“John Jr. had just fallen off of a jungle gym and knocked a tooth out, one of his front teeth. The president came out just in a matter of a minute and clapped his hands. John wasn’t there so he’s looking around and asked Caroline where John was. She really didn’t know – she knew he’d fallen but she didn’t know what had actually gone on. ‘I was right standing close by,I told the president John had had a little accident, knocked out one of his front teeth and he was taken to the doctor.’ "The president stopped, looked for a minute, said, ‘Well, that is a baby tooth isn’t it?’ and I said, 'Yes sir’ and he said, 'Well, he’ll grow another one.' “

-Secret Service Agent, Tom Wells

Jack Johnson Imagine: Shopping and Comments

“J you do realise that they are girls jeans?” I ask Jack as he comes out of the changing room. “yes but can you tell” he ask me being all sassy. “yes that’s why I told you dumb ass” I tell him being just as sassy back. He squints at me before walking back in and taking rh jeans off and throwing the out at me.

“you fit into a size 4 girls, I wish I had your body but with boobs” I tell him before he storms out in his Calvin’s. He slaps his hand over my mouth “you are perfect the way you are don’t say anything else or I will blind you” he tells me sternly. I roll my eyes at him and he lets go. “I know im perfect, I mean I’ve got you and some great friends. I if wasn’t perfect how would I have been so lucky” I tell him being cheesy. He smiles at me before walking back into the changing room.

“I want some coffee, I don’t care where from I need some though. Strong black coffee. Now” I whine to Jack. He shifts the bags hes holding to one hand then wraps his free arm around my waist. “you go buy some while I quickly go into that Nike, I need new trainers” he tells me before kissing my cheek and shoving me away. I happily rush towards the closest café with the 7 bags in my hands. I reach a small café and walk inside. Its quiet but filled with teenagers. Is this Starbucks? I think to myself before looking up abd seeing its not. Well then. I walk over to the counter and wait in line for my coffee to go and when I get it I quickly rush out of the store to see Jack walking out of the Disney shop. I pretend I don’t notice and take a seat on a bench, dropping the bags to my feet. Intake a sip of the hot coffee, quickly regretting it because I burn my tongue. I squeal in pain as it feel it burning me as it goes down my throat. Finally free of the burning pain Jack approaches me, a Disney bag hidden in the Forever 21 bag.

“hey babyface” I say not looking up because the sun is burning. “hi, can I have some im so tired” he asks motioning to my coffee. I shake my head pulling it into my chest.
“HELL NO WOMAN” I scream keeping it close. “come on don’t be such a baby” he tells me reaching for it. I bend over biting his hand. He flinches pulling it back into his chest. “Y/N WHAT THE HELL, BABE ITS JUST COFFEE” he shouts at me. Unfazed I pick up the bags in one hand before walking away towards Jacks car, him following behind me. I wait at the car for Jack to unlock it. When he does I dump the clothes in the back on the floor before jumping into the seat beside J.
“Home or G’s” I ask him. “Nate’s ” he tells me and I nod as we drive off.

I slam on the door, my coffee still in my hand. “NATE OPEN THE DOOR YOU WA-” I start before the door flies open l, Nate standing there with his eye brow cocked. “oh hello dear, how are you and your whore” I ask him referring to sammy as I walk in to quickly stop and blink. “well im good and my whore… Well you have eyes” Nate tells me as he shoves me into the room, out of his way. Jack walks up to Sammy doing their little handshake as I continue to stare at him. I walk towards him still in shock before starting I start talking. “ no, No, what have you done to that beautiful brown hair?” I ask him as I run my hands through it pulling it. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE SAM?” I overdramatically shout at him. He just pulls my hands out of his hair before pushing me back onto the sofa. “I wanted to try something new” he tells me, sitting next to me. I shake my head still in shock but its quickly forgotten when 4 pizzas are brought out.

After we had eaten we all lounge about on the sofas watching a movie. Me and Jack on the hot floor. Fanning myself I pull off my jumper leaving me in a white shirt. I loosen the top button, and pull at the collars. Still to warm I nudge Nate’s leg.
“can I borrow a shirt Im too warm” he nods pointing to his room. I untangle myself from Jack before walking up the stairs unbuttoning my shirt as I go. As I reach his bedroom my shirt is off and in my hand. I rummage around in Nate’s drawers till I find a basket ball vest which I pull on over my bra. It goes down to my knees so I decide to pull off my jeans as well leaving me in just the vest and my under wear. Feeling much more comfortable I pick up my clothes dumping them on my bag at the bottom of the stairs before rejoining jack on the floor.

As we start to get comfortable i hear Sammy. “damn Y/N them legs” he says smirking at me.
“eyes away Sammy boi” I tell him bringing my legs in closer to me. “there’s more than them legs you going to have to hide” his eyes shifting north. I pull the drooping top closer to me. “Sam grow up” I tell him as I feel Jacks hands turn to fists. He finally stops and but Jack doesn’t relax.

Instead when Sam gets up to go to the kitchen he gets up and follows. Me and Nate look at each other before jumping up and putting our ears to the kitchen door, we end up head butting and both hold our head in pain. Finally able to listen. “but you have got to respect her. Like you said she’s like a sister to you, shouldn’t you respect her and her body then rather than constantly commenting on it and making stupid remarks which you know annoy me” is what we hear from Jacks mouth. Nate smirks at me before he notions for me to pull my top up as ots drooping again.

“Sorry J, I don’t really think about what im saying and I was just messing about. I’m sorry and I love you for being such an respecting little fuck.” We hear Sam both of us smirk at each other because Sam but such a nice word with such a vile one. We hear bodies hitting together. “SHADOWS TELL ALL” we hear Sam shout. And we both face palm before standing up right with casual looks on our faces. “ I dropped my phone and I couldn’t find it so Nate was helping” I lie.

“yeah because a 5 and a half inch phone can easily get lost in the carpet right?” jack asks us. We both nod.“okay idiots” he replies to us before walking over to the sofa and flopping onto it. He holds his arms out for me but Sam is quick to take my place jumping into his lap. I hear him groan and see him grab his crotch. “Sam you cock, you killed my baby maker” he groans out.

“Don’t worry, ill kiss it better” he replies us unbuttoning Jacks pants, before he kicks him away. I start laughing so hard im on the floor joined by Nate. “What the fuck Sammy that was weird to another level, that blonde isn’t doing you any good” I tell him recovering. I look up at Jack who looks traumatized.

“one person, ONE FEMALE that can ever do that” he warns Sam. And I burst out laughing again. That made my night. Finally I am able to stand up and go sit in Jacks lap his arms tightly wrapped around me. I turn my face towards him and grab ahold of his cubby cheeks giving him a long sweet kiss.