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Ach, sorry for the brief haitus over the last couple of days. I’ve been a bit ill, had the joys of a high-ish temperature, sore throat and headaches so I’ve been snuggled up in bed.

This means that I actually don’t have anything interesting to post. But I’m hoping to get a photo of the Boofle I posted the other day where he’s actually wearing the little scarf I wrapped up, and also photos of a christmas present that I crafted :). Plus I’m hoping my little parcel from Kit Lane might arrive this week, squee! So excited!

So, look out for some photos in the next couple of days and other than that, hope you are all enjoying January so far.

M x

Time for a ramble!


Have you missed my long, rambling posts? Probably not, because it’s only been about a week since the last one… Oh well, here’s another one anyway!

First things first, welcome to any new followers. According to Tumblr I have 26 but a little checking of which ones are actual people and which are *ahem* naughty trolling (to put it politely) reveals that I have 22 followers in total. So, welcome and hello to any newbies, and the rest of you, thanks for sticking around. I do wonder how many of you actually read what I post. I’m hoping that likes/reblog don’t reflect too closely the number of readers otherwise it’s rarely above zero… *frowns* Probably best if I don’t wonder about that too often.

Anywho, hope y'all had a nice Christmas and a lovely new year. I spent my new year in England for the first time in about four years, as I usually visit my friend in Germany, but had to work new year’s eve and the 2nd of January this year so I couldn’t go. Still, it was a lovely night spent with loved ones, and I look forward to maybe seeing her around Easter instead.

Also, congratulations to Josephine from A Morning Cup of Jo for winning the Michael’s Make It For Good competition! I was so pleased she won, her creation was adorable and well worth voting for. Definitely well-deserved :).

You may be able to tell from the overly long sentences and rambling-ness that I’m writing this in a little fit of excitement, but I can’t help myself. I just ordered a Kit Lane creation! It was the first time I’ve used Etsy so I had to make an account as I checked out my purchase but I am so excited! I’ve been watching her shop for a couple of months since I saw a photo on Tumblr and fell in love with her Jacabobs and Jacabunnies. Her creations are so popular that they usually sell out in the blink of an eye, hence her Etsy store usually being empty save for some reserved items.

Yesterday, however, I lucked out and managed to order a little Jacabob called Spot. I can’t wait for him to arrive. I’ll be banning myself from buying anything else for a while but I think it’s worth it to finally be able to own something I’ve been coveting for months. I intend to knit him a scarf when he arrives :p. And rest assured, I will take photos for you to see! (although if you’re that curious, you can look for Spot in the sold items).

That’s about all that’s going on at the moment. I’m afraid I didn’t make any new year’s resolutions, I haven’t done any crafting since new year’s eve, and I have nothing else left to say! So, enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll be back rambling soon.

M x

P.S. Sorry this post is quite so long and rambling. Out of interest (and reply with a photo if you have one!), are any of you the proud owner of a Kit Lane Jacabob/Jacabunny/other creation?

79 p is for pinoko, who enjoys a lovely cup of pour over coffee with her friend, nels the great horned jacabunny

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