*finds the most sarcastic, emotionally unstable asshole in the series*

me: this will be my fave 

Magnus respecting Lydia/liking her as a person instead of choosing to blindly hate her because she’s with Alec and telling Alec that getting married wasn’t fair to either of them is everything

  • *Sizzy having babies be like*
  • Isabelle:Kids, Daddy has to help aunt Clary with some demons tonight, so he's not coming to dinner.
  • Kids:OkaOH WAIT *look at Izzy* Are you...?
  • Isabelle:Yes, I'm cooking dinner *angelical smile*
  • Kids:NOOOOOOOO *run away. Hide themselves under the bed. Call Malec*
  • Alec:Okay, okay don't panic. Keep her away from the kitchen. We'll be there in ten minutes. I repeat, keep her away from the kitchen. Don't paniMAGNUS WE HAVE TO GO NOW. RED CODE RED CODE.
  • Alec:"screw the rules..."
  • Me:finally I'm through with all this heterosexual conflict lets get some malec in this shitfest