jack a. forbes

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The Mestizo Concept: A Product of European Imperialism

Before Latino and Hispanic, there was Mestizo. All created by colonizers to have us hate ourselves. This essay by Native American scholar Jack Forbes is still relevant several decades after it was first published. It is a must read for any Mexican seeking to understand how identity labels are constructed, and how they are able to keep many of us mentally enslaved hundreds of years after they were created. Let’s decolonize.


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The Red and the Black: Remembering the Legacy of Jack D. Forbes

“If we have African blood we should be proud of it; it is good, honest, tribal ancestry.” —Jack D. Forbes, Attan-Akamik Newsletter, 1974
“The Future of Minority Studies Conference” held February 24 – 27, 2011, at the College of William and Mary brought together a diverse group of academics from across many disciplines to explore the theme “Subjugated Histories/Decolonizing Practices.