jace being pointless


Michelle appreciation post coming through!

This right here is Michelle, or redspanishpulpo, my wonderful girlfriend. She’s hilarious, super sweet, and caring. She just tries to make everyone happy and is an absolutely amazing person. She’s also super gorgeous but that’s obvious.

She’s an amazing Spain cosplayer, and she works so hard on being good, and she achieves it. She is an extremely talented, wonderful person, and she deserves so much love.

Reason why I am mad about that edit:
  • They never asked permission
  • They didn’t just make me gray, they chopped off parts of my body to make me thin.
  • It makes me feel like shit cause I already get worried about cosplaying Fef, a character who shows so much skin, while not being the thinnest.
  • They were really rude and refused to apologize.
  • Also the edit is amateur at best. The face looks weird as fuck.

So I spent like two hours watching ParaNorman. I kept freaking out thinking the site I was watching it on would turn into a screamer. It didn’t!

This is a really cute movie. It has laughs and actiony scenes. It was adorable how the relationship between brother and sister grew, and how the family turned closer. Also Casey Affleck playing the gay older brother was amazing.

We had just got off the subject of Puritan society in my American Studies class (which is an awesome class, it’s history told through literature.)

and it was really cool cause the story is based around the Puritan society and the witch trials in Massachusetts. I gotta remember to talk to my teacher about it on Monday.

All in all it was a really cute movie, it was funny, it was a bit scary, and I just really loved it. A+ way to spend my night.

AACstuck, oh AACstuck.

Can I just say you guys are amazing? You’re all wonderful people who were able to put up with me having trouble with the photoshoot and struggling to finish before the Hetalians started to invade.

(I was the Signless who kept the hood down, who was running it btw)

Thank you for making my first photoshoot a blast. I had so much fun, and I hope to do one again maybe next year.

I hope to see you all at Anime Boston or more Bostonstuck events!