jack and baby tooth


Jackrabbit week - Day 6: Marriage

And thus, E.Aster Bunnymund and Jack Frost exchanged their vows on February 29th, the enchanted day when winter marries spring.

Weddings are awful and wonderful. Magical weddings twice as much.

North and Tooth are happy to provide their special brand of encouragement. Sandy does the honors, because no words are necessary. Bunny and Jack are fools in love and only have eyes for each other. Pitch is hissing in the background at not being invited. :^)


I am SO EXCITED FOR HALLOWEEN! It’s my favorite holiday! :D And what better way to celebrate it then to make some NBC!AU! I even redesigned my whole tumblr page for the occasion! :3 So please do check it out everyone! I worked hard on it, and personally, I’m in love with it! x3 Special thanks to @arcanabreak (with some help of some brushes she gave me) and sassy-frost-lord for encouraging me in making this happen, and to @cainballad and @lastaim especially as well for making me feel proud in making this! I hope everyone loves the new theme! Happy Halloween! ;w;


Jack the moment before he handed over his staff to Pitch.

Look how they both inhale and exhale at the same time.

Look how Jack clenches his staff, his whole body tensing and relaxing before giving in.

Look how intense Pitch’s gaze is on Jack, not willing to let Baby Tooth go, but also… uncertain for a moment, whether or not Jack will actually give in to his blackmail.

And look how Pitch smirks in victory as he realize he’s won. (For the moment.)

All the little details in this movie. I love it.

Rise of the Guardians Anniversary Give-away!

Hi guys!  In honor the Rise of the Guardians 3 year anniversary, I’m hosting a giveaway!


  • I’ll be picking 7 WINNERS for this giveaway! The first winner gets first pick, second winner gets second, etc. etc.
  • Winners can choose from: Mini-Sandy, Baby Tooth, Mini-Jack Frost, Mini-Tooth, Mini-Bunny, or one of two Jack Frost and Pitch Black Chibi-Charms.
  • I’m based in the US, but I’m willing to ship internationally! :3


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ENDS: I will be pulling names on January 1st, 2016.  Since I’m unable to send messages under my blog name I’ll publicly tag the winners.  You’ll have 24 hours to contact me with shipping information, otherwise I will redraw another name!

Feel free to send me any questions! Or check out my shop for other Rise of the Guardians-themed items!

Art Collab between myself and shesellsseagulls 

Lines were done by her while I did the colors! 

Working together with someone was  a LOT of fun and I am so grateful for getting the opportunity to work with one of my favorite Artists on this site!

If she or anyone else wants to collab with me I would be completely down do do so!