jace cosplay

THANK YOU community for all your support of the Magic Art Show so far! We are almost at $11K in funding, headed toward that $15K! The whole team and I appreciate you encouraging friends to donate if they can. And if you’re going to be in Vegas, please let me know! I’d love to meet MTG Tumblr in real life :)


So, I was at our annual family holiday dinner, and I was just kind of eating my food and listening to the adults talk about politics and stuff, and then all of a sudden my grandfather (who was sitting across from me) exclaims, “Girl, whose class ring is that around your neck?” (Because I never got a class ring, so I guess he assumed it was my boyfriend’s or something.)

I looked down, because I’d kind of forgotten what necklace I was wearing. 

It was the replica of Jace’s Morgenstern ring that I bought at Hot Topic two and a half years ago when the City Of Bones movie first came out.

I had to explain to my grandparents (and my mom and aunt, who had now dropped their conversation to listen to ours), at Christmas dinner, that no, I didn’t finally get a boyfriend, I’m just a huge nerd who bought her favorite book character’s family ring and had to put it on a necklace because it was too big for my tiny fingers. 

No one was even remotely surprised. 

So the Con is over and it was simply amazing! 
I had a great weekend with a lot of friends and experiences.
I met great cosplayers and got the chance to use my swedish, since there was the swedish band Kerbera for which I spontaniously started to translate.
All in all, simply great.

Here a picture of Nico, @ourlittlemisha as Clary, me and our Shadowhunters group! :D


Alternate Dimension Clary cosplays.

Alternate Dimension Clary does cosplay skits.

Alternate Dimension Clary has a father who wants to cosplay with her.

She probably cosplays with Simon and Izzy all the time.

They probably do amazing group cosplays together.

They’ve probably dragged Jace into it at least once. Alec, too.

Alec probably helps with planning and executing photo shoots, and willingly holds everyone’s bags at conventions.

Jace  probably doesn’t quite get it, but tags along anyway and helps Clary whenever she needs it.

Simon and Izzy probably do adorable couples’ cosplays together.

Alternate Dimension Clary cosplays, and I care way too much about it.


I decided to lay him out for the first time and i nearly cried. I’m so damn proud of myself on this! I said i’d show you when he had a wing on. So here he is along with my modern day Jace cosplay.

(Majestic as fuck 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍, but seeing Nicol Bolas just lying belly up like that makes me think “Nicol Bolas found dead in Miami”)


Simon? Hot! Jace? Just like the book description! Izzy? Same! Alec? Clary? Magnus? Everybody? ALL OF THEM ARE SO MUCH LIKE THEIR BOOK CHARACTERS IT’S SO FUCKING GREAT YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME!! Soon I’ll be putting up a Clary Fray cosplay photo-shoot. Commercial break is over, stay toned for more


This year at Anime Central I was able to take some good pictures of my Jace the Mind Sculptor/ Beleren cosplay. I can not begin to explain how amazing it feels to cosplay at such an amazing and friendly convention. I have never gained so much confidence in one weekend.