my end

Clary: I’m going to meet my end fighting 

Jace: I’m going to meet my end abiding by the shadowhunter code

Izzy: I’m going to meet my end looking badass

Alec: I’m going to meet my end protecting those I love 

Simon: I’m going to meet my end screaming ENCANTO ENCANTO MOTHER FUCKERS ENCANTO 

Head cannon script for 2x11

I’ve decided to try my hand at scriptwriting, so i’ve had a go at writing the next episode of shadow hunters :) I’d appreciate your feedback so I hope you enjoy. Also I don’t speak Romanian or French and have relied off google translate so if i’ve accidentally written something offensive i apologise in advance

Synopsis: Now that the time of mourning after the ‘Soul-Sword massacre’ had reached it’s end, Downworlders and Shadowunters contemplate their next move in the war against Valentine. 

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simonlewhiss  asked:

hey do you think jace wayland would work at zumiez

UM? YES? DEFINITELY? hipster ass sk8er boy jace wayland, drinking his coffee from gloria jean’s bc starbucks is too mainstream for him and simon singing “he was a skater boy i said see you later boy” every time he saw jace and jace would just shake his head and pull his beanie down and kiss him wow skater boy jace is now my favorite headcanon fuck me up

Me: yeah so my friend and I spent like an hour talking about who the hottest person out of the Shadowhunters cast is and who we’d rather date or be. We agreed on Harry Shum Jr for all three questions
Other friend: but I thought you like girls??
Me: yeah, we both do, but it doesn’t mean we’re blind

so like i watched the Vampire Academy movie right. And like it was okay, but you know im a shipper especially a jimon shipper so naturally once dom appeared as Ozera my brain went crazy. Like imagine a scenario where christian ozera is a vampire but in the sh world and Simon meets him and his like ‘yo you are the most stereotypical vamp ever, like you have the black clothes and brooding down to an art’ and like ozera’s just happy? like someone is interacting with him? in like a positive way? and like the guy is kinda cute too and a total nerd but its endearing? so they hit it off and it sparks a relationship full of vamp jokes, sass and sarcasm, and naturally because my bois are  soft, they have cute moments where they just look at each other lovingly and them giggle cause they are ridiculous. But thEEEEEEEEEEEEEn, in comes jace wayland and at first he’s like ‘wow, dude looks weirdly like me’, but then he notices that simon is spending a lot of time with the new vamp dude and so he’s like ‘wait, what?’ and he gets jealous, but of course he doesn’t want to admit to himself whyyyy hes jealous so in his natural repressed feelings type way he jabs at simon like ‘you only like him cause he looks like me, dontya lewis? im flattered really, but rebounding is a little desparate, no?’ and of course simon may or may not have been harboring the BIGGEST CRUSH on a certain wayland after the climon fiasco, but he really does like ozera. he’s sweet and sensitive and he likes it when simon rambles and it reminds of the way his grandpa would listen to his grandma ramble or when his mom listened to his dad ramble and it was his first look at what love should be. So he gets pissed and offended,right, cause how dare you lower the value of someone i love like that, so he tells jace to fuck off. and Jace is like ‘oh shit, i fucked up’ and now hes gotta figure out how to apologize. but like ozera is also mad cause like ‘how dare you make my main man cry, bitch catch these hands’ and they get into some fight/verbal /physical idk and someone along the lines ozera’s like ‘hold up, you like simon dontchya’ and jace is like ‘what, no, what okay ya’ and ozera loses it he’s like ‘dude, just tell him he likes you too’ but then jace is like ‘cool, but like what about you?’ and then this is the part where im like does this become only jimon endgame or am i squeezing ozera in here too? like at this point why the hell not, cause like I feel deeply that jace would totally do his doppleganger, for like science ya know? anyway I may, one day actually create the fic for this but idk, my brain is a fucking cocktail of just gay, so who knows/