Dominic Sherwood’s Jace, he’s doing his best to survive under the abusive, psychological warfare his father employs against him. His performance during Jace’s torture scene is physically and emotionally difficult to watch, as he fluctuates between masked bravado and hints of genuine terror.
—  Sam Pedley’s review of Dominic Sherwood’s ‘Jace Wayland’ in Shadowhunters 2x01 “This Guilty Blood” (x)

New Clace Promo Trailer of season 2..


This whole parabatai thing seems oddly intimate, if you ask me.


Shadowhunters season 2 clace trailer. “Why can"t you undertand you being near me reminding me every second of every day what i want but i can’t have”. Sexy jace. Tell them already.

  • Me: I'd like to see Jace and Alec hugging in like a very emotional scene and all. I think it would be very cute
  • New Trailer: *Showing a crying Jace hugging an (unconscious?) Alec* Here you go, sweetie!
  • Me: I take it back! I take it back! I'm not ready for this!!!