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Malphabet:G is for Glitter

Malec Alphabet Drabbles / Oneshots (from A-Z)

Pairing: Magnus Bane / Alec Lightwood

Fandom: Shadowhunters (TV show) 
Rating: T

G is for Glitter

“What’s the point in training if you won’t focus?” Alec all but growled at Jace as he bested him for the 8th straight time, purely because Jace wasn’t paying attention. “After all it was you who said we needed to spend time restrengthening our bond.”

They’d been training for over an hour and every time they seemed to be getting back into their normal rhythm, anticipating each other’s movements, feeling their bond strengthening as they moved across the training room floor – something would catch Jace’s eye and he’d flinch away. That moment of distraction was all Alec needed to have him pinned to the ground at his mercy. But it hurt because every time it happened, Alec could feel his bond to Jace waver.

And yet, Jace was just standing there, arms crossed not meeting his gaze.

“Fine.” Alec said through clenched teeth, “when you’ve gotten over whatever it is that’s bothering you, call me. Until then I’m going to go back to doing my job, running this institute, because I don’t have time for this.”

Alec turning away and stalking back towards his discarded shirt, his mind already focused on everything he needed to do, barely noticing it as he stepped into the patch of sunshine which acted like a dividing line on the training room floor.

“Woah, Big Bro. Have you been letting Magnus loose with his moisturiser again?” Izzy asked in that seductive tone she had that always made him uncomfortable.  

“What? No!” Alec asked reflexively taking a step back as if that would deflect Izzy’s questions about his love life.  

“Then why are you covered in trails of glitter?”

Alec froze, eyes widening in horror as he looked down at his chest and saw the way his skin sparkled in the light. Cheeks flaming as he realised the glitter followed the path Magnus’ mouth had taken across his skin the night before, trails that disappeared under the waistband of his sweats. Closing his eyes Alec wished the ground would open up and swallow him whole. It all made sense now, Jace had faltered every time Alec had stepped into the light – and sparkled. 

“I’m happy for you, Alec, really.” Jace said from behind him, “but maybe next time you can leave you shirt on until after you’ve showered. You wouldn’t want any of the closet Twilight fans at the Institute getting the wrong idea.”

All Alec could think was, that if Jace thought he was less likely to end up covered in glitter when showering at Magnus’, then straight showers clearly weren’t as fun as gay ones.