jace wayland herondale morgenstern lightwood

  • jace: i came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.
  • sebastian: i came out to attack people and i'm honestly having such a good time right now.
  • alec: i came out.

I think my favorite thing about Alec being the Head of the Institute is that now thousands of closeted LGBT+ shadowhunters will hear about how a gay man who is dating a warlock is the head of the New York institute. Just by being himself and doing his job Alec is such and inspiration.

Most midseason finales: everyone’s about to die!
Shadowhunters midseason finale: that toxic ship is dead! Two of the main characters’ feelings aren’t actually incestuous!! Character has lost a weakness!!! THE BEST COUPLE HAVE SAID I LOVE YOU!!!!

  • Jace: I am a Wayland
  • Will, in afterlife: no
  • Jace: I am a Morgenstern
  • Will: nO
  • Jace: I am a Lightwood
  • Will: NO
  • ...............
  • Kit: I am not a Herondale
  • Will: *sighs*
  • my friend: people never have the same names in books it's so unrealistic
  • me: *clears throat*
  • me: jonathan clark, jonathan christopher herondale, jonathan christopher morgenstern, jonathan shadowhunter, jonathan wayland, jonathan cartwright, christopher jonathan herondale, jonathan rook...

Screens from the Season 2 Comic Con trailer. OMG

I love you
BAMF Magnus protecting his BF
Saia kiss?!
Valentine/Luke face off
Creepy Sebastian kidnapping Jace
One dies (we all know who.. *book*)
Alec screaming Jace at last pic (probably Jace)

  • Jace: Alec doesn't like anyone
  • Alec: *Goes out of his way to keep Izzy safe no matter what*
  • Alec: *Has Jace's back almost all the time, even if he's being stupid*
  • Alec: *Gives Max long goodbye hugs*
  • Alec: *Has still growing respect for Luke and the other wolves*
  • Alec: *His best case scenario/dream is for everyone he loves to love him back*
  • Alec: *Is currently curled up in Magnus' lap*
  • Jace:
  • Jace: Alec doesn't like anyone
malec wedding
  • jace: releasing birds at a wedding is romantic!
Shadowhunters (and Magnus) on Tumblr
  • Jace: Only follows blogs with sarcasm & weapons. Only posts about how great he is.
  • Clary: Likes a lot of art stuff, follows inspirational blogs.
  • Simon: Possibly runs a fan blog for D&D. Uses tumblr to keep up with the release of new comics/video games.
  • Isabelle: Follows and runs fashion blogs, also follows blogs with cute guys.
  • Alec: Would have an account for a week before deleting it.
  • Magnus: Runs a blog where he tells stories of his adventures as a warlock. Has a huge fanbase. Anonymously runs a second blog to bash the clave.
  • Will: Runs a blog dedicated to bashing ducks. Has a petition to ban ducks.
  • Jem: Has a blog consisting of reblogs of kittens and photos of Church.
  • Tessa: Uses tumblr to keep in touch with everyone, likes the romantic side of the site.