Okay the magic au is going on the back burner because this post just BLEW my GODDAMN MIND and I’m angry I didn’t think of it first but I guess I’ll just have to write something

IT’S ANGEL AU TIME (almost 1.5k, wow)

For a kegster, this isn’t so bad, Jack thinks as he weaves his way through the pulsing, excited crowd in the direction of the kitchen.

Shitty had insisted that Jack stay for this one. “No friend of mine is staying locked up in his room watching some conspiracy-theory-““It’s about trench warfare in the first World War, Shits-““While one of the greatest parties in the universe is raging just below! I won’t have it!” So, reluctantly, Jack agreed to hang around for this one. Ransom and Holster were keeping him company for most of the night, providing conversation and making sure Jack felt comfortable, Shitty and Lardo were on crowd control, and Jack was willing to admit that, yeah, these parties might actually be fun.

A song had started playing through the speakers and Ransom and Holster bolted to the middle of the dance floor, leaving Jack alone. It was a Beyoncé song that Bittle was singing in the shower just a few days ago, so when the small blonde wasn’t right there, dancing along with Ransom and Holster, Jack was surprised.

Jack finally managed to get into the kitchen. He was expecting to see Bittle in there, too, making a pie or grabbing another beer, but he was nowhere in sight. Where is he? Jack thought as he put his beer down left of the sink, where he could find it later. Unlike him, Bitty loved Haus parties. He had sworn he saw him earlier that night, talking with one of the swimmers on the porch, but then he was gone.

Jack was about to head back into the living room when he felt a thump beneath his feet. The heavy table, covered in food, snacks, beer, and dishes rattled.  

“What the hell-“ Jack asked the empty kitchen. Another thump answered, louder this time, and a muffled exclamation.

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Buzzer Kisses (Jack Request)

