CREATED BY GauchaNaGringa

Created for: The Sims 4


I have looked everywhere for the jacket to go with all the Harley’s costumes, but couldn’t find one for TS4… So I ‘made’ one!

- External mesh (required): http://savage-sims.tumblr.com/post/137809158672/all-colorsstyles-not-shown-silk-bomber-jacket

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- Item is listed under 'Rings’, in Accessories -

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When you get chocolate all over their new expensive jacket

Oh my thank you so much  (*/ω\*) Of course I can!~

Here goes~


‘’It’s okay don’t worry!’’

Y/N: ‘’Really?’’

‘’Yea, no big deal.’’

*Casually pours mustard on your jacket while you’re away.*

Y/N: ‘’Oh my god how did that happen?!’’

‘’I don’t know, you tell me.’’ *Grins. What an ass*


*Wears the jacket at a press conference without knowing what happened.*

Fans: ‘’Oh my god, oppa you have some weird stuff on your jacekt!’’ (Repeat it a douzen times)

‘’What? What are you all talking about?’’

*Sees the brown stuff on his jacket and photographers are already taking pictures of the ‘scandal’. *

‘’WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!WAE WAE? I’m so going to kill this girl when I’m back home.’’



*When you try to wash it, you accidentally use dish detergent instead of washing powder.*

Y/N: ‘’Uhhh.. I can.. still fix this.. somehow.’’


*You break down telling him what happened.*

‘’It’s okay! I can get a new one. It sucks yeah, but don’t worry about it! Don’t cry please, I love you more than a piece of cloth.’’


*Got super angry when he found out. Won’t talk to you for the whole day.*


‘’B-but that was my.. favorite jacket… what to do…’’

*Doesn’t know if he should cry or be angry at you.*



‘’You do know that you’re going to have to get me a new one now right? Doesn’t matter how long you have to work for that so you can afford it. You better get it asap.’’ Bitchhun


‘’It’s okay I still have 5 of those at home, so don’t worry about it.’’

Y/N: ‘’W-wait didn’t you say the jacket was expensive?’’

‘’Yea, why?’’

Y/N: ‘’N..nevermind..’’


*Angry at you and won’t talk to you for a week.*

‘’That was my limited edition gucci jacket!!’’


*Not sure how to react when he finds out.*

‘’It was the last one they had and there’s only 13 of those in the world. Y/N didn’t do it on purpose… but… but it was the last one..what to do..’’

Ayyy that’s it!~ I hope you liked it <3 Thank you so much for the request!

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