There something about Jacen Zhu that makes me crave him whenever I see him in a scene. He’s so sexy and sweet, he has a very sweet smiles and I love when he moans. Maybe it’s because he’s verse and so am I and we would fuck like there’s no tomorrow…. But I would really love to fuck him

Take a moment and think about how annoyed Kylo Ren would be if he knew that his siblings from another universe:

1) Had a special destiny and was named the ‘Sword of the Jedi’ by Luke (Jaina)
2) Became an actual sith lord with a cool sith name and everything (Jacen)
3) Was named after their grandfather (Anakin)

He would have the tantrum of all tantrums. The damages would probably bankrupt the first order tbh

Yes hello hi bonjoor this is a totally legitimate 473839% canon indisputable thing that has occurred sorry I don’t make the rules