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If Jack Nicholson’s dancing, you know it’s with the devil in the pale moonlight. 👌🏼


“I think You and I are destined to do this forever…”


Batman and The Joker by Ben Jeffery


Imagine Jack going with Bruce to lex crop, so Bruce and lex can talk business and Lex is just an asshole to Jack the whole time. He keeps on making rude comments about Jack being a gold digger and a whore.

Jack wants to really punch him but he can’t because of the security there and not wanting lex to call off any business agreements Bruce made with him.
While he’s there he notices that Lex has quite the sweet tooth, his office has bowls of jolly ranchers and chocolate.

So Jack gets an idea, he runs to a near by store and buys reese pieces, skittles and M&Ms.

He sneaks into Lex’s Office and fills an empty bowl with all three and quickly gets out. Then he waits.

When it’s time to go Jack tells Bruce there’s something he wants to see first. He see lex enter his office and goes to the bowl and grabs a handful of candy.
“Jack we need to go.”

“Hold on…”

“What exactly are you waiting fo-” Bruce was cut by a scream from lex.

Jack grabs Bruce’s hands and starts walking quickly. When they get to the car, Jack is laughing his ass off.

“What the hell happened?” Bruce asked
“I put skittles, Reese pieces and M&Ms all together in his bowl.”

Normally Bruce would scold Jack on his pranks, but this time he’s actually laughing too. Sometimes he loves it when Jack is devious.


Back in 2014 around Comic-Con weekend I fan-casted the Ben Affleck Batman universe. Here’s what I thought that universe should look like…will continue in a new post

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Been swimming around this theory with a bunch of people since the first teasers for Suicide Squad and Dawn of Justice. With the release of the SS figures and them continuing to showcase the shoulder scars i’m confident the theory that Jason Todd is Leto’s Joker can very well be plausible.

-“20 years in Gotham, how many good guys are left”
-“how many stayed that way”

Joker is older than batman (in most canon), since when does an old guy have a perfect hairline, dress like a clubber and get tattoos?

-teeth busted by the pry bar beating he took from the original Joker and has to have grills now
-went nuts after being tortured by the real joker
-has a DAMAGED tattoo on his forehead because he was DAMAGED by the original joker
-has a dead robin tattoo on his arm
-shoulder scars from bullets coinciding with the old robin suit
-J tattoo’d on is face, just like Jasons brand

the tattoos could have also been done by the original joker, to brand Jason and solidify his new position as acting Joker


-HAHA, JOKE’S ON YOU BATMAN written on his old suit