jace wayand

Wow, Alex asked for $10 MILLION for playing Jace.

“…and the actor’s behavior has left some scratching their heads. A meeting at Screen Gems ended abruptly when Pettyfer and his team asked for close to $10 million, drawing outrage from studio topper , Clint Culpepper, according to sources. (Screen Gems insiders insist talks with Pettyfer are ongoing.)Found here.

Although, thinking about it, imagine how much money the movies are gonna make. It’s just that Screen Gems can’t be absolutely certain of the movie’s success, can they? GIVE HIM THE DAMN MONEY AND GET THIS OVER WITH ALREADY, WE’LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU BY BUYING ALL THE DAMN MERCHANDISE YOU WANT -_-

Can’t believe we’ve reached February without a leading man or cast. Isn’t there lines to be learnt and preparations for filming (locations, crew, etc.) to make? Having said that I will freely admit I know absolutely nothing of movie making but someone please enlighten me on this one.

How TMI ruined my life

I saw the movie. A year later I decided to read the book, thinking it was a trilogy and that I probably wouldn’t like it. Sike.
A bit more than a year later, more than eleven books deep into this universe, I realize that I’m in love with way too many characters for it to be healthy. Oh well. I regret nothing.