Remember that Loft 89 is a bonus. Be grateful that you get to see Taylor live in concert.

You do not go to the concert with the pure intention to meet Taylor and dress up in a costume with a light up sign just to get noticed.

Do not say how hard you worked to get Loft 89. You should not be working to get it, you should be enjoying the show and having the time of your life.

You will leave the show disappointed if you have Loft 89 as your main objective. Be happy that you get to see Taylor live because many fans miss out every tour.

If you had one ounce of respect for Taylor, you wouldn't show up at her home.

She’s worked so hard all year, let her have a break. Let her have privacy.

She’s stated many times that fans waiting outside her homes make her uncomfortable. So why keep doing it? How hard is it to comprehend? I’m actually dumbfounded.

She will not meet you outside her house. End of story.

At the end of the day, she’s a human being too. Remember that.

[Readers] want the writer to have some sort of personal experience with the narrative. It’s bizarre. People are expecting fiction to be real. We don’t want our writers to write about magic without having grown up in a family full of magicians. The same thing happens when you put people in these boxes. I can’t think of a novel published recently that is a person of one race writing about another race that’s met with much critical success. Why? Why can’t we? That’s our job as writers: To step out of our skins and into other people’s. To the extent that we’re not doing that, we’re not doing our jobs.
Please be grateful for everything Taylor Swift does for us.

Prepare yourself for a ‘Jacinda rant’ because I think many fans need to really start putting things into perspective.

Lately I cannot help but notice countless fans complaining that Taylor needs to do more for us. This absolutely astounds me and I seriously am in disbelief when I see fans saying Taylor needs to give us more and interact with them as an individual more.

The fact that Taylor is even on Tumblr at all; interacting with us, hunting us down to meet her on tour, sending us presents and inviting us to her home is just beyond amazing. What other artist does this for their fans? None.
Taylor has always gone above and beyond for Swifties so please think about that the next time you think it’s an expectation that she likes so many of your posts in whatever timeframe you deem fit.

Taylor already spends so much of her time on Tumblr interacting with us, memorising our names and learning our stories. It upsets me to see people saying that she doesn’t care about them because she hasn’t liked one of their posts in a matter of a few weeks.
Do you know how many of us fans there are on Tumblr? Do you know how many fans have never been noticed by Taylor? It is impossible for her to keep tabs on every single fan and be liking every single post we all upload, so please do not complain that Taylor hasn’t interacted with you lately, or that she has forgotten you.

Think of everything you have going on in your life that you try to juggle day by day, then magnify that and think of how much Taylor juggles living the lifestyle she does. She’s the most popular artist in the world at the moment and has a lot on her plate career-wise, not to mention that she’s also on a world tour. She has a boyfriend to spend time with, as well as her friends and family. Her mother has been fighting a hard battle too, so don’t forget how hard that is for her.
Taylor lives a much busier life than any of us could ever imagine and has a lot on her shoulders. She cannot always be on Tumblr with us. It takes a pretty amazing person to be able to live the life she does and she gives us all her absolute best all the time.

It’s not fair to have such unreasonable expectations of her. Please remember she’s a person at the end of the day, just like you and me.

She owes us nothing at all, yet she goes to such extreme lengths to make so many of us happy all the time.

We owe her for everything she does for us, so if there’s one thing we can give back to her it’s our appreciation.

Taylor loves us so much, so please be grateful for everything she does.