? We could just talk. Or stand here in the dark.”
“Actually, there is something I’d like to say.”
“Go on…”
“I’m tired of acting like I just want to be friends. It’s killing me. Literally. I need to say this before I lose my confidence. I think I might be in love with you. I’ve known you for years now, but I feel like it’s been my whole life. And don’t try and tell me you don’t feel the same way. Unless it’s true.”

You couldn’t see Wyatt’s reaction but you were blushing like hell. The silence was deafening, but luckily it didn’t last long. He was kissing you long before you even realised it. It wasn’t until that moment that the ‘heaven’ part of this game actually began for you, and by the way, Wyatt was kissing you, he felt the same way. It was a though he would cease to exist if he let go of you, so he didn’t. You melted into him and ran your hands through his hair that was currently green for his costume. He had his hands on your waist and was running one up and down your back. You didn’t think he was aware that he was doing it. It was more of an afterthought. The main show was his lips on yours.

And then the closet doors opened and the light was let in. You and Wyatt broke apart and glared at whoever opened the door. It was Finn, of course, smirking like an idiot. 

“FINALLY!” Finn shouted at the top of his lungs, “FUCKING FINALLY!”
“Will you shut up Finn,” Wyatt groaned, “People will hear you in China. And you are such a cockblock. Seriously.”
“Woah Woah!” You interjected, “Nobody is cockblocking anybody. Now if you’ll excuse us,” You grabbed the handle on the door, “We still have two minutes left.” And with that, you slammed the door on everybody outside and went back to the adorable, fluffy mess at hand.

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Anon requested:
Hi! Could you do an imagine where 16-18 year old Richie cheats on the reader after being together for two years please?? She was part of the losers club and while everybody left she stayed with Richie. Then Richie cheats on her. Thank you and sorry if this is confusing.

Pairing: Teen!Richie x Reader

Warnings: None besides some angst

A/N: I don’t really like cheat fics? and personally i don’t feel like Richie would cheat? So in this imagine the context is that IT was influencing Richie to split apart with the reader since they’re so close (and seeing this gif just made me think of IT BTS where jack and finn couldnt stop crying becuz they thought it was wyatt ajhsdjsdkwow)

Originally posted by loserssource

Richie didn’t even remember the girl’s name. 

Or why he did it.

All Richie wanted to do was go to Y/N.


Shutting his eyes, Richie leaned back in his car, pushing back the rising tears. He could hear the bass pumping in the background from the house party he just came from. Where he’d- he didn’t even want to think about what he’d done.

He promised. He promised he wouldn’t leave, like the others. He promised.

It’s just me and you now Rich.”

Looking over, Richie slipped his hand into Y/N’s comfortingly.

“I know babe. I know.”

“Everyone’s.. apart. Why?” Y/N asked sadly.

“I don’t know.” Richie said helplessly.

“Will you leave too?” 

It wasn’t accusatory, just sorrowful.

“No. I promise.” Richie said firmly. “I won’t leave you.”

But he broke his promise. Richie had to now. There was no way he could face Y/N. To look into her eyes and tell her that he cheated. 

Inhaling, Richie choked back a sob.


Just thinking the word felt awful. 

Starting the car, Richie sped off into the night, pulling up in front of Y/N’s house. Her light was still on.  She didn’t want to come to the party tonight, busy with homework. It would be so easy to just climb up and sneak in like what he’d done many times before.

But he wouldn’t. He knew.

“I’m sorry.” Richie whispered in the darkness of his car, staring at her window. “I promised. I know. But I promise now I will never forget you or forgive myself for what I did. I promise babe.”

Little did he know, he’d break that promise too.

It Cast Instagram Story (Part Two)

A/N: Thank you for all the support I had on this! Tell me if you want a Stranger Things one as well☺️ I have also changed Y/N to Jade because it’s easy :) And plus you can all ship them together if you want too😂 I’m also including K-pop idols in this because I like K-pop and why the hell not?😂

Bold letters in italics ARE fan accounts

Jade is the girl with the pink hat


❤️ by sophialillis, ava_rose03, jackdgrazer and 64,997 others

jade.ameliaxo: Reunited!! I’m so glad your back from your holidays in South Korea❤️

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ava_rose03: I’ve missed you too! Can’t wait to show you all the K-pop dances I learnt😉💕

jackdgrazer: Jade, I’m your best friend too!! And what’s going on with your hand?? jade.ameliaxo

jade.ameliaxo: Of course you are Jack! Your friends with Ava too!😂

finnwolfhardofficial: Yeah but Jade loves me more😉 @jackdgrazer

Itlover123: #Goals ^

Mileven-rules: Someone search Jade up now!!😆

FillieForever: Ugly….

finnwolfhardofficial: @fillieforever Well tbh you don’t even know Jade so like fuck off. And besides, me and Millie are just friends.

jackdgrazer: What Finn said ^

BeepBeep_Reddie: I FOUND INFO!!! She’s a fifteen year old from Los Angeles who’s mum is half Korean. She has one older brother called Noah and a younger sister called Courtney. She’s 5’6 and is in a dance group called North2South which do K-pop dance covers! Your welcome guys!😆

jade.ameliaxo: damn @BeepBeep_Reddie that was fast. @finnwolfhardofficial and @jackdgrazer there was no need but thank you💕

sophialillis: I NEED TO MEET UP WITH YOU BOTH!! We can have like a girls night! ❤️ @jade.ameliaxo @ava_rose03

ava_rose03: @sophialillis definitely! I really need to meet you all!💕

jaedenwesley: And where are we in all of this? Guys, we’ve been friend zoned. @wyattoleff @chosenjacobs @jeremyraytaylor @jackdgrazer @finnwolfhardofficial

wyattoleff: I’m typing cause no one else can be bothered and we’re all here together. I just find this quite insulting @sophialillis @ava_rose03 @jade.ameliaxo

ava_rose03: @jaedenwesley dude, you got friend zoned long ago😂

jade.ameliaxo: Told ya Ava was savage like me😉

finnwolfhardofficial: Your too savage though Jade😑 @jade.ameliaxo

jade.ameliaxo: Nah, you just can’t handle my sass bitch😘 @finnwolfhardofficial

finnwolfhardofficial: 🖕🏻🖕🏻 @jade.ameliaxo

jackdgrazer: What the fuck is wrong with you both?? @jade.ameliaxo @finnwolfhardofficial

ava_rose03: You tell me. I was asking myself the exact same question 😑🙄 @jackdgrazer

strangerthingsxo: Their friendship makes me laugh☺️

It2017xStrangerThings: Jade and Finn are goals😭❤️❤️

A/N: Thank you for reading! I also think I will add group chats and snapchat posts to this as well.☺️

Family Has No Boundaries

Title: Family Has No Boundaries

Pairing: Wendell Bray x reader, Finn Abernathy x reader, Hodgins x daughter!reader

Based on this request from @leahhollynewt:

If you’ve reopened request could you do a bones where hodgins’s adopted daughter is in a relationship with both wendell and finn

A/N: So, I separated the relationships a little bit, mostly because I wasn’t sure how Hodgins would feel about his daughter having a threesome lol. Enjoy!

Warning: Polyamory, I suppose. Implied smut. 

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