jace beleren


ok so. knowing that Vraska and Jace’s plan was to contact Niv-Mizzet and tell him all about what Bolas was about to do, we know that:

Niv has disappeared and Ral is now running the guild as the viceroy (have fun, Ral)

And that Niv is working on a project - right?

Can we assume that Jace’s done his part, spoke with Niv (was a sassy idiot about it) and the Firemind’s research is happening because of that?  @joslifer​ this is what I was trying to say :P

My brain’s scrambled I work too much *salutes and falls over*


Another MTG fanart :) 
I started the sketch when I read the MTG story chapter where Jace 
created an illusion of Ravnica, and today I finally had the time to finish it! 
(Also - thanks for that super mean cliffhanger this week.)