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Having A Kid HC’s (Jack Kelly X Reader)

A/N: @gninrud-anna and I brainstormed some various headcanons about both Jack and Davey having kids, so here are some of the ones for Jack!

- Jack has a baby girl called Natalie Jane Kelly.

- Before she’s born, he spends a lot of time painting her nursery as a sort of distraction from the anxiety he’s worrying up about having a kid.

- “This kid will have the best damn nursery in all of New York.” He says, covered in paint, at midnight, half asleep.

- Every morning without fail, Jack will go ‘good morning to my two favourite people’ before kissing your bump, and then you.

- When the baby kicks for the first time, Jack gets so excited (and a lil teary) and pulls you into this tight hug that lasts for at least 2-3 minutes.

- Also he tells everyone about it. And I mean everyone. He even told this random old lady on the street, and she was very sweet about it.

- When Natalie is born, Jack starts to freak out bc what if something happened to you or the baby?

- Eventually he’s called into the hospital room and he sees you there, incredibly tired, holding little Nat.

- He holds her for the first time, and he just starts crying because she looks so much like him. They’ve got he same hair and eyes, and she’s just so beautiful.

- Jack Kelly, the big tough Union leader, just dissolves into tears when he sees his daughter because he’s going to protect this little child with every ounce of his being.

- Natalie is very much a daddy’s girl, and the two of them always go out on cute little outings together.

- When she was about 5, you walked in on Jack in a tutu with a full face of makeup and painted nails, thanks to his daughter.

- (That photo was shared with all the newsies shush.)

- When she’s older (like 13, 14) Jack gets vv protective bc what if people start dating his daughter?

- He keeps a shotgun on the porch for the purpose of scaring all Natalie’s potential partners.

- That is, until she starts dating Davey’s son.

Jack Wins A Tony Award

Because why not.

Part of this AU!

“And the Tony award goes to… Jack Kelly!”

Jack was convinced the words were in his head. Most of the night had been a blur as it was, with cameras flashing in his face on the red carpet and all the legends of the stage he idolised surrounding him. Davey’s hand in his had been the only thing keeping him sane.

“I think that’s you,” Davey teased, putting his hand on his husband’s arm to bring him back to reality. “Congratulations, love.”

Jack shook himself out of the frozen shock and numbly kissed Davey’s cheek, climbing to his shaking feet and trying to stop his legs from buckling under him as he made his way up to the stage, hemmed in by applause.

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Jack’s Daughter Dating Davey’s Son

Follow up to @a-second-hand-sorrow ’s post “Having a Kid with Jack Kelly

  • Jack would be pissed
    • He didn’t want anyone to hurt his daughter
    • And if that guy was his best friend’s son…
  • He found out when Davey’s son (Adam) kissing you goodnight after a date
    • He immediately stormed out to the porch and pulled Natalie inside
    • “Natalie Jane Kelly go to your room!”
    • She starts crying and runs up to her room
  • Jack runs his fingers through his hair
    • He hated when his daughter was mad at him
    • “I messed up.”
  • You didn’t know that they were dating, but suspected that she had a boyfriend
    • “You didn’t tell me!”
    • “I wasn’t sure. I trusted her. I still do.”
    • “I trust her.”
    • You just glare at him
    • “I do!”
  • You roll your eyes and go to your room
    • They could never stay mad at each other for long
    • You were just hoping that this wouldn’t be an exception
  • Jack wakes her up the next morning with apology cinnamon rolls
    • You wait outside her door and listen to them talk things out
  • Eventually, the two came out with an empty plate
    • He smiles at you and gives you a thumbs up
    • As soon as the two of you are alone he says “If he hurts her, Dave’s gonna get it.”

a-second-hand-sorrow  asked:

Jack has a baby girl, and before she's born he paints her nursery so it'll be 'the best damn nursery in New York'. Also, when the baby is born, big tough Jack Kelly is just a mess of tears and absolute adoration for this small child.

oh my god ok can you imagine him holding her in his arms for the first time and he’s got tears streaming down his cheeks and he does that thing where he lets out a breathy laugh and smiles so big he’s just so happy and full of love

jack kelly x bullied!reader (modern au) (pt. 1)

- we all know how jack gets when hes mad about something

- but thats not even close to how he is when it affects someone he loves

- *cough cough you cough*

- ;))) anYway

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companionjones  asked:

Can I have a headcannon of Jack Kelly of what he loves about the (female) reader? She's fifteen and short lol

* as soon as jack kelly saw you making your way through a crowd of people on the streets he was smitten
* he saw you grumbling as you tried to see where you were going over the people around you
* he crosses the street quicker than anyone has ever seen
* he calls out “papes, papes, get your evening paper right here !”
* hoping to grab your attention
* when you don’t look up he’s kind of bummed because omg there’s this pretty, cute girl who of course won’t give him the type of day
* and then someone on the street knocks into you a little too hard
* and you’re starting to stumble until
* ofc jack catches you because he’s a #1 smooth man (until he gets flustered but that’s for later)
* after that y’all start dating !!!
* omg this boy is so in love
* he loves the way you hug him every time you see him like a huge bear hug where you guys just embrace for like 10 minutes
* he loves the way you look at him with so much love (but the same comes from him too)
* he loves to kiss all over your face so he can hear your laugh that he loves so much
* and finally he loves your smile and how it can turn his whole day around