“Leave this blue neighborhood, never knew loving could hurt this good oh” You sing the final part of the song, “And it drives me wild”
“Cause when you look like that I’ve never ever wanted to be so bad oh” Conor comes in after you
“It drives me wild” You sing, “You’re driving me wild wild wild”
“You’re driving me wild wild wild” Conor repeats
“You’re driving me wild” Both of you say to finish the song
Jack, Conor’s brother, ends the recording and smiles, “That was great”
You grin at Conor who gives you a hug, “Thanks for helping me out with this one”
“No problem I loved it!” You nod
“Hey Jack didn’t you need to film a video for this week?” Conor questions, knowing full well that Jack had a crush on you
“Umm yeah I did” He answers
“Well how about (y/n) helps us out too?” He suggests
Jack blushes slightly, “I…if that’s okay?”
“Yeah of course it is! I’d love to help” You say, “Let me just get sorted”
~~~Time Skip~~~
“Yeah so this is the five second challenge. You’ll have five seconds to name three things from the category I say and then you have to sound your buzzer to end the time” Jack finishes explaining
Conor and you sat on either side of him
“Alright what’s your buzzer (y/n)?” Jack asks
Before you can answer, Conor speaks up, “I think you should have to kiss Jack on the cheek”
You roll your eyes, “alright fine. You have to slap yourself then”
“Okay” Jack says and you can tell he is nervous, “(y/n), name three things that are blue”
“The sky, blueberries and your jeans” You point out, kissing his cheek quickly
His cheeks burn bright red but he quickly composes himself, “Yep good. And Conor, name three YouTubers with over 10 million subscribers”
“Umm PewDiePie, nigahiga and… KSI” He says before slapping himself
“Oooh just in” You say, looking at the time on Jack’s phone
“And (y/n) name three famous people named Chris”
“Hemsworth, Pratt and….. Brown!” You exclaim and kiss Jack’s cheek again
“Fuck she’s good” Conor mutters, taking the focus away from how embarrassed Jack seemed
“Yeah” Jack nods, “Umm okay Conor your turn”
The game goes on like this until you eventually end up winning
“So I’ll see you next week” Jack finishes, “Bye guys” you all wave
“That was good fun” You nod
“Yeah thanks for helping me” Jack says, “I’m just gonna go grab some water” He comments, getting up to go
“Hey I think you deserve a prize for winning" Conor smiles cheekily
You frown and are about to question him before he hands you a piece of paper with 11 digits on it and jack written underneath
“Thanks” You chuckle, slipping the paper into your pocket before Jack comes back in
“Everything good?” He asks, taking a sip of his drink now he has become less embarrassed
“Perfect” Conor grins

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Prompt: Nurseydex getting together in the style of Jack and Bitty with a graduation day realization that they want to spend the rest of their life with that dumb D-Man and a run across campus that culminates in a wonderful kiss.

My babs! Graduating!! I’m not crying, you’re crying!!!!! (yeah, nooooooo, I’m totally crying here.  My babs, all grown up!!!!!!!)

Thanks for the prompt! Enjoy!  :-) xxxx


“I can’t believe we’re graduating.   It feels like we just started college” Nursey said, as Dex joined him in the Reading Room.

“I know” Dex agreed, sitting down.  He’d been doing that a lot more with Nursey over the last few years.  They still fought all the time, but they were got along better now.  They understood each other more, and were definitely near Ransom and Holster levels of close, or even Jack and Bitty levels of close.

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wedding day hc (part 2 of 3 of the great zimbits wedding hc)
  • so begins the wedding planning
  • bitty wants something a bit lavish, but he still wants a low-key wedding
  • jack REALLY wants a low-key wedding
  • no press, no fans, just their families and close friends
  • bitty can’t decide between a tux or a dress
  • and neither can jack
  • so the compromise is that jack wears a dress to the wedding while bitty wears a tux, while bitty gets to wear the dress during the reception
  • (because that better bitty’s booty bureau has been doing wonders and his ass looks great in a tight dress while he’s dancing)
  • jack’s dress is a bodice hugging, flow out at the hips dress that weighs a massive amount of weight (like jesus christ this boy needs his muscles to where the goddamn dress) it’s rather simple, but it’s beautiful in its simple state
  • now bitty’s dress is tight tight tight and hugs him literally everywhere (but there’s still enough room to dance) instead of being super super white or even ivory, it’s got a red-pink tint to it (which reminds jack of those super short shorts he owns)
  • both boys agree that they don’t want a wedding planner- they know what they want
  • their wedding is held in a barn in providence (a compromise because lord knows that a barn in georgia would leave everybody sweating) and bitty asks lardo to decorate it for them
  • since lardo is a successful artist and is very crafty, she designs literally their dream wedding space
  • bitty tears up a little (a lot)
  • so the day of the wedding (it’s a fall wedding so not to interfere with hockey) is shiny and bright
  • lardo is asked to assist with make-up for jack bc normally that’s bitty’s job but bits is a firm believer in literally all of the superstitions around weddings and doesn’t want to take any chances
  • she gets a lil teary-eyed (“dammit jack i have cred”) but continues and finishes and goddamn jack looks like a masterpiece
  • bitty walks down the aisle with his mom on his arm, coach following them
  • momma bittle adjusts his tie for him and pats his shoulder before sitting down
  • after that walks in holster, ransom, and chowder as bitty’s groomsmen
  • music has been playing this whole time, with variations of the wedding theme
  • and then finally, jack’s groomsmen (and woman) walk in– shitty, lardo, and nursey
  • (i am a firm believer that jack and nursey become really good friends while jack is visiting bitty during his last two years at school)
  • and then our big, hunky boy jack is walking down the aisle in his beautiful, simple dress, his own mother on his arm
  • bitty’s been crying literally all day but when he saw jack walk in, the tears really started to flow
  • shitty doubles as a groomsman and the ordained minister (from becomeanordainedminister.com ofc)
  • they read their own vows to each other, and, much like his proposal speech, jack’s fluctuates from english to french
  • his voice gets continually huskier as he gets more emotional
  • when it’s bitty’s turn, he gushes in true bitty form
  • jack had been really good about just being a little tearyeyed but in that moment, when it felt like it was just the two of them, it was like a waterfall
  • shitty closes it out with “and now you may kiss your bro”
  • (cue a chorus of “‘shawsomes” from all of the groomsmen (and woman))
  • they walk back down the aisle hand in hand, all of their family and friends cheering around them (lots of hooting and hollering; literally all of their friends play hockey)
  • they go into the room jack got ready in and have a hardcore make-out session
  • when they exit, lardo is standing there (“dude, do you know how much time i spent on your hair and make-up”) apparently she forgot her bag inside of the room
  • quick wardrobe change, and jack is allllll hot and bothered by bitty’s outfit
  • their reception is held at the hockey rink (because it’s huge and hockey players are loud so it’s a good place to avoid a noise complaint)
  • they put ransom and holster in charge of music (with bitty’s input of beyonce being necessary on the playlist)
  • they don’t have a cake, they have literally 200 mini pies that bitty spent days prior making
  • for their first dance, they picked the song lucky by jason mraz and colbie caillat
  • everyone is crying again bc of how beautiful they look together
  • once that’s over (and all of the family dances), the party really starts
  • there is alcohol literally everywhere, and shitty’s shirt is gone within the first hour
  • no one minds though because 79% of their guests are used to it by now (bitty’s family is not part of this percentage) (they’re a little scared)
  • jack can’t take his eyes (or hands) off of his husband
  • neither of them can stop saying the word husband
  • the party lasts til ~3 in the morning (at this point there are no relatives around, just teammates and friends)
  • jack stayed pretty sober the whole time, and so did bitty (though he’s still a little tipsy) in anticipation for their first night together
  • (but that’s for part three)

(also i just wanted to thank you guys so much for the amazing response to part one?? i hope this lives up to it)

you can read part one here!

Jacksepticeye and Schmoyoho - All The Way Lyrics

Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye (top of the mornin’) My name is Jacksepticeye (uh!) My name is Jacksepticeye (yes) Jacksepticeye (yes) Jack (yes) Jack (yes) Jack (yes!)

All the way, to fucking victory town, all the way feels good to be a winner, every now and then, I believe in you, I believe (I believe) I believe in you, I believe (I believe) I believe in Steve, in Steve! Oh yeah, in Steve! Grab the glory, all the way to victory.

All the way (keep on a-dancin’), all the way (keep on flyin’), all the way (keep goin’, you got this) all the way, way, all the way (keep on a-dancin’), all the way (keep on flyin’), all the way keep goin’ (keep on) keep goin’ (keep on), aaauhhahhhh ahh!

Simple challenge, I call bullshit on that, grab it with your teeth, one is all you need, mother ape-ass! I call bullshit on that, you mother ape-ass! Great, great Steve, why aren’t your legs magnetic? Great, great Steve well, that’s just perfect, isn’t it? Great, great Steve, I hope you die, die, die, die, die, in that bottomless pit, oh shit!

All the way (keep on a-dancin’), all the way (keep on flyin’), all the way (keep goin’, you got this) all the way, way, all the way (keep on a-dancin’), all the way (keep on flyin’), all the way keep goin’ (keep on) keep goin’ (keep on), aaauhhahhhh ahh!

Hello, little potatoman, you’re the one that always causes trouble, see– You have, like, fake tickets, dontcha? That’s bad, that’s bad (that’s bad) that’s bad, that’s bad he got shot! NOOOOO!!! Little potatoman, you were always my favourite, aaauhhahhhh!

I believe (I believe), I believe in you, I believe (I believe), I believe in Steve, in Steve! Oh yeah, in Steve! Grab the glory, all the way to victory.

All the way (keep on a-dancin’), all the way (keep on flyin’), all the way (keep goin’, you got this) all the way, way, all the way (keep on a-dancin’), all the way (keep on flyin’), all the way keep goin’ (keep on) keep goin’ (keep on), aaauhhahhhh ahh!

All the way (keep on a-dancin’), all the way (keep on flyin’), all the way (keep goin’, you got this) all the way, way, all the way (keep on a-dancin’), all the way (keep on flyin’), all the way keep goin’ (keep on) keep goin’ (keep on), aaauhhahhhh ahh!